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Norway Bridal Session photo

Wedding | Norway Bridal Session

Norway Bridal Session

Harpaul and Gurpreet born and raised in Norway met through Tinder and went on three dates, and just like that they knew they were meant to be together. For their bridal session, we scheduled their shoot at a hillside of Oslo. On the wedding day, bride will be dressed in a traditional Indian outfit, so for this session she wanted to go for a white gown. The gown was designed by Harkiran Basra, a renowned Canadian Designer.

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Have you ever wondered how couples get these unique shots? Here’s their secret: Bridal sessions!

Wedding photography is very dynamic in nature, there is very little or no control over lightning or time. As the shots cannot be redone, so in the given time frame one has to work towards capturing all the precious moments. It can be a challenge to work on all aspects, that’s where bridal sessions come into play. Bridal sessions are photo shoots where couples dress in their wedding outfits to get wedding photographs taken either before or after the wedding.

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Benefits of Bridal Sessions

More time for family and friends: On the wedding day you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting photographs taken. You get to spend more time with family and friends.

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Fool the weather: No worries whether it’s raining or snowing on your big day, you have already taken care of your photos.

Oslo Norway

Pick a location: You can pick any place for your bridal session. Be it waterfalls, beach side or your favorite getaway. Get creative! 

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Wow factor:  To WOW everyone, you can share these photographs at the reception.

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Here are answers to some of the most common concerns for bridal sessions 

Make-up and hair-do: During bridal sessions we try to incorporate the landscape so we focus on capturing wide shots. You can go for a natural look as makeup and hair details aren’t that evident. 80 percent of the photographs focus on showing off the wide shots and 20 percent are closeups.

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Cost: Bridal sessions allow you to spend more quality time with family and friends. You get to attend everyone in person, who have travelled from far and close. It’s worth it as you get to share those precious moments with your loved ones. Bridal Sessions start at  $400.

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Before or After:

Bridal sessions can be done either before or after the wedding – it’s your call! If you are planning to schedule one before the wedding, you have the opportunity to try the dress and see how it looks in photographs but then again you have to be careful about not getting it dirty. After the wedding,  you have the freedom to go all out and not worry about getting the dress trashed.

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If you have had the bridal session planned post wedding, make sure you are proactive as most of the couples slack off after the wedding. If a photographer knows there is a post or pre bridal session booked, then photographers usually  spend limited time on photographs during the wedding day. So make sure you take full advantage of your package.

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