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Guild Inn Estate Hindu Wedding

Guild Inn Estate Hindu Indian Wedding

It was a rainy day for this outdoor wedding and weather is something you can predict in Canada. That is why it is critical to have a plan B when planning an outdoor wedding. Check out our blog on How to Plan your Outdoor Wedding.

Purnima and Poulad’s Hindu Iranian ceremony was perfectly planned by Bijji Planners at the Guildwood Estate in Scarborough, Ontario. This beautiful venue gives photographers the freedom of shooting outdoors, a perfect post-wedding location for photography as well as a beautiful natural lit reception ballroom. Guildwood is a beautiful location to plan your outdoor wedding on your list. Click here for venue packages.

The park was formerly the site of an artist colony and is notable for its collection of relics saved from the demolition of buildings primarily in downtown Toronto arranged akin to ancient ruins. Situated on the Scarborough bluffs, this venue has history and heritage perfectly restored to its original splendor. Property has seating capacity of over 800 people is perfect location that gives you access to an outdoor and indoor venue for your Indian wedding.  

It was drizzling when we got to Purnima’s house, she was almost done with her hair and makeup with Kiss and Makeup by Nidhi Singh. We got some images with the bride before she left her house for her outdoor wedding as a single lady for the very last time.

First Look at Guildwood Estate

Poulad and Purnima wanted to capture their first look moment on camera, so we had Poulad waiting outside the Guildwood porch keen to see his beautiful Indian bride.

These two have grown up together through the College years and have a wicked sense of humor; we were excited to find out how they would react when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Indian Wedding at Guildwood Estate Photoshoot

One of the big advantages of getting married at Guild Inn is that you have a beautiful Greek architecture where you can take post-wedding images. Although, Guild Inn will still charge you extra for a 1-hour photography permit for pictures at the Greek Theater location even if you are getting married at the property.

Our Indo-Iranian couple had their bridal party with them as we took some images in front of giant Greek pillars at Guild Inn. The architectural details at the Greek Theater complimented the regal outfit of this Indian bride.

Right after the photos at the Greek Theater at Guild Inn, we were ready to proceed with the Indian Wedding ceremony and yes, no Indian Ceremony even if your groom is Iranian is complete without a dhol and baraat. The groom made his entrance on Ponies R Us horse to the beats of the dhol played by the best Devi Dayal with the baraat at this Guild Inn wedding. Ponies R Us are one of the most reliable vendors for your wedding needs if you are looking for a horse for your ceremony.

We were blessed by the rain Gods at the Guild Inn for this Indian wedding, the skies cleared up during the baraat and we were able to do the milni of the bride’s Indian family with the groom’s Iranian family right outside Guild Inn entrance. Everyone was ready to get the wedding rituals started, we had a beautiful mandap, the alter in Hindu weddings, setup by one of our preferred partners Xclusive Decor and with fresh white flowers by Bloomen. To create the natural look white roses, blocks of timber and vases with floating candles were very well used by Xclusive decor.

Poulad was waiting for his beautiful bride dressed in red at the Guild Inn Estate. The bride, in a red dress, walked in with her parents to the tunes of Empire Entertainment playing the bride’s entrance song. You could see the happiness in Poulad’s eyes as he saw his bride walking down the aisle. Hindu ceremony was already on its way at the Guild Inn as people sat down on the terrace of this beautiful venue. Indian weddings usually get emotional when the father hands off his daughter to the groom’s hand, a ritual called kanya daan which is considered to be biggest gesture of giving according to Hindu mythology. If you know Purnima, you know she has that smile that can light up the largest of rooms and you can see that smile throughout the ceremony. As the priest suggested, the couple went around the holy fire; friends and family from both sides showered fresh rose petals from Bloomen on the couple. This couple was officially married as per the Hindu marriage act. We can’t find the words to express the joy on everyone’s faces.

Iranian Wedding Ceremony at the Guild Inn Estate

Your wedding vendors play a big role in how well your wedding day is executed. We want to congratulate Bijji Planners or helping the groom’s family transitioning the Hindu wedding mandap into the sofreh for the Iranian ceremony while Host, the caterer, was serving food to guests. There was a short 30 minutes break in between the two ceremonies when guests got to walk around the lavish green parks of Guild Inn Estate. Meanwhile, the groom’s family was already done setting up the sofreh with the help of Bijji Planners.

The sofreh aghd is a traditional wedding ceremony spread where legal marriage and ceremonial tradition is exchanged. This ceremonial tradition has been practiced for thousands of years, and sofreh aghd spread is customary at Persian weddings. The word “sofreh” means “spread” and “aghd” means “ceremony”. The spread fine fabric called “termeh” and silver ornaments gave a soft touch to this sofreh with natural light peeking through at the Guild Inn terrace complementing the beauty of the setup.

Two candelabras were placed around the ceremonial mirror (of fate) “Aayeneh-Ye Bakht”. The candelabras represent the bride and groom, and the mirror the brightness in their future. The mirror and two candelabras are symbols of light and fire, two very important elements in the Zoroastrian culture. When the bride enters the room, she has her veil covering her face. Once the bride sits beside the groom she removes her veil and the first thing that the groom sees in the mirror should be the reflection of his wife-to-be.

Poulad was ready to welcome his bride to the joyous Iranian wedding hymns sung by his family at the Guild Inn. There was a very beautiful energy that you could feel as the bride and groom were about to start their wedding ceremony at this historic site in Scarborough, Ontario.

The Persian ceremony was conducted by the groom’s uncle and he invited women from both sides to rub sugar, symbolizing sweetness in married life, while the bride’s sisters held the holding the unity cloth over the couple’s head.

When the uncle of the groom announced these two lovebirds are married; they could taste the honey. The whole Guild Inn terrace was filled with Persian wedding songs. This concluded this ceremony.

Indian-Iranian Reception at the Guild Inn Estate, Scarborough

The Guild Inn has a 20-foot-high ceiling ball rooms which can accommodate all needs of an Indian wedding. Host, Guild Inn’s in-house caterers, served delicious appetizers on the patio of the ballroom overlooking the heritage and historical Greek architecture. While guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, we were taking some pictures of the ballroom ready to host this grand Indian Guild Inn Wedding. Fresh flowers from Bloomen were adding beautiful aromas in this naturally lit glass wall ballroom and Xclusive decor had set a beautiful setup for the couple. The couple often for a beautiful lavender wedding cake from one of the finest cake vendors, Fine Cakes by Zarah.

Fresh mint salad, one of the best we have had in a long time, was served by Host just before the couple’s entrance.

Emcees, brother of the groom and bride’s sisters, were getting the crowd ready to celebrate the union of our beautiful couple. After the grand entrance, we had speeches from both the parents and from the bride and groom’s friends from university who saw them grow as a couple and see how this Iranian Indian couple came together to marriage.

Iranian wedding celebrations include a ritual where women dance with a knife before the cake cutting; so, Emcee invited the women to show their Iranian ritual dance before cutting of this fine cake from Zarah.

Empire DJ was ready to set the dance floor on fire with over 600 people waiting to dance it off to a mix of Iranian and Indian Hindu music.

Here are some of images from this beautiful wedding.

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