Glen Cove Gurudwara Regal Sikh Wedding New York
Glen Cove Sikh Wedding

Glen Cove Gurudwara: A Regal Sikh Wedding in New York

A recent celebration at the Glen Cove Gurudwara, Long Island, marked a splendid Punjabi wedding, capturing the authentic essence of regality. New York’s Sikh weddings exude joy, but this affair stood out for its grounded, loving families, making it truly special.

Glen Cove Gurudwara

The Essence of Regality: Glen Cove Sikh Wedding Highlights

The bridal attire at this event was a masterpiece curated by Ameeran Designs in New Delhi, blending Punjabi traditions with a touch of elegance. The bride’s unconventional choice of a sharara-style suit with detailed zari work embroidered dupatta garnered attention, becoming a trendsetter on social media. What was special about this Glen Cove Sikh Wedding

This Anand Karj was special for various reasons and one thing that stood out the most if the authentic regal essence of this wedding. There was immense joy in both families which felt very refreshing by all means we as Sikh Wedding photographers are blessed to be part of people on the happiest days but both families were so grounded and loving which made this wedding so special.

Fashion and Tradition: Glen Cove’s Sikh Wedding Brilliance

Sikh and Hindu weddings thrive on rich fabrics and intricate designs, a vibrant tapestry that was vividly alive at Glen Cove. The combination of culture, fashion, and tradition made this wedding a spectacle.

The bridal attire for Glen Cove Sikh Wedding 

 It almost felt that Bridal attire and wardrobe throughout the week was curated by some Punjabi stylist for suits and sherwanis. The charms of heirloom embroideries and antiques of Punjabi culture were something you can see in brides’ bridal attire. It was truly one-of-a-kind bridal wear from Ameeran Designs in New Delhi.

Often Sikh brides for a lengha for their Anand Karj day but here bride went for a sharara style suit with a very detailed zari work embroidered dupatta. It was so elegant that it caught the eyes of the internet as their wedding images collectively received the most likes on our Instagram in 2023. Indian Brides often ask us what have not seen in our career and we can truly say that this regal look was definitely a different vibe for Punjabi weddings and yes Amrita the bride truly rocked it 

These images were retouched in the soft color pallet with a bit of fade which made the imagery look more dated and royal. We made a stylistic preference to add a fade of colour and grain to bring that regal era alive. Planning a perfect bridal attaire is important for brides, something that represents them on their wedding day. Here is the link where we talk about 4 mistakes you can make while planning your perfect wedding attire.

On the groom’s side, Our photographer wanted the look to be more clean and consistent, and with tones of beige, off-white, and creams we chose to photograph the groom in front of a white wall in his backyard to get that natural light. This also made the whole wedding project more contemporary as the bride had a pop of colour and the groom had a contrast of muted tones.

Capturing Elegance: The Getting Ready Moments

From the bride’s simple yet elegant setup to understanding colour theory for capturing poignant moments, the wedding photographers skillfully curated every detail. The bride’s vibrant red attire juxtaposed against the subtle green backdrop, illuminated by the sun, created enchanting visuals.

Crafting Visual Majesty: Photography Insights

With a nuanced approach to colour grading, the images reflected a timeless, regal aura. The groom’s setting, characterized by muted tones against a clean backdrop, complemented the vibrant hues of the bride’s shots.

Nature’s Beauty: Glen Cove’s Cherry Blossoms

The wedding coincided with the cherry blossom season, enhancing the celebration’s charm. The picturesque beauty of the blossoms, captured in fleeting moments, added an ethereal touch to the wedding album.

The perfect Cheery Blossoms at Glen Cove Gurdwara in Long Island

Another thing that stood out about this wedding in mid-April was the cheery blossom. The State of New York is the perfect place to be in Cheery blossom season and you don’t have to go far to catch breathtaking views of the full lush trees. We were waiting for the barrage to begin as just in the parking lot of Mata Sahib Gurudwara in Glen Cove we saw this beautiful tree with blush pink blossoms. We took our groom for literally two minutes to get these beautiful images.

The Baraat: Joyful Bhangra at Glen Cove

The arrival of the baraat, accompanied by enthusiastic bhangra dancers, added exuberance to the event. The infectious energy, amplified as the bride’s family joined in, made it an occasion filled with sheer joy.

Sacred Ceremonies: Anand Karaj at Glen Cove Gurudwara

The sanctity of the Mata Sahib Kaur Gurudwara, adorned with feathers, flowers, and divine melodies, created an atmosphere of profound blessings. The architecture and ambiance with fresh flowers and white feathers, complemented by sunlight filtering through, added a celestial touch to the ceremony. The Ceiling of the Mata Sahib Gurdwara sahib at Glen Cove has paintings of clouds and it is creates at open-air illusion which is unique in its way.

Langar Tradition: Culinary Excellence at Glen Cove

The langar at the Glen Cove, prepared by dedicated caterers, surpassed expectations. Uncommon yet delicious dishes like Kathal (Jackfruit) added uniqueness to the culinary experience, resonating with the warmth of service at the Gurudwara. Service had a Dosa station, fresh fruit juices and live Jalebi station. With Waheguru’s blessing, it was a beautiful offering and the sangat enjoyed. Throughout the week the caterers went above expectations on this Glen Cove Sikh Wedding

Post-Wedding Elegance: Glen Cove’s Picture-Perfect Locations

The post-wedding photoshoot at Planting Fields Arboretum, with its Victorian arches and lush landscapes, created a luxurious backdrop. The choice of a rustic American muscle car added a touch of sophistication to the captivating imagery. Couples need to have a post-wedding photoshoot location near the gurdwara sahib for a post-wedding photoshoot. Planting Fields Arboretum gives multiple post-Sikh wedding photoshoot options for gardens to structures, it is a very very versatile photoshoot location.

Exploring Heritage: Glen Cove’s Mansion

An alternative post-wedding location, the Glen Cove Mansion, offered an opulent setting for couples seeking a heritage charm, albeit requiring prior permits.

Reception Splendor: Villa Lombardia, Long Island

The Italian villa-style venue, Villa Lombardia, hosted a grand reception. With a capacity for large gatherings, this picturesque setting, paired with impeccable service and lavish cuisine, set the stage for an extravagant affair. The service was beyond expectations in so many ways. Even though the catering was taken care of by the outside vendor the staff was up on their toes to take care of and provide exceptional hospitality.

A Celebration of Elegance: Reception at Villa Lombardia

The reception exuded romanticism, adorned with red roses and gold finishes. The blend of European charm with Punjabi flair made for a classy affair, heightened by the energetic dance performances and the DJ’s eclectic mix. It helps when half of the groomsmen are professional bhangra dancers. You can only imagine the vibe for this Sikh wedding reception was epic.

Special thanks to Emrland films for the artistic same-day edit and Harjot & Amrita, our couple for being so loving, trusting and understanding throughout the week. As a professional photographer with 10 years of experience, we have learned that couples trusting their vendors is such an important aspect of producing good work.