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Wedding | Oasis Tulum Mexico Catholic Wedding

Oasis Tulum, Perfect location for Mexican Catholic Wedding

Oasis Tulum is a unique property; it is located on the Caribbean coast near the archaeological ruins of Tulum. Tulum is the largest community in the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. We had the privilege to photograph this beautiful Catholic wedding which took place at the gazebo. We started our day at the bridal suite where the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready in a beautiful ocean view room.

After the bride was ready, we went over to the garden gazebo at Oasis Tulum which was the setting for the Catholic ceremony. The lush green gardens truly make Oasis Tulum a magnificent property and perfect for a ceremony. The white gazebo, which has a seating capacity of about 150 people, was set up as the church space.Oasis-Loves-You team set up a refreshment station and golf carts to transport the families from one area to the next.

The Catholic ceremony started with the groom standing at the altar waiting for his soon-to-be-bride to walk in with her parents. Catholic religious ceremonies are usually about 1 hour long. The couple was announced Husband and Wife at the Oasis Tulum Garden.What would a wedding in Cancun be without sand and a blue sea, so the legal ceremony was set up at the beach. Tulum Oasis has beautiful sunsets, more vibrant water than Cancun which makes the view even more surreal.

The wedding officiant was waiting at the beach location. As the couple walked in, they read their wedding vows to each other binding them in marital bliss.The bride had a unique request to have white doves at her ceremony and Oasis Tulum made that happen. The resort gave every guest white balloons in the shape of doves and was told to release them as the couple walked down the aisle after their ceremony.

Soon after the couple was pronounced married by the officiant as per the Mexican law at this beautiful Mexican Beach at Oasis Tulum. Then, as the couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife, the sky was filled with beautiful doves. Oasis Tulum went above and beyond to make this bride’s vision and dream come true.

This place has a beautiful cocktail hour patio which faces the sea and is surrounded by swimming pools; the setup really set the tone for the reception which took place in the ballroom.


Oasis Tulum has a very relaxed vibe which makes this place desirable for couples looking for a peaceful wedding in Mexico. Here are some photos

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