Home Decor Investment for Indian Weddings
Sikh Wedding Decor for brides

Home Decor Investment for Indian Weddings

Home Decor Investment is almost a must for that regal look !! Getting ready photographs at the bride and groom’s house are one of the most important parts of the day. As photographers, we spend about one hour with the bride and groom alone at their respective houses. Photographing those fine regal portraits is a key part of our wedding product, and that is one of the things expected of us.

Indian Wedding Home Decor

We have multiple blogs on wedding home decor tips. Most couples have some sort of decoration where they will be taking their portraits and family photos on the day of the wedding unless they are getting ready in a hotel room. Over the years, home decoration backgrounds have become elaborate and that helps create the look the bride and groom want for their portrait session. Here is a recent blog where we list all the Toronto Based Decorators

Think of it this way, 20-25% of your wedding photography product is going to be created during the getting ready portion of your wedding, whether you are looking at those regal portraits of the bride or groom or classic mother-daughter moments.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for Indian wedding home decoration:

1. Match the vibe

If you are planning to go for that regal mahrani vibe, then we have to make sure we create the home decor set according to that. If you are going for that GQ reception, then we can use modern furniture or bold architectural buildings.

2. Light matters

Keep in mind that if you are planning for that Maharaja regal look for your wedding, then we will probably be shooting very dramatically as if it is lit from candlelight, which is what was used in ancient times. If you wish to get the bright and airy kind of look, we recommend getting ready next to the biggest window in the room.

3. Some Must-haves

Some must-haves – Some must-haves in home decor will help. Carpets are first on that list, as they help cover the floor for a regal Maharaja look, as modern tile or hardwood won’t match the look. A chair with no back support is important so we don’t show the chair coming out of your shoulders. Mirrors, candles, and flowers are always helpful.

4. Space

We highly recommend having 10 feet or more of a wider background and having 10 feet or more space in front of the background so your photographer can step up and use their portrait lens to get those wow images.

In this blog, we are featuring some of our favorite home decor sets that the bride had created in the last year or so. Since they invested in creating something unique, we were able to create something unique for their Indian Wedding. Also check our floor wrap companies like Designer Dancefloors as they can really print anything you like to change the whole outlook of the room.