Destination Weddings | Cancun Moon Palace Resort
Moon Palace has a beautiful gazebo perfect for your wedding

Destination Weddings | Cancun Moon Palace Resort

Destination weddings are becoming more popular for brides wanting a small, intimate ceremony with close loved ones. But one of the biggest concerns in planning destination weddings is visualizing the venue and how their wedding will look. We understand your concerns, so we visited the sites for you!

Check out these pictures of the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico!!

Moon Palace is not just any resort; it’s a whole other world. We refer to it as “Relax Nation” – we were awestruck. With approximately 3000 rooms, they are ready to accommodate your wedding. Regardless of whether your wedding is big or small, the property has a variety of locations to suit your needs – from Gazebos, outdoor terraces, to multiple ballrooms.   Complimentary wedding benefits include free rooms, upgrades & private functions for your wedding.

Moon Palace has a dedicated wedding department. They go above and beyond when it comes to capturing every little detail through assistance from personalized wedding coordinators.

And brides, you should see the “Getting Ready Room” – a room full of mirrors to make sure everything is in place before you walk down the aisle.

Our partner, Hype Travel, was instrumental in planning a flawless visit for the Alfaaz Photography team. They have been awarded Gold Crown as a Palace Specialist Agency.  They specialize in destination weddings and will go to any length to resolve concerns for brides. Get in touch with them to set up a site inspection visit!

Alfaaz Photography would like to offer every couple planning their destination wedding through Hype travel a $500 travel credit!


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