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5 Reasons Why to plan Reception Photoshoot at the venue

Reception photoshoots are important !! Many Indian wedding couples plan to have a photo shoot before their wedding reception. Often, couples ask if they should plan to shoot somewhere away from or different than their reception hall. In this blog, we will share our experience and recommend the best alternative.

5 Reasons Why to plan Reception Photoshoot at the venue
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We recommend planning your pre-reception photos at the reception venue, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Hair Down vs. Updo:

Many brides prefer to wear their hair down or in a loose style for their Sikh or Hindu wedding reception look. We do not want to keep the bride outside in a windy situation where the wind could cause flyaways before the reception, we want to avoid that for the bride.

2. Using the Wedding Decor:

Couples spend thousands of dollars on wedding decor, and we like to incorporate it into the photos. If we do the photoshoot at a different location, couples may not get a chance to take any posed shots or portraits in front of their lavish Indian wedding decor.

3. Not Recommended on a Hot Day

On a hot day, we do not recommend keeping the couple outside for too long. Avoiding sweat stains on the groom’s shirt or makeup showing sweat for brides may not be favourable before the reception. Wedding day photoshoots are usually done after the wedding, so we are not worried if the weather takes a little hit on the makeup and hair. But on the reception day, the couple’s entire wedding reception is ahead of them.

4. Time is important

  1. A photoshoot at a different location will take more time, travelling back and forth from one location to the reception venue. The wedding reception is the most expensive part of the wedding for couples, and taking away the couple for an hour or so for a portrait session is a tradeoff. By the time we get back to the reception, the couple might lose time for family photos. Also, it will definitely cost more for photography time as to start about an hour earlier as well.
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5 Versatility in Photos

: Usually, most Indian wedding couples will plan their photoshoot outdoors after their Sikh or Hindu wedding. It’s good to have a variety of photos, with one shoot outside and a reception photoshoot indoors.

Photoshoot Before the Reception: Venue or Another Location?

When does it work to do the pre-reception photoshoot at a different location or outdoors?

  1. 1. Beautiful Location: When there is a beautiful location you want to incorporate in photos near your venue.
  2. 2. Venue or Decoration Setup: When your venue or decoration setup is not going to be ready by the time of the reception photoshoot.
  3. 3. Incorporating Sunset: Sunset or sunrise is undoubtedly the best time to take pictures. The beautiful light brings out a lovely orange glow in the skin, which is worth all the effort. If couples are planning to incorporate the sunset in their pre-reception photo shoot, then going to a different location vs. reception venue for a photo shoot for the reception might be an option.
Another hybrid option is the couple stepping out of the reception venue for a quick 10-15 minute photoshoot before their reception photoshoot indoors at the venue.
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We hope this helps you plan your upcoming Indian wedding reception photoshoot. At Alfaaz Photography, we are confident we can create beautiful images at either location.

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