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Indian Award Winning Photographers

As Indian award winning photographers, one of the biggest accomplishments is getting accepted by your peers and critiques. Fortunately, we have been awarded numerous times by esteemed wedding photography organizations. 

SLR lounge, ISPWP and Fearless Photographers have recognized our work again and again. We are super proud to be acknowledged by these organizations. 

SLR Lounge

SLR lounge has Apex, Summit and Ascent awards based on different levels of skill. Apex awards the top 1% of images, Summit the top 2% of images and Ascent the top 3-5% of images. 

Ascent Awards

We were fortunate to receive six Ascent awards from SLR lounge.

Summit Awards

Here are two Summit awards from SLR lounge 

Apex Awards

Here are three Apex awards received by SLR Lounge in 2018 and 2019. These awards are given to the top 1% of images submitted. We are so honoured to receive this prestigious award from such a long reputable wedding photography community. Here are the images. 

SLR lounge has also mentioned us a couple of times in their collections.

Featured as 34 Unforgettable Award-Winning Wedding Images by SLR lounge in March 2019.

Featured in 29 Sensational Award-Winning Wedding Images by SLR lounge in Feb 2019.

Fearless Photographers

The Fearless Photographers community is one of the most esteemed communities of photographers. We were fortunate to be part of two honorary mentions in last 2 years. These were three images where on the honorary mention and right on fearless.

Award winning -indian-wedding-photographer-toronto


ISPWP community gave us an award in Moments and Motion category in 2018 spring collection

Canada Best Indian Wedding Photographers

We are humbled to receive this recognition by these great curators who felt our work is worth the recognition. We still believe the true award is to deliver our clients satisfaction and a balanced product. Every time we attend a wedding, we are striving to meet our clients needs instead of working to win an award..

We feel getting second highest reviews on Google than any other Indian award winning wedding photographers has ever got in North America is our biggest accomplishment. If you are looking for an award winning wedding photographer who has been recognized in the industry of wedding photographers, we can surely meet your criteria. Although more than anything, always look for who you connect with as a person when you are looking for your wedding photographer.

Thanks to the team, mentors and clients who supported us through this journey.

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