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4 Types of wow Indian Wedding Décor

Today, we want to talk about wow Indian Wedding Décor. Yes, this one thing is very important for our couples. Read more to understand what makes an Indian wedding event more luxurious and pleasing. If you want to make your wedding a night to remember there are few things to keep in mind for your Indian wedding décor.

We have our guest blogger Nav from Xclusive Designs who has years of experience in making Indian weddings a dream come true.

What are the things to keep in mind when you are planning your Indian Wedding décor. See a little below, 4 Types of Indian Wedding Décor.

1) How to Make your Indian Wedding Décor Luxurious 

All though the sky is the limit when it comes to weddings and wedding décor specifically! Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your special day is dripping with luxurious details without breaking the bank! 

Pay attention to the details, you do not necessarily need to go over the top with mass amounts of florals, or heavy structures.  I do however recommend a little bit of both to really tie in all of our details and elements such as! 

The Stage

If you are looking for a more lavish and rich ambience, I would play around with metallics and crystals.  This could be the focal point of your overall décor, now to accessorize these elements I would go ahead and add touches of either fresh florals or elegant silk florals (depending on your budget) and an ample amount of candles.  I really and truly think candles add that touch of fulsomeness. I would explore the option of adding different types of candles all in one picture. From exuberant pillar candles to tapered candles, and floating candles to, votives. A variety of candles is not only romantic and luxurious its also very easy on the pocket. If you decide to add small touches of fresh floral arrangements you can really take it up a notch.  For a luxurious stage I opt for multiple crystal chandeliers, fresh florals or silk florals cascading either over your head table/loveseat or infront and around your seating area.  

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The Table Settings

When it comes to the table settings for your guests, which is just as important as your stage if not more.  You definitely want to give your guests a wow feeling, which is what gives your event the overall theme of being luxurious. For table settings, I would recommend layering textures and materials and working with a monochromatic colour palette.  You can add metallics/sequins/lace into your linens, with fine crystal glass wear, metallic cutlery and charger plates. You may elevate your tablescape by adding a few candles and florals to your centerpiece. Once again you have the option of either going bold with your colour palette for your florals or may opt for a crystal candelabra and add touches of a few smaller fresh florals around your candlestands, both pieces equally give you a very opulent look.

Following some of these tips will ensure you leave your guests with a truly unforgettable dining experience.  


2) How to Add a Personal Touch on your Indian Wedding

When it comes to adding personal touches to your wedding which is such an important element for any couple, I would focusing on some of these elements; From stationary, the invitations to your seating chart.  You may add certain décor elements and picture frames to your receiving table which is one of the first things your guests see as they walk into your venue for your event.. You may be more thoughtful when it comes to the traditional old guest book.  Opt for something more fun and something that truly encompasses yours and your significant others’ personality. Maybe large Jenga blocks or a Puzzle with a portrait of you on one side and your guests can leave sweet messages on the opposite side. If you’re a little more whimsical, then perhaps a wishing tree with little notes.  Once you enter your reception dining hall, you may customize your dancefloor with vinyl or the lighting around the room with your monogram design. 

Just to add a little extra sparkle you may display a glitzy wedding favor at each of your guests’ table setting with your initials. 

4 Types of Indian Wedding Décor

Here are different types of Indian wedding décor you can consider for your Wedding. 

– Modern and Chic Indian Wedding Décor

To keep it sweet and simple, when I think of Modern and Chic, I think of less is more, Minimalistic! Focus on geometric and metallic elements from contemporary Octagons, to round floral arches.  Incorporate terrarium style centerpieces or just simple clean line metallic candleholders for your Indian wedding décor. Showcase designer table linens which have modern patterns and come in a variety of metallics from gold, rosegold to chrome. If you’re looking for a luxurious modern and chic backdrop, I recommend exploring different types of geometric candleshelves with modern metallic accents in the props/urns for florals being used on the stage.  The colours and materials that come to mind for modern and chic are black,white, accents of metallics and glass! 

