Indian Pre-Wedding Events Venue Guide in Brampton and Mississauga

Indian Pre-Wedding Events Venue Guide in Brampton and Mississauga

Is it worth hosting Sangeet or Mahiya events at home in Mississauga and Brampton for Sikh or Hindu Weddings? This blog looks at the venue options we have for Indian wedding pre-wedding events like mahiya, jaggo or garba night. 

Sikh and Hindu weddings in Toronto and the GTA always have a couple of Indian pre-wedding events. As most parents want that big tent in the backyard and one function at home. We looked at the cost of hosting an event at home vs hosting it at a smaller venue in Brampton and Mississauga.

Average cost of Sangeet or Mahiya hosted at home in Mississauga and Brampton is very comparable to the same Sangeet event hosted at a venue on a weekday. This equation fully changes if Hindu and Sikh Indian pre-wedding events are on a weekend. 

Why host a Indian pre-wedding events in Brampton and Mississauga at a wedding hall? 


Indian Pre-Wedding Events at Home in Brampton / Mississauga

This is all you need to worry about arranging if you are hosting Indian pre-wedding events at home for your Sikh or Hindu wedding.

Catering – Let’s do a comparison here. An average catering food truck from a reputable caterer starts from $17-19 per person. This includes them bringing a food truck to your front driveway and preparing a full Indian meal for your backyard pre-wedding event (Sangeet, Mahiya, Mehndi, Jaggo or Garba). 

Tent – An average 15ft by 10ft tent costs somewhere around $1000 for a week. Yes, even if you are not planning to have an event at home you may need a tent. Also, if you are planning a backyard event you are looking at additional tables, chairs and more logistics. Especially if it rains you need to make sure the tent can fit about 120+ people. 


Cleaning and Garbage – Talking from personal experience where I hosted my mahiya/jaggo at home the night before my Sikh wedding ceremony, it involves a lot of cleaning and disposing of garbage. Unfortunately, it also rained just at the end of the jaggo and everyone had to move inside a tent, some guests rushed with shoes inside the house as well. 

Imagine the work it would take for a family getting married the next day to clean the house, go to city dump ground to dispose of 20 plus garbage bags. You are looking at a lot of cleaning to worry about plus 150 people using two bathrooms could be another cleaning nightmare. Considering you have a grand Indian Sikh or Hindu wedding the next day, it might not be worth putting your family under that stress of cleaning all that mess a night before. 

Neighbours and Noise Complaints – If you are hosting a backyard mahiya and jaggo keep in mind that you can only party till 10:30 pm after that you will have to turn down the DJ and or deal with city by-law officials. 


  • You feel like home 


  • Garbage handling 
  • A lot cleaning to be done 
  • Can only play music till 10:30 pm 
  • Weather constraints – If it rains, things might get very difficult. 

Indian Pre-Wedding Events at a Brampton / Mississauga Venue 

From our analysis you can find a venue in Brampton / Mississauga hall for a weekday evening for $20-$27. Now, here, you get a venue which has parking, no stress of garbage and cleaning. You also can party till late and not worry about noise complaints. 


  • No worries for parking 
  • Can play music till 2 pm 
  • No worries about cleaning up and disposing of garbage.


  • Decor budget may go up

The cost associated with Indian pre-wedding events like jaggo or mahiya is the decor. Yes, if you are planning to do your jaggo or Garba at the venue you may have to spend a bit more to decorate the stage. That is, decor costs may go up by $1000-$2000 depending on your decor wish list. Keep also in mind your images will be much better with investment towards decoration.

Although, if we compare apples to apples, you may spend half or about the same amount if you decorate the backyard for the jaggo or mahiya in Brampton. 

Joint Indian Sangeet for Bride and Groom in Brampton and Mississauga

If you have smaller families, having one large sangeet event together for both bride and groom is a great idea.

Here are two reasons why:

  1. It’s more fun – Rather than having two small 100 people sangeets for bride and groom at the different sangeet or jaggo venues, combine them and trust us it will be more fun. You are giving both sides of the family another chance to mingle before the wedding. This is a perfect opportunity where both sides’ cousins and friends can meet and mingle before the wedding.

    Who doesn’t agree a dancefloor with 200 will be more fun than a dancefloor with 100 people. 
  1. It’s cheaper – Rather than booking two Indian wedding venues in Brampton and or Mississauga for sangeet or jaggo or garba night, you are booking one venue. That means you are saving on the decoration budget, cost of two djs and photography and videography hours. 

We highly recommend merging your sangeet and jaggo events together so both families have more fun together. 

Both side of families dancing together at a joint sangeet

Indian Pre-Wedding Events Venues in Brampton and Mississauga

Disclaimer – Prices mentioned in this blog are based on 2019-20 marketing research. Prices are subject to change based on dates. Decisions are purely based on the wedding venue management team. 

Here are some wedding venues in Brampton and Mississauga where we have photographed Indian pre-wedding events. 

Most of these venues have smaller hall capacity between 100-250 event spaces which might be very budget friendly on a weekday evening. Rough price range of pre-wedding events will be in $22 to $29 per person 

  1. Catherina’s Palace
  2. Chandni Gateway
  3. Eros Convention Centre
  4. Grand Taj Banquet Hall
  5. National Banquet Hall
  6. Natraj Banquet Hall
  7. Royal Banquet Hall
  8. Shagun Banquet Hall and Convention Centre
  9. Swagat Banquet Hall

The following venues may be more spacious and be a bit more renovated. These venues may be more expensive than the above list but you are paying for aesthetically pleasing venues. Rough price range for these venues for an Indian pre-wedding events would be $24 to $34 per person on a weekday. 

  1. Avani Event Centre
  2. Bombay Palace Banquet Hall
  3. Dream Convention Centre
  4. Woodbine Banquet Hall
  5. Mirage Banquet and Convention Centre
  6. Versailles Convention Centre
  7. Verdi Convention Centre

We hope this Indian Pre-Wedding Events Venue Guide helps you decide whether to do at home pre-wedding events, at a small hall pre-wedding events or a joint pre-wedding event.

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