How to Make your Indian Wedding Reception EPIC
Indian Wedding epic dancefloors

How to Make your Indian Wedding Reception EPIC

We have been to so many Indian wedding receptions. If you want a party to be one everyone remembers, the goal is to not have an empty dance floor at any given point at your epic Indian wedding reception.

Let’s get the party started

Dancefloor at Hilton Head Indian Wedding Reception

First thing is to have a great DJ and Emcee to pump the crowd. It is so important when it comes to having an epic Indian wedding reception dance party. Luckily, we have some of the most talented DJs and Emcees here in Toronto.

Dancefloor Portable Bar – This makes a huge difference. Where are most guests hanging out? At the bar or the dancefloor. You do not want the bar to be more busy than the dancefloor.

We have seen small bars setup on the dancefloor so the dancefloor is always packed and people who want to drink remain on the dancefloor too. This bar doesn’t have to be very extensive; it can have 3 or 4 popular drink options, but it will make sure everyone is on the dancefloor.

Shots Served – We remember being in Mexico for a wedding and a server was repeatedly coming to the dancefloor with colourful shots on a portable trolley. This made sure no had to leave the dance floor.

Photobooth on the Dancefloor Corner – We really don’t want the crowd to be outside in the lobby to wait in a line to take part of a photobooth. We offer a gif booth which sits on the corner of the dance floor and captures all the craziness.


Small Sippy cups – Having guests put their drink in a plastic cup instead of holding a glass of whisky. The idea is you can still dance to the max with a sippy cup with your drink in it and not worry about spilling drinks on the dancefloor.

Slippers – Heels are not the most fun to dance on Indian weddings so how about all the ladies get some slippers. So, there are no reasons for your bridesmaids to sit down. You can even customize these with your initials!

Make sure you keep the lights dim in the hall so everyone feels comfortable to party hard.

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