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Couple walking on the sunset-lit beach.

Engagement Shoots | Cancun beach engagement


“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose


Photography is light painted over a canvas with shadows and highlights. As with any good painting, the quality of the paint will affect the outcome. In photography, this quality is given through the sun whether making use of the natural light or the famous “Golden Hour” during sunrise or sunset. The hue of the light during these hours gives a beautiful golden glow which is flattering for all people and landscapes.


It is always recommended for couples planning their wedding to keep lighting in mind when scheduling their engagement and wedding photo shoots. Yes, you may have to drag yourself out of bed at some crazy hour of the morning, but you’re promised pictures that are totally worth it!

Lighting tools can mimic natural sunlight and the Golden Hour; however, this is a cumbersome process and the lighting will never be quite as soft or natural as the real thing.  In this beach shoot with Julia and Juanma, we tried to capture all aspects of the natural light, from the soft natural light of the day to the golden sunset hours. The sunlight on the beaches of Cancun is absolutely magical, highlighting the deep blue of the sea and creating drama through the clouds.

Sunset over a beach in Cancun.

Engaged couple kiss in the sunset.

Couple chatting on the deck in the sunset.



Couple walking on the sunset-lit beach.

Couple spinning on the beach in the sunset

Man carrying his fiance into the sunset lit sea.

Couple admiring the sun's glow over the Caribbean Sea.



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