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Caledon Country Club

Tent Indian Wedding at Caledon Country Club reviewed

Caledon Country Club is becoming an increasingly popular venue choice for Indian couples looking to host an outdoor Sikh or Hindu wedding. With a desire for a bright and airy atmosphere, many brides are seeking the perfect outdoor location. As a result of photographing multiple weddings at Caledon Country Club, we have put together this blog to help you understand what to expect and what to not to expect for your Indian Wedding.

What to expect

As for the location of the wedding, Caledon Country Club provides a tent wedding scenario. The venue originally planned to have a glass structure, but in 2019-2020, a clear tent was installed which looked stunning in Indian wedding photos. However, the clear tent is delicate and can become quite hot during a long summer day. Now, the venue has a semi-permanent covered tent with two air conditioning units that can help with the heat on peak summer days. This is a good venue option if you are looking for a tented venue.

If you plan to have an Indian wedding at Caledon Country Club, here’s what you can expect:

Tent Sikh or Hindu Wedding

The tent is now a semi-permanent structure and no longer clear. It has been extended to the entrance pathway, but since it’s not a clear tent, there is less natural light coming in from the top. However, the setup is still bright and airy for photos and videos. Please be mind the ground is can be uneven at certain areas. On a raining day the tent will protect you for the rain but the grounds can be still muggy in the heavy rain senario.

Food and Reception Area

The food and reception hall at Caledon Country Club are not typically used for ceremonies. Most Indian wedding couples use the indoor area for the post-wedding dinner service or dance floor. The area could use a makeover since it has a low ceiling. Keep in mind the balcony can also be used for the Indian wedding breakfast seating or even lunch seating. The venue has invested in the shading of this area.

Caledon Country Club

Photoshoot Locations

For Indian Weddings, there are plenty of locations available for the post-wedding photoshoot. You can use the views of the golf course or the even green arches in the back of the property . Another spot is on the mountain top where there is a small pond that can be used for photography. However, on sunny days, the lighting can be harsh for photography.

Caledon Country Club


Couples have had great, good and not the most welcome experiences at Caledon Country Club. Some planners have encountered glitches with the venue’s service and responsiveness, and we hope that the venue will improve its maintenance and aesthetic quality. The property does have ample parking available for guests, and golf carts are available to assist them. Definately certain areas of the cleaniness espcially windows of the property will make the property much more asthically pleasing.


The catering at Caledon Country Club is done in-house, and overall, the Indian wedding food is decent. However, there is room for improvement in terms of freshness and taste. For Indian Weddings they provide in house wedding catering options. Therefore you would have to work with external catering options.

Overall, you will get the value you are paying for at Caledon Country Club. Compared to other outdoor options nearby, your per guest cost will be much cheaper. However, you should not expect a luxious experience for your guests. We wish you all the best in planning your outdoor wedding and have included a list of other options for your outdoor Indian wedding.

Rest assured that you will get some beautiful photos at Caledon Country Club, and our Alfaaz Photography team has included some examples for you to view. Check out the website with Caledon Country club for availablity

Caledon Country Club
Caledon Country Club
Caledon Country Club