5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking an Indian Wedding Venue
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5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking an Indian Wedding Venue

Booking an Indian wedding venue can be confusing. However, probably one of the first things you think of doing right after you get engaged, is also getting the right venue for your dream wedding is . We thought to educate our clients of things you should know prior to booking an Indian wedding venue. Indian weddings are different as they have three times the average guest count and have special catering needs. Therefore this blog is going to keep that as consideration.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to hosting an Indian wedding. You may have a lot of options within your city. Some venues might even be priced the same. So, what to look for when booking your Indian wedding venue?

Here are 5 things you need to know before booking an Indian wedding venue. These are wedding venue tips from a photographer’s standpoint. We may not be able to cover some specific details.

1 – Service

Experience is probably the most important part of the wedding industry. We are working with clients on the most memorable day of their lives. When emotions are high, one bad experience can really affect your day.

Make sure the venue you pick is known for giving service. Read Google reviews or ask vendors who have worked with the venue before. Maybe it is also a good idea to talk to someone who got married at the same venue before.

Look for service when Booking an Indian wedding venue
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2 – Capacity and Restrictions

Indian weddings are known to be one of the most welcoming weddings. Unfortunately, a lot of venues might not be able to meet the needs of the Indian wedding guest count.

Restrictions are another thing to keep in mind. Some venues do not allow baraats or fireworks and have a cap on how long you can stay on the venue.

Please make sure to ask these questions before booking your Sikh or Hindu wedding ceremony space.

Be mindful of capacity and restrictions when Booking an Indian wedding venue
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3 – Catering Options

The catering needs will be different when planning a Gujarati or Hindu Punjabi wedding. You have to be mindful if the venue even offers Indian food options. Even when booking an Indian wedding venue might be better at making certain types of cuisines vs others. Some places will not allow for outside catering. See our blog on Top Indian Wedding Caterers in Toronto and the GTA for more details.

Note that certain venues will only allow you high end Indian caterers for Indian weddings.

Check out catering options when Booking an Indian wedding venue
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4 – Aesthetics

This matters most from a photography standpoint. Following things always help us as Indian wedding photographers

  • Ceiling Height – This is a big factor from a photography perspective. With high ceilings you can create that airy feel.
  • Lighting – Warm colored light tends to give better pictures than whiter lights. Keep in mind that light falling on the couple at a 45 degrees or more angle will be more flattering.

You can make those wedding venues work. Although, it may need some extra work.

A wedding venue with natural light is great for us as photographers.

Ritz Carlton Downtown Toronto

5 – Space

There may be a lot of options in your city for hosting Indian weddings. Here are some things to keep in mind before finalizing your venue.

  • Outdoor Space – Outdoor space is great for the cocktail hour or hosting a Sikh or Hindu ceremony.
  • Dedicated or Shared Space – Certain venues will have shared cocktail hour space. It is usually partitioned proportionally to your hall reservation square footage. Prefer venues which have a dedicated space for your Indian wedding.
Check out for different spaces available when Booking an Indian wedding venue
Bellvue Manor, Vaughan

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