All You Need to Know Before Planning an Outdoor Sikh Wedding

All You Need to Know Before Planning an Outdoor Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Sikh weddings are a growing trend. More and more couples are tying the knot in the presence of loved ones outdoors instead of in a Gurdwara.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the holy book of Sikhs, is the light of ten gurus. We Sikhs respect the holy book as a living guru. Travelling with Guru Granth Sahib Ji requires some logistics and we will share our knowledge about that. In addition, Sikh religious practices require some arrangements which you should think of before planning an outdoor Sikh wedding. It will be important to check with your venue and see if your venue can support it.

1 – Priest or Sikh Wedding Officiant

Priest will inform you all the requirements for the venue to meet the proper handling of the Sikh holy book. Most priests will bring Chandra Sahib which is the fabric set in the form of an umbrella to cover the holy book. There are only a handful of priests who conduct ceremonies outside gurdwaras. We can share contact details as needed. Usually most Sikh weddings will require 3 priests. Two or all three will be doing kirtan from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and one who will be reading holy script. 

Outdoor Sikh Wedding by Partap Brothers
Sikh Wedding at Royal Ambassador, Caledon
Sikh Wedding at Royal Ambassador, Caledon

2 – Canopy or Stage

Guru Garath Sahib Ji is always established on a podium. Most decorators can create a podium or canopy for the Sikh holy book.

Outdoor Sikh Wedding in Mexico
Outdoor Sikh Wedding Mexico

3 – Seating Arrangement

In Sikh weddings, the sangat i.e. your guests will be seated on the floor. The duration of an average Sikh weddings is 40 mins. In Gurdwaras, we are seating on a carpet to ensure comfort. The surface may need to be prepared depending on where guests will be seated, for example, grass or concrete.

Most decorators can arrange for underpadding which will make it comfortable to sit on concrete for your outdoor Sikh wedding. In addition, you can arrange white sheets from the gurdwara to cover the underpadding.

Backyard Sikh Ceremony performed by Partap Brothers
Outdoor Sikh Wedding Seating Arrangement

Some priests may request the venue to be washed or cleaned before the ceremony. If the venue has a bar then it will need to be shut down or you will need to see if the decorator can put up a separation drape. 

Planning an outdoor Sikh wedding requires some small additional steps. Thus, we wanted to educate our clients about planning an outdoor Sikh wedding ceremony. Let us know if we can help you connect with priests or decorators to help your wedding planning process. Chceck out blog on top outdoor venues in Toronto for your Sikh wedding ceremony.

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