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Our Team

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Anmol Vig

Business Development & Lead Photographer
The multi award-winning photographer started photography from travel photography for the love of culture and tradition. With 5 years experience in multicultural weddings, Vig firmly believes wedding photographers have a responsibility to capture most precious moments, moments that will never happen again in your life. He also specializes in South Asian weddings and has traveled in 11 countries so far to photograph weddings. Vig is also an aerospace quality engineer pursuing his love for photography these days. He is truly an entrepreneur at heart and loves to network with like-minded people. His personal goals include traveling 40 countries under 40 and photograph a war affected zone. Vig firmly believes that photojournalism is the most important part of the day because your pictures should be able to tell a story even after years they were photographed. According to Vig, lighting, story and mood are the most important elements of a photo. Capturing beautiful contrast between light and shadows makes or breaks the photo therefore you will find Vig always looking to capture or create good light. Vig loves to meet new people and his process is around building a connection with his clients, he usually loves to meet the couple and their family before the wedding so he goes as a friend to document their wedding, not just a photographer.
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Lead Photographer
An avid gamer and techie, Glax can be sometimes called a nerd or a geek. But put him behind the camera and all he looks for is that beautiful, sensual sliver of light that just enhanced the mood. He loves creating gorgeous, sensual shots using the beautiful contrast between light and shadows. He believes that weddings are the only place where one can seek and capture a wide array of emotions. And he also believes that true love cannot be created, but discovered. Glax has over 5 years photographing weddings in India and Canada and has been mentored under world-renowned, award-winning photographers. But more than anything else, he is a proud father and loves his daughter to bits. One thing you always hear him say is, don't just think about what and how the pictures will feel or look today. Think about 5 years down the line, when life will be tough, there will be tensions, emotions, drama, kids and what not. And these pictures will remind you of why you decided to get married - not just to look pretty, have a grand party with friends and families. But to remember the reason why you got married. It's not about how many Instagram likes you got, but about how many times it will make you smile and reinforce your love for each other when you see them throughout your life.
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Lead Photographer | Chief Editor
Growing up in a rambunctious Indian household of a renowned photographer, it was impossible not to fall in love with weddings – the colors, the food, the music, dancing until you can’t dance anymore! I was always intrigued by the weddings of all cultures all the differences. Currently serving as an associate photographer and  chief editor at the studio. With over 2 years of experience in photography and passion for lighting, I sincerely enjoy my job. Photography has always been special for me since my dad had a studio growing up and I am so blessed to continue this legacy in our family. I firmly believe  weddings are about those storytelling moments most importantly, we are family historians documenting your special moments.

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