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Caledon Country Club Indian Weddings

Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding

Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding is new. Our blog lists all the perfect outdoor Sikh or Hindu wedding options around GTA. If you are looking for the venue which can cater to your Indian wedding needs, this is a great option for outdoor weddings. 

Chandni Banquet Hall management has recently acquired this venue for their Indian wedding clientele. This management has been part of the wedding industry in Toronto for a really long time. Chandni Banquet Hall management has over 4 venues in Brampton and Mississauga so you are definitely in safe hands. 

Mandeep and Amita are very easy going and laid back people. We had so much fun being part of their engagement shoot. We are blessed with some of the most trusting couples. Trust is such an important factor when it comes to wedding photography. We are with the couples more time than they are with their families and each other combined on the wedding day. Therefore, make sure whomever you book for your wedding photography, you should get along with them. 

Bride and Groom Getting Ready at Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding

Ruchika from Lesonne Bridals! Can we just say we love working with Ruchika, one of the most experienced makeup artists and quite honestly the most humble person, was dolling up our bride. We have worked on over 50 projects with Lesonne Bridals and one thing, beyond their amazing artistry, is they have never been late! Amita was looking stunning in her all red sequin lengha designed by the very talented Amara Couture.

Home Décor at Bride’s House

2 hours out of 10 hours on the wedding day photography in Indian weddings are done at the bride and groom’s house. That means 20% of the photos will be taken in front of the home decoration setup. Amita took special care of aesthetics, Xclusive decor did a phenomenal setup at the bride’s house. Xclusive decor is one of most established decoration companies. Frames, candelabras and gold candle stands all helped us create that regal look. Here is a blog on home decor planning and tips.

Groom on the end had another unique set of décor which I have never seen. Xclusive decor definitely added creativity to their designs which helped create amazing wedding images.

Baraat and Milni at Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding

There is a dedicated guest parking for the wedding guests at the Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding. The Baraat started with the horse and dhol as the groom’s family danced their way. You can see some of the bride’s side join in the dance party themselves to celebrate the festivities. Milni took place between both sides as a part of Hindu wedding rituals.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony at Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding

This beautiful clear tent is set up on the edge of the creek at the Caledon Country Club. Clear tent is a great way if you want to ensure you are protected by rain while getting that natural lit ceremony. Floral Mandap was designed again by Xclusive Design. You can see how everything was beyond perfect with golden gates and wooden textures.

Lighting in an outdoor Hindu wedding plays a very important role. Most of us will believe a sunny day is probably the best for wedding photos. Light is a very complicated topic and mastering it has taken years. We are trained to photograph in every lighting condition, however overcast days are the best to work with.

Empire Entertainment welcomed all the guests and then our groom walked in. Caledon Country Club was all waiting for the bride to walk in the ceremony. You can see everyone’s head turn back to see the bride walking with her brother. Mandeep’s eyes filled with tears of joy as he saw his bride walking down the aisle under the sky. Guests cheered as the couple shared their wedding garlands. Mandeep was still gazing at his bride with so much love. One of the most evident of this Caledon Country Club wedding was this couple was always smiling. That makes a world of difference when Indian wedding couples are smiling. Happy people make good photos.

You can see the lush green lands of the Caledon Country Club in the background of this Hindu wedding. The ceremony was beautifully conducted by Pandit Ji. At the end of the ceremony, all the guests showered the couple with flowers. 

This can give you a good idea how big the clear tent structure is for the wedding ceremony.
Caledon Country Club Tent structure is backed to this beautiful creek overlooking lush green golf grounds.
Caledon Country Club Indian Weddings

Post-Wedding Pictures at Caledon Country Club Indian Wedding

Caledon Country Club is a golf course so getting good wide landscape for post-wedding photoshoot shouldn’t be a problem at all. The venue has a lot of small pockets which can be great for portraits. Throughout the day the weather was beyond perfect at Caledon Country Club. Chandni Banquet hall management serviced an outdoor lunch for guests as the couple finished their wedding photos. 

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