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Creative Weddings In Toronto

Weddings are about creative stories for us

They can be romantic, fun, candid and most importantly unique. How do you make a story difference every time you photography the same wedding, whether a Sikh wedding, Indian wedding or Destination wedding?

This is where being creative as a professional is important to our work. It is our job as creative wedding photographers to create something unique and meaningful to each couple every time we photograph a wedding. Our goal is to create something which reflects your personality and who you were on your wedding day, even when you see the pictures years later.

Approach towards creative wedding imagery

At Alfaaz Photography, we follow a different approach towards wedding photography in Toronto. As creative artists, our style is rooted to wedding photojournalism which means documentary style weddings with a touch of editorial fine art look. If want us to tell your story which is unique to you, it’s important we use creative wedding photography techniques to tell the story.

For example, if it happens to rain on your wedding, wouldn’t it be lovely to remember the rain in a positive way? A creative wedding photographer will use their photojournalistic approach to incorporate the rain such that enhances your story.

Creative wedding photography is about mood and emotions as well as incorporating the unexpected factors - like rain - to tell a beautiful story no matter what.


Our approach combines elements like creative angles to tell a story with the help of lighting, backgrounds and your preference as a client. We do a combination of the first part which is dark and moody images where you need that creative eye as a photographer to direct light at a subject and keep everything dark.


The second part of the product is more bright and airy where everything is bright in the images.

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Our signature style involves the use of dark and dramatic images which are rather difficult to create. As a creative wedding photographer in Toronto/Mississauga area where light isn’t always as versatile as other destinations, we have had to master lighting techniques to direct light where we need it to really enhance the image.

It’s much easier to capture a bright image with a well-lit subject than capturing a dark image that plays on the balance between light and dark.

As a creative wedding photographers in Toronto, we focus lighting in a direction and keep everything dark for 5% per of our images which are our signature dramatic look


Henna hands with images of her grandparents


Just have fun why not ?

Dramatic Portraits

Sabrina Makeup


Photojournalism approach as a Creative Wedding Photographer

Here we use creative angles, patterns, foregrounds and especially for Indian weddings we use colours to produce interesting images. As Creative wedding photographers in Toronto, we use our eye to tell a story or capture a raw moment.

Creativity has no limits, whether it’s finding right composition and using a creative eye to the use of props like sparklers to tell a story or make the dance floor look more fun. We use all different camera and lighting techniques to tell as story as a creative wedding photographer in Toronto/Mississauga. Here are some shots:


Colombian Wedding