8 Awesome Advantages to Having an Indian Winter Wedding
Indian Winter Wonderland Wedding

8 Awesome Advantages to Having an Indian Winter Wedding

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to reschedule some of the Summer weddings, Indian wedding couples are considering options to move their weddings to later dates throughout the year. With only 4 months of Summer in North America, couples are having hard time finding 2021 dates with their venues and vendors. 

Indian Wedding planning is almost a full time job

Some of our brides do not want to wait for another whole year to get married. Indian wedding planning does require a lot of time and effort. Some of the couples are looking forward to moving in together or some couples are thinking about family planning. A lot of couples are thinking, is it worth losing another year of wedding planning due to COVID-19?

In light of that, we have been getting requests for November to March wedding inquiries. Brides wanted to know what are the pros and cons of planning a Winter wedding.

We have done 8 Indian Winter weddings in the last 2 years at our studio. Therefore, we wanted to share our experience on the 8 Awesome Advantages to Having an Indian Winter Wedding and address the most common concerns.

Bride posing in deep red velvet lehenga at Indian Winter Wedding

8 Awesome Advantages to Having an Indian Winter Wedding

1 – Dates Availability

One of the toughest parts of planning a wedding is finding a venue that can meet Indian wedding needs. Indian wedding catering options or guest count over 500 can be only possible on limited venues. During Winter months, we get the availability of our preferred venues and vendors easily. So, it’s much easier to plan your perfect Indian Winter Wedding.

2 – Lot of Options

During the peak Summer season Indian weddings, you are fighting with a lot of brides for those dates for well known makeup artists or your favorite photographer. During the Winter months, you will have way more chances of getting everyone available for your dates.

3 – Better Pricing

It’s simple as supply and demand. Since venues and vendors are readily available during these months, you can easily expect to save up to 10-15% of your wedding cost by hosting an Indian wedding between November to early April. As a couple, you will definitely get more bang for your buck for an Indian Winter Wedding. Especially considering Indian weddings are already so extravagant and expensive, this may be a great chance to save up.

Indian Winter Wedding
Late October Outdoor Sikh Wedding

4 – Wedding Fatigue

Indian families are big and your average GTA guest will be invited to at-least 5 or more weddings. Considering the number of weddings happening in 2021, the number can be much higher. The Spring and Summer months can be so jam-packed with weddings that your family and friends can get a serious case of wedding fatigue. How many long 3-day Indian weddings can a guest enjoy per Spring/Summer or is even able to attend? This is the perfect way to stand out to host an Indian Winter Wedding where all your guests will fully enjoy your wedding festivities.

5 – You Won’t be a Hot Mess

Have you ever imagined how hot it can get in that wedding sherwani or that lengha? During the post-ceremony wedding photoshoot time on Summer weddings, the temperature can go up to 35°C/95°F. At least on a February wedding, you won’t have to worry about that. Yes, if you are worried about it being too cold, there are a lot of studio venues which offer you beautiful indoor settings for your photoshoot.

Wedding photographed in Feburary long weekend 2020

6 – Cheaper Travel and Accommodation

Travel, hotel accommodation and car rentals for guests and big Indian families will be much cheaper in February or March than it will be in the Summer month for sure. All in all Indian Winter Weddings are a win-win for all.

Indian Winter Wedding
December Indian Winter Wedding

7 – Better Service

Indian weddings are usually a multiple day affair, your experience can really depend on your vendors. During Summer months, vendors are overwhelmed with multiple weddings each weekend. In Winter, each of your vendors are able to dedicate all their attention to your project. They will be able to be more responsive. Usually, photographers and videographers will even be able to offer you a faster product turnaround time for February and March weddings.

8 – Be Unique

Have you ever thought of a hot chocolate bar or BeaverTails for guests or a perfect Winter wonderland-inspired photos? It’s so easy to stand out with a Winter wedding by wearing that elegant fur accent or that velvet jacket for grooms.


Concerns Brides have for Indian Winter Weddings

These are some of the common concerns Brides may have about Indian Winter Weddings.

How will I do a backyard pre-wedding event such as a Sangeet or Mehndi? 

