Cultural Weddings | A fairytale Bangla Wedding

Cultural Weddings | A fairytale Bangla Wedding

Cultural Weddings | A fairytale Bangla Wedding

“At the age of 8, I had a detailed wedding binder and, since then, I have been planning this fairy tale wedding,” Prithula.

This gorgeous Bride had it all planned out; from the decorations to the first dance; the performances and even the photo shoots. As the wedding photographer, all we had to do was bring her fantasy to life.
Our Bridal Party photo shoot was right in the heart of touristic Old Port in Montreal. As the Bridal Party arrived, hundreds of tourists gathered to take pictures of the fabulous outfits. The Bride and Groom paid special attention, not only to their own outfits, but to those of the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour in beautiful silver and blue outfits matched by the Groomsmen in retro blue bow ties and suspenders.

The reception was at an extraordinary venue in East Montreal. The night was packed with some powerful performances by the bridal party, emotional speeches from friends and family, engaging and entertaining emcees, mouthwatering food from Tandoori Grill and the tunes of DJ Tantrik to keep everyone dancing.

We remember the first time we sat down for wedding consultation: Prithula and Shahidul knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding photo-shoot. It’s always good to work with a couple with a vision. From planning an exceptional engagement shoot to going over the wedding itinerary, this adorable couple had it all together and it was a pleasure to capture their fairy-tale wedding.

Please enjoy PSILove 2015



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Venue – Plaza Antique Reception Hall

Makeup and Hair – Mou Makeup

Sound – Jannat Productions, Cheers to DJ Tantrik

Catering – Mughal Tandoor et Grill

Videography – Sky Production

Check out Prithula and Shahidul’s Haldi and Sangeet
Special Thanks to Sky production for helping us during the shoot.

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