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Brampton Sikh Wedding – Embassy Grand


This Brampton Sikh Wedding was not just two people and the two families. This marriage of two countries. Shiv came all the way from England to marry the love of his life. I remember first getting an email from Shiv and he mentioned how his family loves photography and that is the most important thing for that them.

Choosing a photographer was important for Shiv and we are so honoured that he chose us over all the great artists available in Toronto. At the end of blog, you will be reading Shiv and Jaas review on their experience working with us.

Iris makeup artist were ready to create a bridal look which a lot of brides will take inspiration. Our bride was ready in pastel grey and blue length with a huge trail designed by Zardozi Couture. This jaw dropping outfit was very unique with fine and regal embroidery by Zardozi which is a trademark. 

Bridal Photos at Sikh Wedding Mississauga

One of the most important parts of a wedding are bridal photos. Nailing these portraits sets up a positive tone for rest of the day. It also establishes trust with the bride and gives her confidence for the wedding day. We usually show the images to makeup artist, so they can see how makeup is looking on camera in case they want to bring any adjustments.  

Jaas’s bridal portraits were one of our favorite sets from the whole year. We were given exactly 1 hour and 25 minutes which we usually ask to produce great images. Remember good things take time and if you want to have great images please trust your photographer and give them the time they requested.


Groom Getting Ready Sikh Wedding Mississauga

On the other side, Shiv also had an iconic outfit with peach and dark blue combination. We took some groom portraits including some photos with Shiv’s parents and sisters helping him get ready for the big day.

Sikh Wedding Baraat at Nanaksar Gurdwara Brampton


Both sides assembled at the Gurdwara Nanaksar in Brampton. No Sikh wedding is complete without the dhol, we had Amar Dholi performing boliyan to get the families in the mood as the baraat danced its way to Nanaksar Gurdwara.

We had Jaas’ side on the porch outside waiting for day to start with the milni ceremony at Nanaksar Gurdwara. After the milni, both sides entered the Sikh temple awaiting the start of the ceremony.

Sikh Ceremony at Nanaksar Gurdwara Brampton

The groom Shiv walked in the main hall of Nanaksar Gurdwara, interestingly, with the bride’s brother. This Gurdwara is a great place for us to photograph as it has nice natural light peaking through the windows. Xclusive decor had peach draping over the entrance and aisle decorated for the bride to enter. The bride Jaas came inside the main hall of Nanaksar Gurdwara with her father and her brother again.

Brampton Weddings-

We know the importance of first looks so we prepared our team alongside Shutter Films to capture this precious moment for our couple. We caught that blushing smiles on Jaas and Shiv as they saw each other for the very first time inside the Gurdwara right before the beginning of the Anand Karaj ceremony at Nanaksar Sikh Temple.

Bride’s dad gave the palla to Jaas before they both went around the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This beautiful ceremony concluded gracefully with kirtan and very emotional moments as brothers’ of bride walked along the bride during the lavaan.

Sikh Wedding Photoshoot Brampton

Chinguacousy Park is one of the most popular locations in Brampton for post-wedding photoshoots right after Sikh or Hindu ceremonies. The park is conveniently located in a central spot for most couples. It is probably the most used and you tend to see multiple wedding parties there at the same time.


On the wedding day, there are many details to capture from the outfits, makeup and turbans, so we are fine working anywhere. In contrast with engagement shoots, the location can play a great role and a good time to explore different places.


As a photographer, we always want to showcase what matters most to couples. Below, you will see shots showcasing their happiness and love but at the same time the long flowy dress and closeup shots of the makeup are also important for the bride and groom.


Following the photoshoot, Shiv and his groomsmen came down to Mississauga to take their bride but the bridesmaids had other plans. Shiv loves to eat chilly so do his groomsmen, but the bridesmaid wanted to test this had 5 levels of hot sauce ready for them if not they would have to pay up. This was getting super intense and parents had to intervene to help the groom.

Jaas was moving to England with Shiv after the wedding. Being part of a very big family, all her cousins felt that sense of departing during the doli. It was a very emotional moment at this Sikh wedding when bride was leaving. Again, as a photographer, we want to capture the story of the day and we want to give our couples an honest version of their day. Emotions are big part of Sikh weddings and we like to document it for our couples.


Embassy Grand Sikh Reception Brampton

The reception took place the next day at Embassy Grand in Brampton. It was being decorated by Xclusive decor with candles and flowers. DJ SP, one of our favourites, was checking his sound with DJ J-Statik from Frequency entertainment.

Embassy Grand is one of the best venues for receptions in Brampton for various reasons. It gives you opportunity of getting married or hosting a cocktail outdoors in the gazebo area. The venue is also very well organized, has a huge lobby areas and high ceiling giving that luxury feel.

We started with our couple shoot around 5:15pm with Jaas in a red saree and Shiv in a GQ-esque black tuxedo.

Cocktail Hour at Embassy Grand Brampton

Based on our experience, one of the most recommended tips we have for couples, is to hang out with guests during the cocktail hour. I know as bride you may not want guests to see your outfit but to be honest it’s a great way to hang out and have a one-on-one time with your loved ones. Keeping in mind, especially for brides have least amount of time with their guests during Sikh or Hindu weddings so consider hanging out with your guests during the cocktail hour.

This was not an ordinary cocktail hour at Embassy Grand. The sun set to the sounds of light music and water from the fountains creating a very soothing atmosphere for this outdoor cocktail hour. Couple hung out with everyone and got pictures taken at the gazebo.

Sikh Reception at Embassy Grand Brampton

Guests started to walk inside the main hall with a violinist playing some Punjabi tunes. This was no ordinary experience as this was the first time we have seen a sit down Sikh wedding reception dinner.

Embassy Grand team did a great job making everything go seamless and guests and couple alike enjoyed the appetizers.

Soon, DJ SP, who was not just the DJ but also Emcee for the night had every pumped as the couple entered for the very first time as husband and wife. Trust us, the British folk really know how to party and Torontonians didn’t disappointing as well.


Jaas had a quick outfit change for the entrance, she wore a red gown dress for the rest of the evening. Right after the speeches, we had a thank you note from Shiv as he talked about is experience getting married in Canada and meeting the love his life here in Toronto during their time at university.

We had DJ SP invite the couple to join the dance floor for their first dance & dance floor was opened at Embassy Grand. Keep in mind half the side was from England and Shiv wanted this wedding dance party to feel like England Sikh weddings so we had 3 dholis playing alongside DJ SP to create that mood. Party really went on a whole other level as DJ SP was in the mood to get everyone dancing.


We had such a great experience working with this team as well as Embassy Grand that it has become one of our preferred reception venues for the 2019 wedding season.

Google Review from the couple:

“Where to start?  As photography enthusiasts, we were keen to hire a team that understood lighting and depth-of-field in candid moments to ensure our events and our guests were captured beautifully.
Coming from very tight-knit families, we wanted a team that were personable and able to integrate with our guests to ensure pictures that truly reflect their personalities.
We got all of this and plenty more from their team. We can’t thank you enough for all the tips and time given to us. Whilst our friends and family continue to frantically upload their favourite shots to Instagram, my wife and I will enjoy re-living our special moments through your wonderful work. Thanks to the exceptional team who worked to make this wedding a success”

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