Dixie Gurdwara Sikh Wedding, Toronto

Dixie Gurdwara Sikh Wedding, Mississauga

Dixie Gurdwara Sikh Wedding in Mississauga is one of the first and biggest gurdwaras in the area.  Gurdwara sahib has the capacity to host over 2000 people at the same time. 

Dixie Gurdwara sahib has multiple halls where couples can book their Sikh wedding ceremony also called the Anand Karaj. In this blog, we will show you how each of the halls at Dixie Gurdwara look like in pictures.

Couples often ask our experience of photographing weddings at the different halls in Dixie Gurdwara. So, we wrote this blog to explain and show in pictures some of the difference between the halls. We want to sincerely apologize if we offended anyone with this blog and our intent is to educate and not disrespect any entity. 

We will be also sharing some of the Gurdwara management’s rules which couples should know while planning their Anand Karaj at the Dixie Gurdwara. 

2 mins away from Dixie Gurdwara

Baraat, Milni and Ardas at Dixie Gurdwara Sikh Wedding, Mississauga

Dixie Gurdwara management does not allow baraat in the parking lot with Dhol or horse. Most couples getting married at Dixie Gurdwara will plan the baraat with dhol in the outside premises. Families will gather outside the Gurdwara boundary to dance with dhol before they enter the Dixie Gurdwara parking lot.

Milni at Dixie Gurdwara usually happens at the entrance in front of Hall 2 and Hall 3. This is where most of the wedding guests enter Dixie Gurdwara as well. If you are getting married in Hall 5, families conduct milnis in the staircase entrance to Hall 5.

Keep in mind Dixie Gurdwara has multiple weddings happening on any given summer weekend. You can expect that there may be multiple wedding groups doing milni at the same time.


If you want a gurdwara sahib where there is only one wedding per day on a Summer weekend, Dixie Gurdwara might not be a good option for you

Langar at Dixie Gurdwara 

Guru ka langar or lunch or breakfast before and after the Anand Karaj is served in the basement langar hall. Langar hall is big enough to accommodate guests and sangat from multiple weddings. During lunch time, sangat from Hall 1, 2, 3 and 5 may be all at the langar hall at the same time. We have seen Gurdwara management using the indoor gym hall during breakfast time when needed. 

Anand Karaj/Sikh Ceremony in the Different Halls of Dixie Gurdwara

Sikh Wedding in Hall number 1 at Dixie Gurdwara, Mississauga

Gurdwara sahib’s Hall 1 is always open day to day devotees(sangat). We have had the opportunity to only photograph one wedding there till date. Sometimes we have been told that gurudwara management does not prefer weddings in the hall.

We have also learned that if you wish to get married in Hall number 1, the wedding should finish before 11:30 am as well. The Hall number is only available between 10am to Noon between morning ritual prayers and afternoon Kirtan darbar. Again we are not fully sure about the latest information as it is subject to Gurudwara management decision. We sincerely apologize if we have provided some wrong information and we are willing to correct with readers updated feedback. 

Hall number has beautiful ceilings which photographers very well. The couple was able to get decoration as well as on the wall behind the guru granth sahib ji. The wall behind the guru granth sahib separates hall number one and two. It is a standard wall separators wedding venues use to separate the wedding halls. Therefore draping it gives definitely an added value for the aesthetics in the images.

Keep in mind this hall which is open for sangaat all day. Therefore we recommend discussing with gurdwara management if they can ask Sangaat to not pay their respect while Anand Karj is going on.

Hall 1 has a shorter walkway aisle from the main door which if you have a very big bridal party, you may have to organize spacing accordingly. We love the natural light this Hall 1 at dixie gurdwara gets during the ceremony. Correct us if we are wrong but this hall can fit about 400 sangat or guests for a sikh ceremony.


