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Indian Wedding Photographers in Toronto

Alfaaz Photography specializes in Indian Wedding Photography and over the years have shot more than 100 Indian weddings. India or South Asian weddings can be very different and since Indian weddings are all about culture, Indian weddings can totally be different from one wedding to another. We are proud to be part of the Sikh and Indian Community in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto, capturing some of the most elaborate, grand, and beautiful weddings in the world. We also connected with a community since Toronto is a very diverse place, we see a lot of fusion weddings. Indian Bride marrying a Canadian Groom or vice versa. We call it a marriage of two worlds and we love it because we get to be part of different cultures and religions on the same day. As a photographer, having an understanding of different cultures or at least doing your home before the wedding is very important.

Here is an example of us doing our homework on Eritrean weddings and reading about their cultures before the wedding so we are prepared.

TYPES of INDIAN Weddings

We do all types of Indian Weddings from Hindu Weddings, Sikh Wedding and Muslim Weddings. While photographing Gujrati Weddings, Tamil Weddings, and Punjabi weddings, we learned about different rituals and traditions of different types of Indian Weddings.

Being specialists in Indian Weddings Photography in Toronto/ Mississauga area, we will capture every important moment, making both the couple and their family happy with the wedding photos.

Indian Sikh Wedding Cancun Royalton

Bride's mother grabs groom nose in traditional Indian way

Pricing for Indian Wedding Photography in Toronto/Mississauga

At Alfaaz Photography, we tailor every wedding package to meet your needs. Since Indian Weddings are mostly multi-day events, we customize packages to meet the needs of our clients.
Whether it's Sangeets, Jaggos, Mahiya, Piti, Shatak or other any other event we can provide coverage for it before the wedding day on an hourly rate.

It's About Colours in Indian Wedding Photography

In cities like Toronto, Mississauga, we still see a lot of cultures preserved, so whether Vatna or Garba night, the reason for our success is mainly we are able to capture the colours. Since it's our expertise, we understand the importance of these details in colour. Here in Brampton, we photograph a lot of Sikh weddings, our lead photographer being Sikh himself the significance of different colours and rituals

Rangoli Indian

Understanding the Rituals and Customs of an Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings in Toronto are still cultural so understanding the culture and rituals of a wedding probably the most important part of being an Indian Wedding photographer in Toronto.
One of the reasons we excel in the Indian community is able to communicate with parents and families in their preferred language.

Typically Indian Weddings have big involvement of parents and our ability to talk in more than 4 different Indian languages helps serve couples here in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto.
South Indian Weddings are a bit different than North Indian Weddings and we have associates who communicate in Tamil or Malayalam to support the project since we have a big Tamil community in Toronto, Mississauga. We have photographed a few South Indian Weddings.


Emotions for an Indian Wedding Photographer in Toronto

One thing is understanding cultures and being able to communicate which helps us be a better photographer for Indian weddings here in Toronto/ Mississauga. Another thing is to understand and empathize because we understand the emotions a father is going through at the time of the Doli or Vidai, we are able to photographer more connecting images.

Though Indian Wedding Ceremonies are spiritual and religious, they are also full of emotion and candid moments. Our style is to get a unique combination of wide-angle photos and close up photos from a variety of angles, anticipating smiles and emotional moments during the Indian Wedding Ceremony.


The Baraat as an Indian Wedding Photographer in Toronto

It is probably the most anticipated part of the wedding for us, the energy and excitement in Jaan or Baraat is very contagious and us being experts in Indian Weddings love the time of the day. The joy in the Groom’s father's eyes to that dance moves of the Baraat we capture is all.

Timelines for Indian Wedding in Toronto

Whether it is a Sikh wedding in Brampton or it’s a Muslim wedding from Mississauga. We help prepare couples for their wedding day espy for fusion weddings where both sides may not cultures or rituals of an Indian Wedding.

We educate couples of what all things from our experience as Indian Wedding Photographer in Toronto you need to plan for.

Details for Indian Wedding

Whether, its details in dupatta or the Mangalsutra or its mehndi, we ensure we get those shots of important details in an Indian wedding ceremony. Ceremony venue pictures are done before guests get to the location and the same applies to the reception ceremonies. We arrive about 20 minutes before guests are there to incorporate the venue details and about 30 minutes to capture bridal details.





During the wedding reception, it’s our time to make sure we anticipate all of the exciting moments, Capture the guests during the cocktail hour and have pictures of the guest with the parents. We highly recommend couples to come to the hall early and take pictures in front of the decoration before guests access the reception hall. During that time we also do family pictures on Indian Wedding Receptions. We also highly recommend couples to join in the cocktail hour after their photoshoot is done and hang out with their guests. During speeches, we understand the language so it makes it's easy for us to capture those raw candid emotions. Since Indian weddings here in Toronto are full of tears so we have our cameras are up and ready to capture those emotions

When the dance floor starts, we are focused on the dance floor to get those joyous moments, Keep in mind these moments are not dictated, Our goal is to tell the story of the reception through the camera lens.