Do I need to hire an Indian Wedding Reception EMCEE?

Do I need to hire an Indian Wedding Reception EMCEE?

Should I hire an Indian Wedding Reception EMCEE?

Master of Ceremonies or Emcee is one of the trends that has been growing from the last 5 years in Toronto Indian weddings and Lavish Indian Weddings around the world. 5 years before it was mostly one of the family members who would be controlling the crowd. We wanted to share our experiences from photographing weddings that had a professional EMCEE and those that didn’t. How it it makes your wedding epic.

Baraat at Hilton Head Gujarati Wedding

Crowd Control

Indian weddings in Toronto have elaborate guest lists. When it comes to crowd control, it often makes a big difference when there is a professional emcee. Don’t get us wrong, it does work sometimes when the bride and groom hire their cousin or family member to host the ceremony, but in general the results are different with a professional. The ability to get 500+ guests to stay quiet during speeches requires the experience to command the microphone.

Dancefloor at Hilton Head Indian Wedding Reception

Pump up the party

Emcee has really mastered the skill of pumping up the party. Trust us, having an emcee host dance-offs or have them energize people is very different compared to some with no experience. It also depends on your guest list as well. If you do have family who will jump on the dance floor on the very first song then it is a lot easier for any emcee.

Indian Wedding epic dancefloors


Couples on their Indian wedding want that grand entrance and trust us after all that planning you definitely deserve that energy from your crowd which a professional emcee will be able to do. If you are planning a family member emcee who is also part of a bridal party or entrances, it can get difficult.

Indian Wedding Reception EMCEE


Everything does not go as planned on Indian weddings. When unexpected things happen like the projector screen is not working or someone who has a speech is missing, emcee’s experience helps. They are trained to entertain the crowd by cracking a joke or engaging the crowd in a game. Which might be hard for the someone who is emceeing for the very first time. 

In the above situations, having a trained emcee is always going to make a difference.. Yes definitely, the emcee won’t know your childhood stories like your cousin emcee will but professional emcees are pretty good at picking up queues about the couple from the speeches. Also, few of the top Indian wedding reception emcees include a consultation before the wedding reception or a week before the wedding where they get to understand their couples preferences and what they value. 

Indian Wedding Reception EMCEE

Below, see list of some of the Top Emcees we have witnessed in action over the last couple of years.

Indian Wedding Reception Emcees in Toronto 

  1. MC Nick – Part of the Empire Entertainment team. Nick has been in the Toronto Indian wedding industry for a while.  MC Nick
  2. Vik the MC – One of the most experienced also from Empire Entertainment. Vik’s command over the microphone is beyond words. We have witnessed him host dance-offs and engage 1000+ guest lists flawlessly.  Vik the MC
  3. Prince the MC – Prince, member of the Frequency Entertainment family, can take care of your guests list with his humor. Prince the MC
  4. MC Joti – Joti is not only a great MC but he can also sing very well. So entertaining your guest list is very easy. Joti is also very strong grip over Punjabi language which does help sometimes to engage elderly in the ceremony. MC Joti
  5. MD Aujla – Veteran from the Frequency Entertainment team. MD Aujla is great to work with and has very good command over Punjabi language as well. MD Aujla
  6. MC Anuj – Another great talent from the Frequency Entertainment team. Anuj has been part of the team for a while and can easily step and sync flawlessly with DJ to create a great Indian wedding experience. MC Anuj
  7. MC Prince Virk – From the house of Eminence Entertainment, Prince Virk has a lot of talent to entertain crowds. MC Prince Virk from Eminence
  8. MC Jessy Grewal – We have yet to work with Jessy but we have heard some great things from previous clients. MC Jessy Grewal from Eminence
  9. Donovan MC – One of the most experienced masters of ceremonies, Donovan has the experience of multicultural weddings. Trust us his command over his speech when he has a microphone in his hands is worth the investment. MC Donovan

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