Liberty Grand Toronto Wedding Photography
Liberty Grand Indian Wedding

Liberty Grand Toronto Venue for Grand Indian Wedding Receptions:

Liberty Grand Toronto is one of the most prestigious venues for luxurious Indian wedding receptions in Toronto. Its Victorian architecture and upscale ambiance provide the perfect setting for both indoor and outdoor Indian weddings.

The venue is extravagant and can accommodate all your needs for a grand Indian wedding. We have had the privilege of photographing both outdoor fusion weddings and indoor lavish receptions at this venue. Brides have opted for family-style Indian dinner service, which can be challenging for any venue, but not for Liberty Grand. Even with fine-dine Indian food, the venue delivers an exceptional experience.

In this blog, we share our experience of photographing multiple Indian ceremonies at Liberty Grand.

Outdoor Space for Indian Weddings and Receptions at Liberty Grand

Liberty Grand has a beautiful courtyard that’s perfect for outdoor Indian or Western wedding ceremonies. The outdoor space is surrounded by picturesque Victorian architecture with a large dome that gives the feel of French romance and elegance. The grand columns and ceiling architecture in the foyers leading to the outdoor courtyard are perfect for welcoming your guests. The outdoor space can easily accommodate up to 400 people for the perfect ceremony or cocktail hour celebration. The courtyard has fountains and trees, giving it a cozy feel like an indoor garden. It’s a unique feature that’s hard to find in any other venue in Toronto serving Indian weddings.

The outdoor space can also be used for your cocktail hour before your ballroom reception. For Indian, Sikh, or Hindu weddings, you can plan your ceremony outdoors and, in case of inclement weather, move indoors.

Indoor Space for Indian Wedding Receptions at Liberty Grand

Liberty Grand’s lavish ballrooms have floor-to-ceiling arched windows that provide ample natural light. Renaissance & Centennial ballrooms offer breathtaking views of the lakefront sunsets. The Governor’s room is most preferred for Indian wedding receptions, accommodating 800 to 1000 guests comfortably, making it an ideal choice for big, fat Indian weddings in Toronto. The upper mezzanine is another space where your guests can enjoy cocktails.

Every venue has advantages and disadvantages, and here are some things we’ve learned while photographing Indian wedding receptions at Liberty Grand. We also share some workarounds to counter these disadvantages to help fellow vendors or couples.

Disadvantages of the Governor’s room for receptions

Long Reception Room – The Governor’s room is long instead of wide, and the couple has to walk through the west side of the Governor’s room through the guests to reach the stage and dancefloor. It can be a photography challenge as the couple can blend in with the crowd if the tables are placed too tight. Guests on the far east end of the Governor’s hall may not be able to see much of the grand entrance.

Workaround – We highly recommend using a live video feed to project videographers’ cameras.

Lighting and Dark Ceiling – Dark wood ceilings can be a nightmare for photographers, and the venue doesn’t provide crisp, bright, and airy wedding images by default. The venue has a moody, dramatic, and classy vibe instead of a white, modern, and airy one. The lighting from the stage is RGB out-style lighting, which can cast bad shadows and be unflattering for skin tones. Newer venues have LED lights that are better for skin tones. Visually, RGB lighting is not ideal, and we hope the venue changes that sooner or later.

Workaround – An experienced photographer will need to set up stands and directional lighting for your lavish Indian wedding receptions. Videographers will need to use continuous lighting to bring more light. From our experience, you will need a lighting assistant at this venue to perfect lighting for the couple. Brides-to-be should ask their vendors if they have photographed at the venue before as that might give a good idea of their handling of the lighting situation.

Photography and Aesthetics at Liberty Grand Toronto

The Liberty Grand venue is a beautiful location for Indian or fusion weddings, providing ample opportunities for stunning photography. The high ceilings in the foyer, charming courtyard, and breathtaking outside structure of the building offer great backdrops for your photographs. Additionally, the venue faces a picturesque lake and lush gardens, providing an ideal location for pre or post-wedding photoshoots.

Liberty Grand Toronto

Overall, the Liberty Grand is one of the finest options in Toronto for grand Indian wedding ceremonies or receptions. The versatility of the indoor and outdoor spaces makes it perfect for cultural Hindu or Sikh weddings followed by lavish receptions. The venue’s service is top-notch, offering valet parking and sit-down family-style dinner service. With the ability to accommodate large guest lists, the Liberty Grand is an ideal choice for Indian wedding couples.

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