The Manor by Peter and Paul - Venue for Sikh Weddings
Manor By Peter & Paul

Capturing Splendid Sikh Weddings: The Manor by Peter and Paul’s in Toronto

Experience Sikh Weddings at The Manor by Peter and Paul: Toronto’s Premier Venue

The Manor by Peter and Paul stands as a coveted choice for Indian wedding couples in Toronto, particularly for the splendor of Sikh ceremonies. This year, we’ve had the honor of capturing two exquisite Sikh weddings at this captivating venue. Join us as we delve into the unique experience of photographing these Indian Sikh weddings held at The Manor.Nestled within the Carrying Place Golf & Country Club, a mere 30-minute drive from Vaughan in King City, The Manor offers a picturesque setting amidst breathtaking natural surroundings.

Outdoor Ceremony Space Tailored for Sikh Weddings

For Sikh or Hindu outdoor weddings, The Manor emerges as an exceptional choice. The ceremony locale, overlooking a serene man-made pond, provides a picturesque backdrop amidst lush greenery. Guests can relish the ceremony comfortably under a permanent tent structure, allowing ample natural light to illuminate the space. Our photography captures the essence of this beautiful setting, with the tent’s clean and well-maintained ambiance enhancing the imagery.


Given its proximity to the water, the ceremony remains pleasantly temperate, crucial during the 45-60 minutes duration. While a gazebo by the pond could serve as an alternate space, we recommend the tent for its enhanced views and guest comfort. Based on recent ceremonies, couples can opt to sit inside the tent or enjoy the pond’s edge. Considering the intense sun during ceremonies, particularly for Sikh attire, we suggest the tent for comfort and optimal photography conditions, minimizing harsh sunlight effects on skin tones and makeup.

Capacity Tailored for Grand Celebrations

The tent comfortably accommodates up to 250 guests for morning Sikh or Hindu outdoor ceremonies, making it a prime choice among Indian wedding venues. Moreover, the tent seamlessly connects to the ballroom, offering expanded capacity if required.

Manor by peter and paul
Indoor Elegance and Spectacular Views

The Manor’s contemporary ballrooms, adorned with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, exude a refreshing and spacious ambiance. Ideal for post-ceremony breakfast or lunch services, these indoor spaces cater to weddings hosting up to 250 guests, with a mesmerizing view of the water and verdant golf course. Indian wedding clients have the option of collaborating with partnered vendors, elevating their culinary experience while relishing the unparalleled vistas.

Photography Opportunities Amidst Nature’s Splendor

Following the ceremony, couples can leverage The Manor’s lush surroundings for their Sikh or Hindu post-wedding photoshoot. Set against the backdrop of sprawling green landscapes within a golf course, numerous captivating locations await to immortalize these precious moments.

Impeccable Service and Location Convenience

Renowned for their exemplary service, Peter and Paul’s commitment shines throughout The Manor. The amiable staff ensures seamless coordination, catering to every Indian wedding need. Despite external catering, their proactive approach ensures a delightful experience for Indian wedding guests.

Indian weddings at The Manor offer the opportunity to collaborate with partnered vendors, enhancing the culinary experience and enjoying breathtaking views. Expanding on the picturesque surroundings, couples can capture stunning Sikh or Hindu post-wedding photos amidst the beauty of nature. The Manor’s exceptional service and convenient location further contribute to its reputation, as the dedicated staff ensures flawless coordination and meets every need of Indian wedding guests.

While The Manor’s location towards King City might pose a slight commute for west-side couples, the convenience of the 407 ETR helps bridge the gap.

In conclusion, The Manor by Peter and Paul in King City stands as an idyllic choice for hosting your Indian wedding, accommodating up to 250 guests. However, it’s essential to consider individual capacity requirements while planning your celebration. We hope this blogs gives an idea on how this venue looks in pictures however we can definately share more wedding we have photographed from the venue so you can look at the complete view the Manor by Peter and Paul. Check out our blogs for more information