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Wedding | Wedding Ceremony at Oasis Cancun Mexico

Sunrise Destination Wedding Ceremony at Oasis Cancun Mexico

In Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Tulum, the sun doesn’t set in the ocean.  So, if you are looking for the sun and ocean next to each other, then morning sunrise ceremonies would be the best time to get married. We had a morning setup at the beach with white florals and clouds wrapped around the altar as the sun peeked through in the back. Turquoise waters, white sands and blue skies with a white altar and flowers made this a perfect setting for a destination wedding in Cancun. Floral

We got to the nuptial bridal suite which has an oceanfront terrace. This bridal suite is offered as a gift to the couple for every destination wedding package. A terrace connected to the nuptial suite can be used as a reception or wedding lunch venue. It has a wooden gazebo that overlooks the ocean which is a perfect setting for an intimate ceremony or dinner.

Oasis properties do offer tailored packages for Indian Destination weddings for Sikh and Hindu clients. Here are some images from this gorgeous property. Check out our blogs from Oasis Tulum or Oasis Cancun and our Indian Destination Wedding


  1. Open to have vendors from outside for Indian weddings
  2. Offers one of the best restaurants in the Cancun area
  3. Resort offers a smart car for the day for their couples
  4. Oasis provides you a wedding coordinator
  5. Able to host weddings up to 300-400 people

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