Florida Indian Gujrati Beach Wedding

Florida Indian Gujrati Weddings

White sandy beaches and sun kissed shores could be the theme for your wedding if you plan a wedding in Fort Meyers, Florida. Florida’s sun hosted this beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony.

Marriott Harbour Sanibel, a beautiful property located on the edge of the waters, was where it all started. Hotel lobby was full of joy and wedding vibes soared as the couple’s family and friends started to arrive Thursday afternoon.

This cultural Gujarati wedding had events lined up back to back with Garba, Pithi, Shatak and much more before the wedding day itself.

The evening before the wedding, the couple hosted a Garba night at the Sanibel Harbour Ballroom, A beautiful umbrella-filled ceiling was created which gave a cultural finish to this event. Dhandiya, the Gujarati folk dance, was played till late night.

Gujarati Jaan At Fort Myers Beach Indian Wedding

The wedding morning started early, 6:15 am; we met the Bride at her hotel room in her beautiful Sabyasachi Gown where she was almost done her hair and makeup. We had the pleasure to work with super talented makeup artist team Henna Allure from Tampa Florida.

It was about 7 am when we reached at the Groom’s side where he was about to get ready; Groomsmen were helping Parth as he gets ready the grand baraat

The Wedding ceremony was taking place at another beach, the Pink Petals Beach Resort. The guests were all set onboard their busses to go to the wedding location, but the Groom had an another means of transportation in mind. A boat loaded with his Groomsmen and Sumit the Dholi from Atlanta were all set to reach the venue in style.

It was a unique experience altogether documenting the Groom and his crew dancing on the boat wearing purple and blue kurtas.

Irrespective of where you are doing a Hindu wedding, there has to be a pumping Baraat to celebrate the wedding day. With Dholi by Sumit, Dj Volcanik Entertainment from Tampa Florida in the Baraat van, the Groom’s side were dancing off with summer winds, tall palm trees and blue skies of Fort Myers beach. Dhol beats and colourful outfits of the Bridal party were more than enough to set the mood. The whole walk along the water from the boat to the beach venue was non-stop dances.

Florida Indian Weddings

Reception of Baraat at Gujarati Beach Wedding Florida

Soon, we were at the beach where the Bride’s mom welcomed the Groom and his family with Aarti as per traditional Gujarati wedding rituals. Being part of so many Gujarati weddings, we were expecting this to happen. This game which is usually played during Aarti between mother-of-the-bride and her son-in-law to be. Mom while applying tilak on the Groom’s forehead will be trying to grab Groom’s nose and if she is able to pinch his face that means the Bride will be dominating the Groom or if she fails Groom will dominate the family. The Groomsmen and his family are supposed to protect the Groom. Right after this ceremony, the Bride’s parents take the Groom to this beautiful mandap setup on the Fort Myers beach on the edge of the ocean.

Turquoise draping and fresh flowers of this mandap were iconic and passerbys couldn’t help but stop and notice this beautiful set up done by House of Dipali

Soon the Vaar Pooka started at this Gujarati Beach wedding as the Bride’s parents officially welcomed the Groom with yogurt, rose water and honey. Decorative fabric was put over the Groom’s face before the Bride was invited to the mandap. Bride came in style with her brothers holding her on a Palki. How could she not record this beautiful moment on snapchat! The Bride made sure she has a memory of her own.

Bride’s uncles (mamma’s) take her to the mandap after the palki and soon it was the moment when Groom and Bride first saw each other on their wedding day as the priest announced to remove the Groom’s covering.

This beautiful Gujarati wedding was underway with this beautiful sun and white sand beaches of Fort Myers. Bride and Groom were told to go around the fire 7 times as the family and friends showered them with flower petals. After the pheras, the couple was told to exchange rings, mangalsutra and sindoor to conclude this Gujarati wedding ceremony at the Fort Myers Beach in Florida.

A private boat was ready to take the Bride and Groom, as they walked towards the water bridge leading to the dock, the bridal party was blessing them with water bubbles.

Some emotional hugs and kisses sending off the Bride with her Groom, as per Hindu wedding rituals this is the final goodbye.

Gujarati Reception at Sanibel Harbour Resort Fort Myers

Guests returned their buses for Sanibel harbour resort venue for the reception that night. The Bride and Groom started to get ready for their reception looks.

Parth, the Groom, was also waiting to watch the game of his favourite football team playing for AFC championship. Even though these two lovebirds love each other, they supported two different teams that were playing against each other.

The Presidential suite at the Sanibel Harbour had beautiful views of the waters and the breathtaking Florida sunset. We made sure to capture this during the day and brought our couple in the hotel balcony for some Vogue-inspired images.

Then we ran back to our venue for the reception where the decorators had done some mind-blowing job with fresh flowers and beautiful draping to make this ballroom look amazing.

The couple entered the hall and we were all set to kick this reception night at the Sanibel Harbour-front hotel.

There were some emotional speeches by the twin sisters, siblings and friends which lead to the father-daughter and mother-son dances followed by a surprise performance. Then the dance floor was opened and this Gujarati beach wedding.

Dhara, our Bride had handpicked her vendors from different parts of the East Coast. Her decorator drove down from New York with a truck full of logistics, the caterers were driving down with a team of Indian chiefs to cater to the Bride and Groom’s authentic Indian food needs.  

Here are some images from this couple’s beautiful wedding in Florida.

We flew alongside Lucid Films from Canada. It was a great team, and everyone did a great job to make sure this Gujarati wedding at Fort Myers beach was a success.

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