Sikh Wedding in Hall number 2 at Dixie Gurdwara, Mississauga 

Hall number at the Dixie Gurdwara is a rectangular size space. The hall will be partitioned with big wood slider panels from each side. Therefore in pictures you will see in hall 2 at dixie gurdwara sahib will be shown these separating panels. Couples can talk to management for the draping the back wall for photography however that is totally dependent on gurdwara management decisions.

Walkway aisle is not exactly straight in hall number two at the gurdwara. We have only been able to photograph one ceremony in this hall till date. This hall has a high ceiling, the same height as Hall number 1 and 3 so that does always help for more natural lighting. Hall 2 is definitely smaller in capacity than Hall 1,3 and 5 at Dixie Gurdwara.

Sikh Wedding in Hall number 3 at Dixie Gurdwara, Mississauga

Hall 3 is one of the halls where we have photographed most of the Toronto Sikh weddings. We believe there is where most of the Sikh weddings happen at Dixie Gurdwara as well. This hall has beautiful natural light coming from the ceiling. The back wall of gurdwara granth sahib which you will see in most of the pictures has beautiful work. You will most likely not require to drape or decoration that wall in this hall.

Hall number 3 has great ceiling height and alot of natural light therefore the images look a lot natural. Gurdwara management has recently changed the lighting in Hall number 3. Gurudwara management may combine hall number 2 and hall number 3 to accomodate more sangat. If you are expecting more guests attending your ceremony at Dixie Gurdwara, Hall 3 is the biggest option for Anand Karj at Hall number 3.

The hall 3 at Dixie gurdwara has an L shape walkway aisle. Separating the wooden panel which divides the hall 2 and hall 3 will be seen in the images when the bride and groom walk in for sure. These separating panels can be also a great place for guests to sit who ever needs back support. Only problem with that is if we take pictures standing behind the gurdwara sahib of the couple, you will see guests sitting right behind the couple. Draping the back wall does add value in aesthetics however you have to discuss with the gurdwara management. 

You can see in this image the wall seperators in the background

Sikh Wedding in Hall number 5 at Dixie Gurdwara, Mississauga

Hall 5 at Dixie Gurdwara sahib is upstairs. Some couples are hesitant as some of the family elderly can not climb stairs. Gurdwara sahib does have wheelchair access but we will definitely confirm that with the management. Sangat will be having langar in the basement which means the guests will be going two floors up to attend the ceremony. Maybe that is why hall 5 is a less preferred hall at Dixie gurdwara. 

Hall number 5 has a straight walkway aisle. Which may be important for the brides. Only Hall 5 and Hall 1 at dixie gurdwara are your options if you want a straight aisle.

Hall number 5 has back windows which gives you good natural light. The wall right behind the gurdwara sahib is where most couples invest in decorating. Hall 5 does have a lower ceiling which does show quite evidently in the images. Ceiling has a commercial look which is why we prefer Hall 1,2,3 instead of 5 as a photographer.

Dixie-Gurdwara-Wedding hall5
Dixie-Gurdwara-Wedding hall5

Photoshoot after the Sikh Ceremony at Dixie Gurdwara

Dixie Gurdwara is a very central location for your guests attending the wedding from Mississauga and Brampton. Locations for post-wedding shoot are usually close by. There are indoor studio spaces as well like Studio by House, Vision Room, and we have our own studio about 4 mins away from Dixie Gurdwara. For one of our recent weddings, we did a photoshoot across the Gurdwara on Telford and Derry. This open field gave us great color contrast in wedding pictures. 

5 mins away from the DIxie Gurdwara
Photography near dixie gurudwara
Our Studio Space 4 mins away from the Dixie Gurdwara Sahib

Gurdwara is God’s home in Sikh culture and house where wisdom of all guru’s resides in the form of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It will be very disrespectful for us to say anything bad about any religious place; we are just showing photography constraints when photographing at these different settings at Dixie Gurdwara. If we offended any individual or entity by educating on these topics, we apologize in advance. Please consult gurdwara management for dates – Link

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