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Indian Destination Wedding Guide 

The Indian Destination Wedding Guide is probably the most important resource we will create. In this guide, we’ll be sharing some in-depth information that will help you plan your dream Indian destination wedding. Our blog contains our 8 years of experience photographing Indian weddings on the beaches of Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 

In addition, we have collaborated with Hype Travel and iRock Weddings to understand the planning and travel process of Indian Destination weddings. We know destination weddings from the photography point of view; however, these two partners know all the ins and outs of travelling for the lavish Indian beach wedding in the Caribbean and Mexico.

In this blog, we will talk about the booking process from resort selection to group travel questions and much more. Rest assured this will help you plan your dream Indian destination wedding on the sunny beaches of Mexico or the Dominican. 

This blog is specific for Indian Sikh or Hindu destination weddings. Although, some of the information may also apply for catholic beach weddings as well. Indian weddings have their own niche cultural as well as religious needs. Each location or resort may not be feasible for you to plan your opulent and lavish beach destination wedding. We will talk about what to look for and where to begin your planning in our Indian Destination Wedding Guide. 

Budget for your Indian Destination Wedding

Budgeting how much you want to spend or what you want your guests to spend is going to be the first thing to answer. From our understanding after talking to Hype Travel and iRock wedding teams, this is something where most guests get stuck at. Now that you know where to start, let’s walk you through some basic questions you may have.

How Much Does an Indian Beach Destination Wedding Cost?

Indian Beach destination weddings are cheaper than North American Indian destination weddings. On average about 80 to 120 people usually attend an Indian destination wedding therefore your overall cost is lower compared to Toronto Indian weddings or lavish Indian weddings in Los Angeles or New York. In a local wedding, your parents might be having a hard time cutting down the guest list whereas in the Indian Destination wedding, the guest list is more limited. 

For example,  let’s be honest, Sharma Aunty that your mom wasn’t sure whether to invite or not and would not want to spend the time and money to be part of your wedding in Mexico. On the flip side, there will be some important family members of yours who may not have vacation time or budget when you are planning a destination Indian wedding. You have to be prepared for both sides, especially that some of your closest guests may not be able to come in the worst-case scenario. 

Indian Destination Wedding Guide

Indian Destination Weddings for Sikh and Hindu Weddings Events Guide

Sikh and Hindu Indian Destination Weddings usually have the following events:

A) Sangeet Night – Usually a night or two before the wedding is the sangeet night. If your Sikh or Hindu beach wedding ceremony is starting early in the morning we highly recommend planning the sangeet two nights before the wedding. That way you get to dance and party out hard on the sangeet night. Usually, most of the Indian wedding need:

  • 4-5 hours of event by the beach or the terrace 
  • Premium Open bar for 4 hours 
  • Dance Floor, Sound and Lighting 
  • Pass around (amuse-bouche), Appetizers and Indian Food (If needed)
  • Decoration for the sangeet with colourful draping and linens

B) Hindu Wedding or Sikh Wedding – A ritual ceremony is the main big event for Indian weddings. It is a unique experience to get married by the beach therefore excitement is beyond words. Whether you are looking to get married in an air-conditioned gazebo or by the beach in a beautiful mandap, everything is possible. 

  • Baraat on a horse with the Dhol or with a Mobile DJ
  • Beautiful decoration on the Mandap or Sikh ceremony setup
  • Officiant for the ceremony 
  • Sound for the ceremony 
  • Breakfast for the family and friends
  • Dedicated lunch space with an Indian or Western menu

Usually, most Indian destination weddings do not have an open bar at the ceremony due to religious purposes. 

C) Indian Wedding Reception – It’s time to celebrate with friends and family. After the Sikh or Hindu wedding, the couples may plan a same-day or next-day reception. Reception is the last event usually so the lavish decor, fine dining experience are part of the making Indian destination wedding epic. Sky’s the limit when it comes to Indian destination weddings from fireworks to floral excellence everything is possible.

  • 5-6 hours of Private event
  • Ballroom, beach or rooftop venues
  • Fine dining Indian or Western food options
  • Premium open bar 
  • Dance floor, Sound and Lighting 
  • Cold fireworks or custom monograms

What is the Actual Cost of an Indian Destination Wedding in Mexico or Dominican Republic

A sangeet night, wedding ceremony and reception will roughly cost 40000 USD to 70000 USD for about 80 to 120 people. This is a big range and this is because it all depends on how extravagant your floral arrangements are or if you want to serve what kind of premium alcohol if so, then the price will be closer to the higher end of the range. Most couples will be in the middle of this range based on our experience.

This is what most of the Indian Destination weddings will have as a formal set of events. Now some couples would also want to do a welcome dinner with or without DJ or Music, and this will again bring you to the higher end of the range. 

Indian Destination Wedding Reception Guide

Either on the same night as your wedding ceremony or the next night, it’s time to officially welcome the Dulha and Dulhan under the theatrical production, quality lighting and lavish decor fit for (and designed to anticipate the needs of) the Bride and Groom!

  • 4-6Hour Private Event
  • Ballroom or Rooftop
  • Full Indian Dinner Menu
  • Premium Open Bar
  • Floral Centerpieces
  • Custom Monograms
  • Dance Floor, DJ, and Lighting
  • Cold Fireworks for Grand Exit

Final thoughts – Like any Indian Wedding in North America. Your budget can matter on how many guests you will be having. The more the number of guests more cost goes up. Next will be Decor as there is no end to how much sugar you can add to make your wedding sweeter. Third will be vendors if you want to get top league vendors who have experience with Indian Weddings or beach destination weddings. From our experience hiring local vendors for Indian weddings does end up being that much cheaper than getting the vendors from your local city.

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