Gujrati Beach Weddings Atelier Resorts

Classy Gujrati Beach Wedding at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres

Mexico Gujrati Beach Wedding is not a trend. The Beaches of Cancun, Mexico, are known for their white sands and playing host to a lot of Gujrati Beach weddings. Not only is Cancun one of the most popular destination wedding locations, but it is one of the easiest places to have a destination Indian wedding. This is due to the availability of Indian food options in Cancun and some great resorts.

Indian weddings are lavish and grand. Most of the time we have a large guest list, jaw-dropping decor and yes a lot of food. Cancun has been hosting Indian Gujrati beach weddings for a long time. Our clients Michelle and Eric chose this beautiful resort at Playa Mujeres about 40 minutes from the Cancun Airport for their Lavish Indian wedding. Playa Mujeres is one of the growing areas after the Cancun Strip where new resorts are coming up.

The advantage of staying away from the Cancun main strip is that beaches are quieter and less populated by locals and tourists in Playa Mujeres. This resort was one of the finest we have stayed at.

Atelier Resorts Cancun Gujrati Beach Wedding

Atelier Resort is a brand-new resort with a boho-inspired setting. If you like the modern chic interiors this is the place to be. From the rooms to the restaurants, everything is very luxurious. Fresh watermelon salads are a must-have and the smoothie bar was our favorite. These are options you will not get in every resort in Cancun. Since the resort is brand new, there is no direct wedding department therefore you will need help from a planner at times to coordinate with the wedding needs. We are sincerely thankful to Hype Travel and Irock Weddings for taking care of us. 

Hype Travel took care of airport transfers and arranging hotels for the Michelle and Eric’s Group and Irock Weddings taking care of the decor, and timelines and coordinating with the resort. We love working with this team as they really go above and beyond for their clients. 

Lavish Indian Beach Wedding at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico 

Couple had their first night at the Ocean Terrace, as the name suggests, facing the ocean. White-on-white dress code, Spanish salsa dancers, and laidback conversations were on the agenda. The couple wanted every night to be an experience for their guests. First night after the welcome dinner everyone got to try local cigars as the groom hosted a Cigar night. 

Haldi Ceremony at the Indian Beach Wedding at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico

The couple sat down on the bed full of flowers where their family and friends came to give them their blessings with Haldi. Soon after, there was a performance by the groom’s mother and her friends. Everyone was ready to party under the sun at his haldi as DJ Arjun opened the dancefloor with some bollywood jams. 

Cocktail Sangeet for the Indian Beach Wedding at Atelier Resorts, Playa Mujeres

Flowers were hanging off the ceiling in this extravagant setting for the sangeet cocktail party. This overhanging ring with intricate flower arrangement was just wow. Couple wanted their sangeet to be more of a cocktail night. This 30 feet high-ceiling ballroom with state-of-the-art AV was the perfect setting for this cocktail or receptions if needed at Atelier Resorts. The lobby was where the Indian fine food was being served. 

Men were dressed in suits and tuxedos and women in gowns which is different then the more cultural sangeet. However, no Indian wedding sangeet is complete without dance performances even in Destination Indian weddings in Mexico.

There were 9 performances and 3 speeches planned for this Cocktail night. Yes, all the 9 performances were raising the bar higher and higher. Couple even jumped in for a surprise performance. Party was going crazy as DJ Arjun from DJ USA was killing it with Reggae, Hip-Hop, Latino, Bollywood and Punjabi tunes. The way this Indian group was, it was perfect and trust me the dancefloor was packed. 

Remember we have said the groom wanted to create an experience for his guests in Mexico – every night was filled with some activity. The second night ended with a chill poker night. There were poker tables on the rooftop bar with the soft breeze of Playa Mujeres and nice cocktails. Everyone enjoyed a laid back environment. 

Creating an expereince is something we highly recommend to do when you are planning your Indian destination wedding. Every night the couple thought of an activity so their guests could hang out in the most casual way possible. Destination weddings in Mexico and Dominican or other Caribbean places are all about creating an experience and memories for your guests. 

Grand Indian Beach Wedding at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Groom was getting ready in the ocean view villas at the Atelier Resorts. The blue waters of Playa Mujeres with vibrant Indian wedding colors was a unique scene. The vibe of this resort is very boho chic with muted tones which mixed with Indian wedding pinks and purples gave that pop you can see in the images.

We did the first look in the middle of the resort in a tropical jungle look. We highly recommend doing a first look before your Hindu wedding ceremony. It only takes about 15min! Here is a blog on why we recommend first look. 

You can see the excitement on the faces of this couple when they saw each other for the very first time on the day of their wedding. The pinks of Michelle’s dress on the backgrounds of vibrant mexican tropical leaves is just a perfect match for Indian Weddings in Cancun.

We got 15 mins of the portrait time and first look with the couple which was enough for us to get those clean portraits before the ceremony. Now in case the makeup and hair takes a hit during the Beach ceremony we have our clean closeup portraits of the couple. This is something highly recommended for Indian beach weddings. 

