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Mixed Weddings

Mixed Weddings: 5 Things What Makes Them Different?

As Indian communities have expanded around the world, we have seen more and more mixed weddings. From an Indian groom marrying an Irish bride to an Asian groom marrying an Indian bride, many cultures are coming together to perform wedding ceremonies. As photographers, we have had the privilege of photographing 100+ interfaith mixed weddings. We have learned the things that make a difference when photographing mixed-cultured weddings. In this blog, we’ll share our experience and insights into what makes mixed weddings unique.

When we refer to mixed weddings or interfaith weddings or fusion weddings in this blog, we are primarily talking about weddings where either the bride or groom is of Indian descent. This context will help you better understand the blog’s content.

Planning a mixed wedding can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the right vendors or photographers. Here are a few things we keep in mind as wedding photographers when photographing mixed or interfaith weddings:
Mixed Weddings

5 ways to make a difference in Mixed weddings

  1. Understanding Rituals: As wedding photographers, it’s essential to understand and respect different cultures while performing our job. Suppose you are photographing a Jewish bride marrying an Indian groom. In that case, you may have to assist with the small details on the wedding day.
  2. Keep It Easy Going: When photographing mixed weddings, you may have to tone down your poses and portrait time based on the comfort level of the bride or groom marrying into Indian culture.
  3. Accommodating Both Sides: When working with families from different cultures and ethnicities, you have to understand their culture and maybe give them some insight into the ones you are familiar with.

4. Be Patient and Spend More Time: It’s essential to give the couple time on their wedding day. We have photographed mixed interfaith weddings where the groom was tired of wearing his turban, and we had to give him some time and eventually take some photos to meet the needs of both cultures.

5. Understanding Skin Tones: Brides from different cultures may have different skin tones. Understanding how to photograph and retouch different skin tones is essential to a photographer’s job. This may also apply to makeup and hair artists, who may not be familiar with working on different skin tones.

Pro Tip

If you are a bride looking for a vendor for your upcoming interfaith or fusion wedding, ask your vendors to share a similar wedding they have worked on before.

We hope these tips will help our fellow photographers who would like to photograph mixed, interfaith, or fusion weddings. We also hope that this will assist brides or grooms in finding their perfect wedding vendors and check out SAWC planners and Chic Sonia who are part of above wedding .