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How to Pick My Indian Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist(s)

Bride’s most important vendor pick is her Hair & Makeup artist(s) (HMUA). Top wedding hair & makeup artist(s) get booked easily a year in advance, especially, on popular long weekend dates.

For Sikh and Hindu weddings, it’s very important to have an artist that can properly set your bridal dupatta. A well set dupatta can make a really big difference in your images.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking your wedding Hair & Makeup artist(s).

1 – Instagram Account

Instagram is a good place to start your research. In today’s world of Instagram, you can find many wedding hair and makeup artists with thousands of likes and followers. However, you shouldn’t pick your makeup artist only based on their Instagram. The amount of filters and editing apps out there that can really create an illusion on Instagram. Sometimes it is easy to notice heavily altered pics. For example, when you see very blurred pore less faces, but it may not always be that obvious.

We have had situations where makeup artists finished brides look a bit amateurish; although their Instagram looks flawless. Therefore, do your research and well-established Indian wedding hair and makeup artists will have a detailed portfolio. 

Makeup and Hair by Lesonne Bridals & Outfit by SVG Elegance

2 – Look for Recommendations

Past brides who have hands on experience with the makeup artists are probably your best source for honest reviews of the makeup artist. Brides can tell how was the interaction was before the wedding, during the makeup application and how the hair and makeup lasted throughout the long days.

Hair and Makeup by Amber Esthetics & Outfit by Zardozi Couture

3 – Photographer’s Perspective

Makeup artists and photographers share work space during the Indian wedding day. Photographers are also editing/retouching makeup details that makeup artists might have missed.

Be mindful that a makeup artist’s portfolio has images that are taken right after the hair and makeup is completed on the bride. Whereas a photographer’s portfolio, you will see the evolution of the hair and makeup throughout the day.

Photographers will also see how makeup artists set the dupatta and how they interacted with the bride. Since both vendors are interacting a lot with each other during the Indian wedding, photographers can actually be a great resource for HMUA recommendations and tips. Although, make sure your photographer is not biased towards one Indian wedding hair and makeup artist.

PRO TIP – Check out Photographers’ portfolios and Instagram for bridal hair and makeup. A good photographer will not put on any filters on their work and their images will give you an idea of how the hair and makeup looks from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.

Hair and Makeup by Baljit Gill Artistry & Outfit by Sabyasachi Official

4 – Educators Who Understand

They say applying makeup is like painting a canvas. An experienced makeup artist will educate you after understanding what you are looking for. For example, if you like light makeup, they will tell you that in photos it will look like you aren’t wearing makeup and at that point let you decide.

It is a gifted skill and someone who is an expert in Indian wedding hair and makeup will be able to educate you on what will work after understanding your skin and preferences.

Toronto Indian Wedding makeup and hair canvas
Hair and Makeup by Canvas & Outfit Well Groomed

5 – Experience

Wedding industry is a service industry so read some stuff about service elements before booking your artists. You will have a good idea of the type of service you will be getting after a couple of interactions or reviews from past bride friends.

Makeup and Hair by Lesonne Bridals

Trust us we have heard so many Hindu and Sikh brides complaining about how difficult it is to reach some makeup artists. Well-established Indian hair and makeup artists can easily get 100+ inquiries per week. Therefore, be patient during the initial booking process.

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