Two Styles of Indian Bridal Look Photography

Two Styles of Indian Bridal Look Photography

In this blog, we will be walking you through two different styles of Indian bridal look photography: Traditional – Moody and Dramatic or Modern – Bright and Airy.

The process of educating our brides has been our core value at Alfaaz Photography. One of the most important things to be successful as an Indian wedding photographer is understanding your clients’ values. 

No Retakes on Indian Weddings 

Indian weddings or weddings in general have no retakes. After the wedding is over, we as photographers and couples can not change anything. Therefore, we as photographers have to do everything it takes to understand what our client is looking for. We cannot stress the importance of communicating to your photographer what you are looking for and make sure your photographer is able to create that regal traditional look or modern crisp white bright look.  

In this blog, we will showcase two types of Indian bridal getting ready images. Both of these types of brides have very different wants and thus image styles. The first bridal look is a traditional moody and dramatic look and the other is a modern bright and airy look. More information and tips on home decor that works for each of those looks, see our blog on Indian Wedding Home Décor Tips & Things to Avoid.

Indian bride in red Sabyasachi lehenga
Traditional – Moody and Dramatic

Colour Palette

When we are shooting Indian brides, you have to be mindful that Indian weddings are a very colourful affair. Often, we have brides inspired themselves from bright and airy looks from non-Indian weddings. Which sometimes can or cannot work with Indian wedding colours. Usually reception outfits are more suitable to those bright and airy looks instead of traditional ceremony looks.

Bright and Airy

Preparation for Indian Bridal Look 

After you know what kind of style you are leaning towards, the next step is to prepare the space where you intend to take your bridal getting ready images.

1 – Traditional Moody and Dramatic Indian Bridal Look

This look is moodier, so it works with most brides easily. We usually bring a backdrop with us or we use what bride’s has setup as backdrop. 

We want to keep the bride as the focus therefore the bride should be the brightest part of the image. Before photographing the Indian bride, we shut down lights of the room and create a flattering light on the bride. 

If you look at images from the Maharajas era, the traditional royals, images will be very similar to this look. See our blog from Rajputana Royal Era and The Regal Era for more inspiration on the traditional Indian bride looks.

Lighting: In traditional look, we have to erase the light on things that take away attention from the bride.

Sabrina Makeup
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2 – Modern Bright and Airy Indian Bridal Look

This look often requires more work for the bride. On the wedding morning, most of the brides are getting ready in their room which may not be ideal for this look. For the bright and airy look, we need a big source of natural light, i.e. a large window with no distractions around the window.

Lighting: In the bright and airy look, we are brightening up the room by adding light, so you see everything in the room. Thus, the room for the bright and airy Indian bridal look must be prepared and organized for no distractions.

PRO TIP – We recommend that Indian brides find a balance to create some traditional dramatic images on the morning of the wedding ceremony and adding a couple of bright and airy images. On the reception, the bright and airy look is better suited since outfits are usually more modern.

Royal Indian Bridal Look
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Bright and airy Indian bridal look

Hope this blog helps all the Indian brides see the difference between these two looks. Remember a good image is a good image irrespective to the type of light used. Communicate with your photographer and use their experience.