Do you need a photographer for mehndi pictures or not

Yes, You Do NOT Need a Photographer For Your Mehndi/Henna Night

We are probably the worst sales person saying this to you; but, yes you do not need to hire a professional photographer when you are planning to apply your mehndi or henna.

We have been asked again and again by brides to hire us when the heena is being applied on and we have refused and educated them why. So that we do not have to repeat ourselves, we decided to create this blog post about Indian mehndi photography.  

Henna hands with images of her grandparents

Just to clarify, we are talking about when the mehndi is being applied, you do not need us to photograph that part and the reasons why we say that are:

1. Unable to pose

While mendi is wet, you can’t put your fingers together nor can you relax your shoulders. In the end, the pose looks very stiff and unfortunately the images look unflattering.

We photograph your mehndi when it is fully dry and photograph the stain of the Heena. 

Here are two images one with the Heena wet and one of the Heena stain based on that you can decide which is the one you want to have and we will support your decision. 

2. Do not disturb Heena artist

Artists often have told us that they do not like being disturbed and break the flow or momentum of them putting on the Heena by the photographer taking the bride away for pictures.

3. Save Money

We would highly recommend saving some photography service hours by hiring us at the end when Heena is dry or during the mahiya or sangeet and we photograph the Henna stain. We can even have your bridesmaids around you to create that connecting image.


When to hire us for Heena/Mehndi day

An Intimate Event – We recently had a bride tell us she wants us at the Mehndi night as it is an intimate home event and her grandmother, who has mobility issues, will only be able to attend this home event out of all the wedding ceremonies.

Bride’s Mehndi is Already Done – Your mehndi is already done and you have an organized mehndi night for all the other ladies to get their mehndi i.e. an event to get together, sing and dance.