Unfortunately, backyard Sangeet may not be the right option for Winter weddings. Although when a hall costs almost the same for a Sangeet as having a food truck at home, is it even worth doing a home Sangeet. Let alone the cleaning and handling garbage stress itself. It is enough to conclude that pre-wedding events are better off at wedding venues for Indian Winter weddings. Check out our upcoming blog that lists all the great pre-wedding venues for your Sangeet, Jaggo or garba night in Brampton and Mississauga.  

Couple photoshoot Indian Winter Wedding
February Winter Weding

How will the Baraat be hosted in Winter?

For Hindu weddings, most of the venues have foyer areas at the wedding venue which is enough to accommodate your baraat celebrations. From our experience, an average Baraat lasts for 15 mins to 20 mins and usually it’s ok with most families to do it half outdoors and half indoors.

February 2020 wedding baraat outside Embassy Grand, Brampton

Where do we Milni at Indian Winter Weddings? 

All Gurdwaras and venues have indoor spaces where Milnis are performed in case of rain at Summer Indian weddings. The same goes for Winter weddings. Usually, during November and March, Milnis outside the Gurdwara or wedding venue are feasible as well.

Indoor Baraat at Indian Winter Wedding

Where will I do the post-wedding ceremony Indian Winter wedding photos?

We can shoot at an indoor location or even outdoors depending on the month and weather on that particular day. There have been times at December weddings where we have had a chance to shoot outdoors to catch that magical snowfall. If it is too cold, there are indoor studios like Mint Room, Gloss Studios and we even have a small studio in Mississauga where we can work our magic. 

Indian bride in green Sabyasachi Lehenga at Moroccan-inspired photoshoot.

Will my guests make it to my Indian Winter wedding?

During the Winter season, there are multiple long weekends, March Break or Family Day Weekend or other opportunities where your guest will be able to travel. Also, your guests wouldn’t have to make a hard decision to pick between the 5 weddings they were invited to during the Summer time. Summer of 2021 is going to be the busiest wedding season according to experts. So, the likelihood of your international guests have limited dates to attend your wedding is very high. February, March or even April, will help you avoid getting married in peak season.

Will my vendors want to support my Indian Winter wedding?

During the Summer peak season, we have limited time and hence there so much time we can offer to each of our clients. During the off-season, wedding vendors are able to offer more care and time. You may also get some discounts from venues or other vendors for Winter weddings. In December 2018, we had 4 weddings during December and 2020 we have 3 weddings already planned already for Christmas and New Year Holidays time. It may be even 10-15 percent cheaper to do a Winter Indian wedding for you.

Indian Winter Wonderland Wedding
February Indian Winter Wedding

Pros of hosting an Indian Winter Wedding

  1. More availability of venues and vendors 
  2. More possible discounts from the venue
  3. Vendors are more invested in your wedding off-season and your product turnaround from photographer and videographers can be much faster
  4. Guests do not have to deal with conflicting wedding dates with other invitations they may have
Indian Winter Wedding
January Sikh Indian Winter Wedding

Indian Winter Wedding Must-Haves

Keep in mind to ask for these services from your venue when you are looking for an Indian Winter wedding. These are some must-haves for the Indian Winter wedding.

  1. Coat Check – Please discuss with your venue for coat check and have that service available for all your guests if required. Ensure there is enough space for all guests to check their coats and jackets.
  2. Valet Service – If you want to make sure your Indian wedding Winter wedding is an affair to remember, consider a third party valet company for your guests. Maybe your hall can offer that option or you can find many third party companies that offer that service at an affordable price. If not for all the guests, you can always consider that for the elderly or see if your venue has a basement parking space. Usually, most of your guests go to corporate Christmas events or other Winter events, so they understand the dressing constraints and much more. 
  3. Patio Heaters – If you are planning to do a tent event or even considering an outdoor milni, check if your venue can arrange some patio heaters. These are ones as cheap as $120 which are quite effective. We recently did a backyard Sikh wedding at the end of October end in a tent and four of these heaters were perfect to comfort our guests. 
Winter weddings in Canada

We wanted to share our experience about Indian Winter Weddings so far and trust us it is more doable and magical than you may think. Guests who actually want to be at your wedding will make it work for you anyways.

With all this wedding planning, it is important why we are here in the first place. To get married to the love of your life and start a new beginning together.

Hope this blog on Indian Winter Wedding sheds some light on the pros, cons and advantages of doing a Winter Wedding. Shoot us a note if you want to discuss further about your wedding – click here.