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3 Reasons Why to Print Wedding Albums

In this digital world, do I need an Indian wedding album? Why print wedding albums?

Indian weddings are lavish and elaborate. We spend meticulous time on how guest experience will be, what food to serve, what kind of flowers should be at the entrance and much more. After all the wedding events are over, all that investment of time and money is going to fade in memory.

We relive our wedding memories and our relationships by looking at our wedding photographs and videos. In today’s digital world, after Indian wedding events including pre-wedding events, we usually deliver about 1500 to 2000 on average of retouched images after a wedding.

Our life has gone towards the number of things rather than the quality of things. It takes a couple about 3-4 hours to go through their wedding images. Rest assured when your grandmother comes, you will not have time to sit with her for 4 hours to relive your every single memory. 

Couples often ask us in this digital world, do we even need a Indian wedding album. We firmly believe in printing your memories and here are 3 reasons why to print wedding albums. 

The Power of Touch

Touch has an incredible power to us as humans. The experience of sitting together as a family and looking at your wedding images on your anniversary or when your grandmother, parents come over for the holidays. Printing your photos in an album allows you to relive that story in a way that an online gallery of a few hundred images simply does not. 

Now, compare this experience to pressing next and next on a computer waiting for your images to open. Being unplugged from technology will help you connect with images and people in those images on an emotional level. 

Family Heirloom for Future Generations

Marriage leads to the formation of a new bloodline. It’s your first Heirloom as a married couple. When you print wedding albums, you’re not the only ones who get to appreciate them – your family, both present and future, do too! If you’ve ever seen your parents’ or grandparents’ old wedding photos hanging in their home or come across a box of old images from their weddings, then you know how special and meaningful those artifacts are. Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren being able to touch, hold, and sift through your wedding photos is a powerful way to connect through generation.

Prints are Forever when Technology Changes

Remember about 15 years ago, we were using floppy drives, then we moved to CDs, then USBs and now the internet. We have moved so fast in the last 15 years whereas prints have been there for over 200 years. Remember there was a time when Facebook was so popular before Instagram came. Now even in today’s world of communication via Instagram when do you actually scroll all the way down see a post 3 years ago. How will that experience be if you go through an online folder of 1000s of images before getting to your wedding memories?

We hear from so many photographers that their clients never download their wedding images and then when the gallery expires, the client emails in asking where the photos have gone. Your wedding might be some of the last image of your grandparents and your children’s only way to access those memories, through your wedding photos.

By having a wedding album you can ensure that your wedding photos will live on beyond a computer file or a Facebook update or Instagram post. We firmly believe after spending thousands of dollars on your wedding, your wedding memories captured in these images deserve an investment of a wedding album.

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Hope this helps you understand and decide why to print wedding albums. You can also check out our blog on 3 Reasons Why Some Wedding Client Do Not Want an Album.

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