Modern and Chic Indian Wedding Décor
Modern and Chic Indian Wedding Décor

– Traditional and Ethnic Indian Wedding Décor

Traditional and Ethnic Indian wedding décor can be done in such a large spectrum.  I often recommend finding a colour palette you both find pleasing to the eye.  Often time it is a colour that contrasts well with your outfits for your Indian wedding décor. There are many different themes to depict a traditional theme overall. You can work with Victorian/Roman, Maharaja/Jaipur or Moroccan/Persian themes.  Once you have an overall idea of which theme suits your personality and the overall ambience of your event, we can work with bold colours and rich gold accents in the type of structure for your backdrop design down to the tables/urns, lanterns and candlestands for the props.  Often times clients want a traditional look but with a softer overall appeal, in this case would recommend neutral colours for the draping and linens such and ivory, blush, gold tones but you can pick it up a notch with bold florals such as ruby reds, fuchsia, coral and oranges. 

Traditional and Ethnic Indian Wedding Décor

– Rustic and Bohemian Indian Wedding Décor 

For Rustic and Bohemian, you’ll notice a lot of shades of burnt orange, beige, brown and mustard with a pop of a bolder colour such as red or coral!  When it comes to the design of the stage, couples can incorporate rustic wooden arbors or wooden dividers with Edison bulbs as opposed to crystal chandeliers.  Elements such a wood, pampas feathers and green exotic plants really complete the look. If you’re really looking to take it up a notch, You can make your loveseat/head table stand out by incorporating a bohemian chic rug piece under your chairs.  Instead of going with a traditional loveseat I would explore rustic wooden chairs or a loveseat with more natural organic linen.

For table settings, I would certainly recommend arrangements that work with different types of greenery and florals that aren’t your typical roses and hydrangeas. instead work with florals that have a bit of a wild texture to them, such as babies breath, carnations, daisies and dahlias.  Working with different types of elements for your centerpiece is a little more visually appealing as well, I would recommend a combination of wood, florals and candles. Such as a wooden log piece to place under a rustic vase with a mixture of florals and candle votives in different types of holders, really mix and match your pieces to give it a very easy laid-back feel. With a rustic bohemian Indian wedding décor, you can either go with earthy natural tones or even pastel tones such as lilac/blush and even mint. 

I would say a bohemian rustic theme wedding is much more favorable when you’re working with a budget since you can mix and match and play with so many different textures and items. As long as the overall feel is organic for your Indian wedding décor.

Rustic and Bohemian Indian Wedding Décor – Cambium Farms, Caledon Toronto

– Luxurious and WOW Indian Wedding Décor

Attention to detail! From satin to velvet, crystals to pearls and candlelight to chandeliers,  a little goes a long way. Incorporating a little bit of all of these elements from your table linens to head table structures will ensure you have a very luxurious wedding.  When you think of luxurious and wow you must keep in mind every square inch of your venue. From the walls to the floors to the lighting, every single detail counts. Couples have been incorporating wall to wall draping and covering their entire dancefloor in a sleek white vinyl with an elegant metallic monogram. 

Adding pin lights to each guest table and uplights in shades of blush, lilac or amber to your walls, gives great ambience to your room. I would also feature a live band or harp/piano or violinist to perform during your cocktail hour to really give that nostalgic feeling of a timeless wedding with these touches for your Indian wedding décor. When it comes to the colour palette, I truly feel you can integrate any colour.  However traditionally speaking, keeping the tone neutral with white, ivory champagne and gold or silver will allow you to add a pop of any colour to brighten the space. All of these details meticulously carry out your theme at your Indian wedding décor.

Luxurious and WOW Indian Wedding Décor

Thanks again to our guest blogger Nav from Xclusive Designs for sharing her Indian Wedding Décor knowledge with us. Please contact her for more!

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