What goes into getting genuine reviews as a photography studio

How We As a Photography Studio Get So Many Genuine 5-Star Google Reviews

We recently reached our 100th 5-star Google review and as wedding photographers in Toronto industry for 3 years and in industry for 6 years we are honored to have reached this milestone.


Now, why does that matter to you as a bride or groom?

To answer this, if service is a big part of the process then here is a question for you to answer.

Would you prefer to go to a Michelin-star restaurant where the food was mind blowing but the service was beyond horrible or would you prefer to go to local family-run restaurant where food was good but the service was exceptional.

If you answered the second one you may continue reading this blog. 


It’s so important that we are going to say this again, service in the wedding industry is very very important; we have heard stories about the bride’s sisters hiring some vendors for their weddings who were so unprofessional and disrespectful and not able to meet expectations at all. 

Now, here is the magic formula how we are able to get great reviews.

  1. Understand our clients 
  2. Educate our clients 
  3. Set expectations 
  4. Deliver on expectations 

Thinking back at it, our core foundation has always been towards the four above-mentioned things. 


1. Understanding our clients

An open communication leads to understanding which results in trust. From the first meeting, our process is understanding our clients and let them voice what they value. Listening is a big part of this process where we want to know what matters to you as a couple in life and for your wedding.

After the core values are understood, we do visualization exercises to understand your individual and couple creative interests by showing you different images. That is probably the best way we have found to understand the kind of images that appeal to our clients. 


2. Educating our clients

An educated client is fun and easy to work with as they understand why we are recommending certain things or what works and doesn’t according to our experience.

Let’s say for example, we tell all of our clients that walking around each table and taking pictures wouldn’t work since most reception venues have round tables with a centrepiece in the middle. We highly recommend that couples meet and mingle during the cocktail hour or during the dance floor time so we can take some candid or classic images with them. However, after this explanation, we will be open for our client to decide what they wish to do. 

Here are some ways we educate our clients: 

  • Giving a good understanding of photography timeline
  • Break down of a full wedding day
  • Timelines and why we do certain things the way we do them

These are all different ways for clients to see our side and our experience and once they understand why we don’t recommend to hire a photographer when Heena is being applied or having 10 foot space in front of the home decor wall, working with us will be fun and smooth.

3. Setting expectations

After educating our clients, we set expectations and schedule a wedding photography timeline meeting with the couple about one month before the wedding. At that time, brides and grooms have a lot more knowledge and detailed plan and vision of their wedding. 

Say a bride favorites 20 images in front of the Rocky Mountains and her wedding is downtown Chicago, we need to set expectations so we don’t disappoint the client. 

If the vision board contains beautiful images from the wedding day that would require 45 mins to create and we only have scheduled time of 10 mins for those portraits, then it is also our job to identify those discrepancies and adjust the time or expectations accordingly.

Setting expectations work both ways where the couple tells us what they expect from their photographer and we as photographers will work to meet that expectations which brings us to our last point. 


4. Deliver on expectations

Once you have above processes well, delivering on expectations is much easier which is why almost all our clients gave us 5 star reviews on Google and Wedding Wire. 

Trust us this process works well and we have done it over and over again that now it has become part of our core values at Alfaaz Photography. 

The human touch There are certain things we never talk about which is part of the experience. Whether it is bringing bubble tea for the bride on the morning of the wedding or to make sure your mom was asked before we leave for the wedding venue if she needed anything else from us. These are small gestures which couples have mentioned over and over again in our Google reviews so please take 5 – 10 mins to go over our Google reviews.


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