How Indian Bride Finalized her Unique Bridal Lengha?
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How Indian Bride Finalized her Unique Bridal Lengha?

Today, we are honored to have one of our bride’s share how she selected and designed her bridal lengha. She had one of the most unique bridal outfits we have seen in awhile. We thank Priyanka once again to agreeing to be a guest blogger on our blog. We love to share our learnings from our wedding experience to help our couples and are super blessed to have client’s wanting to do the same! Now, over to Priyanka.

Not One, but Two Bridal Lenghas for Two Ceremonies!

For many South Asian Brides choosing your outfits for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of getting married. Whether you’ve dreamt of wearing a classic red lengha or your mother’s wedding sari or decked out in a heavily embroidered sharara, the outfit you pick is for you and you only. Not only do we get to search for that one dress to rule them all, but we get to also wear 5-6 other outfits for the pre-wedding events. In my case, I was lucky to have two bridal lenghas!

My husband is Sikh, Punjabi and I am Hindu, Gujarati and together we decided it was important to us to honour our religions and families by celebrating our marriage under both religious ceremonies. That meant, I spent hours and hours on Instagram, scrolling through hundreds of pages and posts, categorized my saved images and changed my mind many times. 

So, let me begin by saying what I said before, the outfit you choose doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. Ok, maybe it is important to have your mom or your sister’s approval but really you are the one wearing it, it is your wedding, so you do you girl and rock it! From my experience, what you like one day could be completely different the next day or the next month.

What you imagined yourself wearing, could be totally out of style by the time you are searching for your wedding outfit. My best advice is to have a clean slate, keep your eyes open and follow your gut, if you love it, well then you gotta have it. It may not be as easy for others because in our culture, we have large families, many relatives, close family and friends and we want everyone to love what you love. So, I am going to tell you about my experience and how I chose my two lenghas. It was a process. 

Traditional Red for your Bridal Lengha

I really started becoming interested in what I wanted to wear on my wedding when I knew I wanted to marry my husband. My wedding folder on Instagram had lots of red in it because I knew I wanted to wear a traditional colour, but I didn’t want to wear red on both wedding ceremonies. I remember it was beginning of January, I had just gotten engaged in December, and I picked up a Lavish Dulhan magazine. I was flipping through the pages and saw a beautiful woman in a short blouse, heavily embroidered, red, Shyamal and Bhumika lengha.

It was the most stunning and flattering lengha I had ever seen. From that day forward, I went with my gut, and contacted Shyamal and Bhumika in Ahmadabad, India and began the process of creating my Hindu Ceremony outfit. I never looked back, and I stopped looking elsewhere and at other red outfits because I knew that it wouldn’t be productive, it would just make me confused and full of doubt. It was a smooth, reliable, and easy process, and their customer service was impeccable.  

Go with your Gut with a Unique Bridal Lengha

The search for my Sikh Wedding lengha was quite the similar process. I went to the Must Be Kismet wedding show and saw a model wearing a lengha that my mom and I instantly fell in love with. I went up to her, asked her who the outfit was made by, and kept it in mind that is was from SVelegance . I knew for the Sikh Ceremony I wanted a very different outfit. These are colors which most brides would not be wearing as their first choice maybe. Outfit was fun and as our photographer said “probably one of most fashionably royal bold bridal outfit they photographed”.

I wasn’t sure what though, but I had a few options in mind to achieve the unique look I was going for. The greens, oranges and pinks with orange choora made it all work together. A few months later I saw the same bridal outfit go on sample sale and the same day my mom and I went to pick it up. And that was it. Finite. Done. No more stress. All in all, go with your gut, don’t allow your mind to wander, stick to your decision. Planning a wedding is hectic enough, so  cross things off your list and move forward. You’ll be happier. 

That was definitely informational and hope that can help future brides when shopping for their bridal lengha. For more tips and tricks for planning your wedding day, see our blog!