3 Pre-Wedding Routines for Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride
Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride Portraits

Top 3 Ultimate Pre-Wedding Routines for Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride

Flawless skin for the Indian bride is something every bride strives on achieving or maintaining for her wedding day! We are excited to have one of Toronto’s most-established and recognized names in the beauty world, Shirley Wu from The Beauty Concept who is going to share her Top 3 Ultimate Pre-Wedding Routines for Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride.

Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride Portraits

Shirley Wu from The Beauty Concept:

3 Tips for Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride

When so much energy and effort is put into planning your perfect wedding days, it is easy to lose sight of what it is all about; getting married to the love of your life.

Stress can be high when planning an Indian wedding with multiple pre-wedding events, it is understandable when dealing with pressing concerns like dress fittings and adjustments, selecting the right jewelry to complement your outfits, seating arrangements, mehendi night planning, dance rehearsals, speeches and toasts, finalizing floral arrangements, etc. There is a chance that brides might overlook some seemingly more minute, yet not insignificant things like staying hydrated, keeping up with skincare routines, brows grooming and giving yourself a pause just for you.

The countdown starts now, so brides, focus on these 3 pre-wedding routines for flawless skin for the Indian bride!

1. Beauty Inside and Out

It is crucial to be mindful that what we put into our bodies will only reflect on the outside in time. Keep in mind what you are eating and we cannot stress enough to stay HYDRATED! Always carry a water bottle around with you, this will help increase your water intake. This is very important for achieving that flawless skin for the Indian bride for her wedding.

  • Eating healthy 
  • Have well-balanced meal 
  • Low sodium diet 
  • Meal prep (if you are going to work or school) 
  • Healthy snacks while doing daily errands (i.e, wedding prep, groceries, gym, etc.) 
    • Types of healthy snacks on the go: nuts and berries, fruits and vegetables bites. 
  • Hydration (if you don’t like plain water try flavoured water i.e. cucumber, lemon, strawberry, etc.) 
  • Taking Micro supplements for hair, skin, nails, overall energy, to help reduce the cortisol level (if people are stressed their cortisol level will increase) 
Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride

2. Skin Care

Focusing now even more on your skin care routine can help maintain that flawless skin for the Indian bride. This is also not the time to experiment with new products especially just a few weeks prior to your wedding.

  • Seek a professional if there are any treatments that need to be done. (i.e oily, dry, acne prone skin) 
  • Home care:
    • Daily skin routine, including washing cleansing, hydration, using a mask at least once a week (depending on skin type) 
    • Skin supplements

PRO-TIP: De-puff your eyes with frozen tea bags or metal spoon, and press it along your eyes (do this the morning of the wedding.) 

Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride

3. Self-Care/Love

A lot of time is consumed in organizing, selecting, planning from your venues, decor, events, guests, food, accommodations etc. for your wedding. In all this, it is easy to forget to take time for yourself. It is important to have mental breaks and time where you can just focus on yourself. You need to take some time away from your wedding planning as well.

  • Make time for yourself (i.e. go for walks/jogs, meditating, yoga and facial yoga, tapping, etc.) 
  • Listening to calm music
  • Pack your overnight bag in advance so you have more time for self-care/love before the wedding
  • Benefit by taking time out for self-love, will create a healthy skin glow and a more relaxed facial expression on the day of the wedding
  • The night before, especially an Indian Wedding household, there are many rituals to be done so try to finish them earlier so you can have time to relax. You may also opt to put on a facial mask to help you relax. To help get a good night’s sleep, try listening to soft and calming music.
Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride Portraits

Hope these tips for achieving that flawless skin for the Indian bride will help you in the weeks before your wedding. There is so much we can do with makeup, but having a nice canvas to work with will help with the final outcome.

Below, find tips on selecting the right Hair and Makeup artist for your Indian Bride looks.

How to Find the Right Makeup and Hair Artist for your Wedding?

There are many artists and stylists that all do great work.

Start a conversation and book a consultation to see if they are able to create the style you are looking for. Try to bring inspiration for any looks you want (i.e. a vision board for your makeup, hair, styling etc.) Ask the artist and stylist if they are familiar with Indian style weddings (this can be Hindu, Sikh, Gujarati, etc.) There is slight variation in styles and ceremonies for each.

Try to meet the artist in person and set up a consultation. If possible, try to get a trial done for each look.

Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride Portraits

Why Hair and Make up Artist Experience Matter When it Comes to Indian Weddings?

Doing Indian wedding makeup and hair requires expertise and a certain level of experience. Understanding the intricate jewelry setting, -positioning it in the right way that holds up for a long period of time. 

The professional artist/stylist should create a hair and makeup look that compliments the face shape and style of the bride, in addition to their bridal outfit as there are different variations from Hindu, Sikh, Gujarati, South Indian wedding style etc.

The hair has to be done accordingly to hold any head jewelry and dupatta securely and comfortably. If not done properly, this will cause discomfort for the bride which will show through her facial expression. 

Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride

Thanks again to Shirley for sharing her tips on pre-wedding routines for achieving Flawless Skin for the Indian Bride.

Check out our blog section for more tips to help you plan your wedding day.

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