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Biggest Flower Trends at Indian Weddings

Looking for floral inspiration, look no further than Bloomen for your biggest flower trends at Indian Weddings. Bloomen, wedding florist, has been making waves since day 1. They have been using new techniques and developing their unique style in Floral trends for Indian Brides.

Learn more from today’s guest blogger Aman from Bloomen.

Indian weddings are known for being vibrant with intricate and beautiful ceremonies. Flowers can be a key part of the celebration, and at Bloomen we’ve been helping couples design their dream celebrations with florals since we opened our doors in 2017. Since then, we’ve been seeing beautiful and interesting trends for florals at modern Indian weddings.

Some of the items that we’re seeing as coming trends are:

  • Hairpieces
  • Floral Jewelry
  • Floral Canopy (aka Phoolan Ki Chaadar)
  • Rose Palla


In the past 3 years, our ceremony hairpieces have taken off and are the most popular accessory for any bride getting married.  Let it be for the Sangeet, maiyan, mehndi or other ceremonial events.

The most popular choices for use in these hairpieces are orchids, jasmines, spray roses and baby’s breath which we wire to create spectacular accessories to adorn our brides.

Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride Portraits and Bridal Floral Hairpiece flower trends
Bridal Floral Hairpiece

Floral Jewelry

Whether it is floral earrings, necklaces, hand pieces or Tikkas, Bloomen’s floral jewelry is a beautiful choice for your South Asian Wedding. Spray roses, baby’s breath and carnations are some of the most popular choices we’re seeing for 2020. We carefully hand construct each piece using beautiful blooms to create floral jewelry that wows our trendy brides, and truly makes a statement for their most important day.

Floral Jewelry Trends at Indian Wedding
Floral Jewelry

Floral Canopy aka Phoolan Ki Chaadar

We’ve designed, created  and delivered over 50+ floral canopies since 2018, and they are becoming increasingly popular for our South Asian couples. Typically made out of birch wood these canopies are great for Sangeet and Hindu Wedding entrances or used for mehndi and maiyan ceremonies. 

Most of our canopies are dressed with foliage, orchids, roses, carnations and fresh jasmine flowers which we import all the way from India. But, of course, we are always happy to work with our clients to create the canopy of their dreams.

Bride makes her grand entrance at her Bollywood-Inspired wedding at the grand empire Toronto with Floral Canopy aka Phoolan Ki Chaadar
Floral Canopy aka Phoolan Ki Chaadar

Rose Palla

A trend that was started with Bloomen in 2017, the Palla has been the most traditional item to get a face lift.  The Palla acts as a tether between the bride and groom, signifying their physical union, and the goal for a spiritual union of their souls with each other. We are always so honoured to get to work on such a special piece.

Floral garland palla flower trends held by couple
Rose Palla

We offer both single and double 7-foot Pallas that can be customized to coordinate with your ceremony. Bloomen’s Rose Pallas are a favourite for the modern bride for the traditional Sikh wedding ceremony.

rose palla flower trends for Indian weddings
Rose Palla

Thanks again to Aman from Bloomen for sharing these flower trends for Indian weddings. Contact them for more unique flower trends for your upcoming Indian Wedding. Look for new ideas to bloom.

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