Baraat on the Beaches of Mexico at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico

The groom team was ready for the epic baraat and all the guests were excited to see the Indian wedding at Atelier Resorts. The horse was dressed and Dhol was ready to get this baraat going. Now this one is so important to mention, Cancun or Playa Mujeres or Playa Del Carmen are so ready for Indian weddings. 

You can ask for Dhol, Horse or Priest for your Indian wedding ceremony and you will have it all. That is why Mexico is one of the top destinations for Lavish Indian Destination Hindu or Sikh weddings.

Turbans were being tied on the guests as the groom’s mom did the arti of the groom. In the traditional Gujarati way, the groom was ready to start the baraat while getting on the horse. Dj Arjun along the Dhol got the crowd pumped and this baraat got the attention of the whole resort guests ready to get a glimpse of this Indian beach wedding.

Palm trees featuring in the background of the bride’s family who were eagerly waiting next to the mandap at the beach where the Gujarati traditional wedding was planned. Manadap was covered in the fresh flowers top to bottom. The blush pink colors madap was one jaw dropping setup. White sands beach with turquoise blue waters was a perfect backdrop for this Indian Gujarati wedding in Mexico. 

The Grand Gujarati Ceremony on the Beaches of Mexico at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico 

The bride’s side of the family welcomed the groom’s side with rose petals and hugs as guests started to settle around the mandap under the shaded area. Our exceptionally thoughtful planners Irock Weddings even thought of getting the guests seated in a shaded area. Indian wedding ceremonies are long and we highly recommend either having paper umbrellas for all your guests or planning to have the area tented so guests are comfortable in the daytime Indian ceremonies. This was a sunset ceremony on a cloudy afternoon with the soft ocean breeze from the beaches of Playa Mujeres.

The groom was welcomed by the bride’s sister in a typical Gujarati Ceremonial way. Pandit ji helped the sister to do the poojas. Then the groom broke the clay pot and his groomsmen rushed to get his shoes to safety right away.

The ceremony started with var pooja and Ganesh pooja and right after Pandit ji invited the bride to join this beautiful beach ceremony. Gold palki covered in fresh flowers was ready to get the bride to the ceremony. Brothers helped Michelle make a grand entrance and everyone was ecstatic to see the bride walk down the aisle. 

It was a beautiful sight, as the couple exchanged the vaar mala standing in front of this lavish flower mandap. The mesmerizing Mexican sunset colors add so much romance to the imagery. Soon the Mandap ji was ready to tie the knot for this couple. Ceremony was conducted in traditional Gujarati rituals. Sun was about to go down as the ceremony finished. Everyone lined up next to the aisle ready with flowers in their hands to shower on the couple as they walked out of the ceremony. 

Soon, guests were ushered from the ceremony to the beach reception area. We had about 10 minutes to capture the beach post-wedding photos with the couple. We used most of the white sand beaches and the perfect blue waters in the backdrop to get these images 

Indian Beach Wedding Reception at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Lavish glass tables with candlelight on the side of the beach were ready to welcome the post-wedding dinner guests. Right after the ceremony, couples had planned a beach dinner with some surprises for their guests.

Meanwhile, couples were enjoying a traditional Gujarati dinner after the ceremony. The couple was getting ready for their entrance and first dance. It was about 30-45 minutes where guests got to congratulate the families, take some family photos and enjoy intimate beachside conversations. The relaxed down time with light music is one thing we wish more Indian weddings had. Our weddings are usually so packed with rituals and traditions that we barely get time to interact with family and friends, but this destination Indian wedding at Atelier Resorts incorporated some important down time and mingling with guests. 

As the couple walked to their beach post-wedding dinner, everyone got up from their seats and cheered for them. It was a short program with a couple of family speeches and dances. However, Indian weddings are always full of surprises even when they are planned in Mexico; fire dancers took everyone’s breath away with their performance. It was a perfect touch of Mexican entertainment planned for this lavish Indian beach wedding. 

Parents from both sides made speeches followed by a father-daughter dance and mother-son dance. The couple joined the dancefloor for their first dance as the sparklers lit the whole space around the dancefloor. Everyone was still enjoying this beautiful married couple dancing and soon there was a splash of colors over the ocean. Yet again, another jaw-dropping scene with fireworks coming from the Playa Mujeres Ocean. It was a visual candy before the dancefloor opened. 

Since the event was in the open space around the beach, the music could only be played till 10 pm at Atelier Resorts, which is also the case at most resorts. But Indian weddings do not end at 10 pm, especially when you are in Cancun; this Indian wedding couple booked out the whole club at the resort for their friends and family. One hour later the after party started and all the guests, family and friends jumped on the dancefloor to end the beautiful Indian wedding in Mexico. 

Final notes from the Lavish Indian Beach Wedding at Atelier Resorts – Playa Mujeres, Mexico

We want to sincerely thank Hype Travel, Irock Weddings and all the other vendors who made this wedding perfect. One thing that stood out the most for us was how this couple planned every day activities for their guests. Indian weddings can be full of these intimate experiences, but we appreciate that this is an extra effort on top of planning a multi-day and multi-event wedding already. That is something beach weddings in Mexico or the rest of the Caribbean have to offer. Everyone is on vacation while enjoying your wedding whereas Indian weddings locally are all about attending one event to another, planning rush hour traffic, commuting to venues and much more.