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Queens Manor

Queens Manor: Grand Indian Reception Venue

If you are a bride-to-be in Mississauga, Vaughn, or Brampton looking for a grand Indian reception venue, this blog post might be of help. We would like to share our experience of photographing Indian wedding receptions at the brand-new Queens Manor venue located on the border of Brampton and Vaughn.

First, we want to clarify that this is not a sponsored post, and we are not promoting any specific venue. Our goal is to share our personal experiences, which may resonate with some individuals.

In previous blogs, we have always provided criteria we considered while writing about Indian wedding venues. Here are some of the things we took into account while writing about Queens Manor in Brampton:

queens manor
  • Lobby space – Very airy and bright with big 20 ft-high windows
  • Hall Restrictions – None
  • Access to bridal suite from the hall – No
  • Hall capacity – 700 -800
  • Food and catering options – Punjabi by Nature 10/10 Food quality
  • Parking – Yes ( Not shared)
  • Nearby hotels – 2 mins walk Hyatt Hotel
  • Outdoor space – No
    Overall – 9.5 out 10

1 Lobby Space at Queen’s Manor

The lobby at Queens Manor has a clean, modern design with Italian tiles, which adds a classy touch to the whole space. The lobby is well-lit with natural light flowing from both sides of the 20-ft glass wall, making it a bright and welcoming space for your cocktail hour. This is something you won’t find in any other hall in Brampton, Mississauga, or Vaughn.

The lobby is quite spacious, which is especially important for Indian wedding brides who plan to book half of the Queens Manor for their reception. Even if the lobby area is split between two sides, there is still ample space. We suggest having your appetizers and food served inside the hall to keep the lobby area more open. Compared to most halls in Brampton, the lobby space is more spacious, and the natural light helps create a better atmosphere.

2. The Reception Halls at Queen’s Manor

The reception halls at Queens Manor have a 30-ft ceiling height, which is crucial for Indian wedding couples looking for venues. There are several reasons why:

A) A hall with a high ceiling height will look less crowded than one with a low ceiling.

B) Spot or pin lighting at a high-ceiling hall allows lights to come from a higher point than in a low-ceiling hall, creating dimensional lighting that is visually pleasing.

One of the downsides of the white and black patch ceiling is that it can be challenging for photographers. When photographers are photographing weddings, they use a flash that goes up on the ceiling and bounces back light on the couple and guests. At Queens Manor, the ceiling is a combination of white and black patches, which can cause issues with lighting. The white part of the ceiling bounces back the light, making one area brighter, while the black part of the ceiling absorbs all the light, leaving the area under the black part lacking light.

Photographers will need to bring light stands and have directional lights set up around the hall to expose the couple. It is also challenging to get crisp, bright, and airy images at the venue because even the walls have dark tones that do not allow for filling the room with white light.

Overall, the vibe of the Queens Manor reception hall is more dramatic and luxurious, making it perfect for an upcoming grand Indian wedding celebration.

The west side of the hall has a huge window that brings in a lot of natural light, and it’s perfect for catching sunset photos.

Queens Manor Bar

Queens Manor bar is a beautifully designed feature that services both the lobby area and ballroom. The luxurious bar boasts marble and gold finishes, and its modern touches of orange are perfect for grooms planning an Indian wedding. The bartenders are highly skilled, creating tasty cocktails and mocktails for guests to enjoy.

Bridal Suite

Access to the bridal suite from the hall is convenient for brides and accessible from the lobby area. However, if you plan to do a pre-reception photoshoot in the hall when the doors are closed, you must go through the lobby. If you prefer not to be seen by guests before the reception, it’s best to complete your photoshoot before guests arrive or mingle with them during the cocktail hour.

The bridal suite has a discreet door that overlooks the hall, allowing couples to see their decor and how guests are enjoying the reception.

Venue Capacity at Queen’s Manor

The venue’s capacity is impressive, accommodating up to 700-800 guests comfortably, making it an excellent choice for large Indian wedding receptions.

Food and Catering at Queen’s Manor

When it comes to food and catering options, Punjabi by Nature is a popular choice. Their delicious Anti presto bar, mouth-watering lamb chops, and live Indian-style taco station are some of the best wedding catering options in Brampton and Mississauga. Queen’s Manor and Punjabi by Nature make the perfect team, allowing caterers to focus on the quality of food, while the venue focuses on providing excellent service.

Parking Space and Outdoor Space

Queen’s Manor has dedicated parking, which is especially important since other venues may have parking challenges. Additionally, the elegant and modern outdoor structure provides a perfect backdrop for reception photoshoots. However, since the venue is located next to a main street, cars may be visible in the background.

Nearby Hotel

Guests coming from out of town will be delighted to know that a new hotel is opening in the same plaza as Queen’s Manor, making it more convenient for guests to check in after the reception. Hyatt Hotel is right next to the venue and makes it so easy for guests to walk to the venue

In summary, Queen’s Manor is one of the top options for Indian wedding receptions in Brampton. Though it may be on the higher end of your quotes, the venue’s past years of experience in the wedding hospitality industry ensure great service. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we hope this review has provided you with a better understanding of Queen’s Manor from a wedding photography and service standpoint. Please note that this is not an advertised post, but our own experience with the venue. Here is a link to the venue – Click here

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