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Royal Indian Outdoor Wedding – Toronto, Canada

With our wedding experience, we have learned that if you want your photographer to create great images, give them 100% trust once you have selected them. Here is a blog that talks about it – How do we get genuine 5-star reviews.

Shiv and Shali were one couple we can say fully trusted us throughout the process. They communicated exactly what they wanted with images and visuals; so it was very easy to create the product they wanted for their Royal Indian Outdoor Wedding.

Groom embracing bride

Pre-Planning Makes a Big Difference

Shali was getting ready at an Airbnb close to the wedding ceremony venue – Eagles Nest Golf Club. During our consultation, we learned Shali wanted a very regal look. We, along with the bride, brainstormed ideas to create a palace-like look to go along with her dream wedding lehenga from Sabyasachi – one of the most renowned Indian bridal designers.

This outfit was deep red with delicate hand embroidery crafted in Sabyasachi’s factory in Calcutta, India. The whole process according to our bride was a luxury experience. To match the bride’s brilliant wedding outfit, the groom Shiv had a custom sherwani from Sabyasachi. A very detailed piece with neutral colors and a matching turban to go along with it.

Red Sabyasachi bridal lehenga

Royal Indian Wedding Starts from Home

Remembering that as a photographer, you spend about 2 hours of a 16-hour day at the homes of the bride and groom. These photographs include some of the most important portraits, family images, and details shots. We recently wrote a blog about what are the do’s and don’ts for Indian wedding home décor.  

Getting ready images set the momentum for the day

From getting fine Indian regal carpets to candelabras and printing a palace wall background to match the look of the Indian Royal era.

We started our day when Shali and Shiv were almost ready at their respective homes. Shali was getting ready with one of our preferred artists Baljit Gill. We conceptualized and created the royal India set in the living room area for Shali’s getting ready portraits. We had the honor of working with Eleve Films on the videography who were equally invested in creating something uniquely royal for this couple.

Indian bridal jewelry with Persian carpet background

Our process started with documenting the experience of Shali’s Sabyasachi bridal outfit.

On the other side, we had Shiv was getting his turban tied.

Pro Tip – We always recommend having a custom turban tied, it just gives a much more regal final look.

There were so many details to capture in the outfits and jewelry that obviously we ended up needing another 30 minutes. Thanks to our amazing planners from SAWC Planners who allowed us to utilize that buffer to craft those images for our bride.

Indian bride portrait
Indian bride image with engagement ring

Our venue for the day was Eagles Nest Golf Course. We couldn’t have had better sunshine to bless this lovely couple. This beautiful venue has acres of lush green areas and a beautiful reception venue. Today, our mandap was beautifully setup outdoors by Rico Decor along with whites flowers in a bamboo canopy.

Custom wedding event card
Gazebo mandap for outdoor Indian wedding

Traditional First look vs Intimate First Look in Royal Indian Wedding

There are two ways couples can plan this based on their preference. Traditional first is when couple sees each other for the first time on the wedding day at the mandap. Second one is the first look where couple sees each other for the first time before the ceremony where no one is around.

Shali and Shiv wanted to do the Intimate First look. So, we decided to place our groom on the balcony looking out on the golf course. He was really excited to see his bride. There was an intimate moment when Shali walked in dressed in a red Sabyasachi outfit. Shiv never saw this outfit prior though he had heard about it over and over again.

First look - Bride hiding behind eager groom
First look - groom is speechless as he sees his soon bride-to-be
First look - groom wipes tears of joy

These two absolutely love each other. I remember Shiv saying “I am the luckiest man ever” as tears fell from his eyes. Shali walked forward to hug him as he wiped off the tears of joy. These are moments that make you believe in love. Shiv twirled his soon bride-to-be to see how gorgeous she looked from every angle.

Baraat at the Outdoor Royal Indian Wedding

The groom chose a vintage car for his ride on his wedding day. He rode in with his best friend and groomsmen and his family jumping on the beats of the dhol. This was one epic baraat where everyone was on their toes.

Groom makes his entrance with best friend in a vintage car
Grooms dancing his way in

Our bride actually told us she should have joined this energetic dance party. There is no reason the bride should be hiding after the first look. Baraat is the most joyous part of Indian wedding ceremonies. This baraat got wilder as the bride’s family joined with some wicked dance moves.

Eagle’s Nest Outdoor Indian Ceremony Begins

Guest seating was facing the beautiful lake at the Eagles nest for this royal Indian outdoor wedding ceremony. Shiv walked down the stairs with his mother and sister. Pandit ji started the ceremony with Shiv’s nanni ji’s blessings.

Indian groom walks in towards the outdoor ceremony mandap with mother and sister
Indian groom's grandma gives her blessings

Totally Awesome Tip – On summer days, the sun can be really harsh for outdoor Hindu or Sikh ceremonies in Toronto. We highly recommend ordering paper umbrellas from Coordinate them with your wedding colors to make your ceremony look more beautiful.

Paper umbrella serves two purposes at this outdoor Indian wedding - decor and shade
Paper umbrella serves two purposes at this outdoor Indian wedding - decor and shade

Kodak Moments at Indian Weddings

Shiv and Shali had shared some inspiration images which we use to understand our clients’ preferences. Our biggest priority at the wedding is to capture your emotions. Shiv wanted the same candid laughter shots like those shared by Deepika and Ranveer at their wedding. As a photographer, you have to be hyper-aware to capture such candid moments that may happen at any time. As an artist, you have to give your 100% to capture those moments.

Indian Bride and Groom share intimate laughter throughout the ceremony

The bride was about to walk down the aisle with her bridesmaids and flower girls.  We were looking for creative angles to showcase her grand entrance. We found one through these beautiful red bushes to highlight her.

As her parents walked her down the aisle, Shiv was blushing. You could see the sheer joy on everyone’s faces as they watched the ceremony at the Mandap. Our beautiful Bride dressed in a red Sabyasachi lehenga was glowing in the middle of the mandap where Shiv complemented her with his eyes. Pandit ji continued the ceremony with the parents of the bride’s blessings and the groom’s sister tied a knot.

Soon it was a moment where these two went around the holy fire at the Eagles Nest Golf Course. There were some very special moments shared by the couple in this royal Indian outdoor ceremony.  Luckily, we were able to photograph them in that split second before they faded.

Indian bride and groom play footsies at their ceremony
Indian Bride and Groom share intimate laughter throughout the ceremony
Indian groom gives his bride a kiss on the cheek
Hindu pandit priest showers the just married couple with red rose petals

“Photography is the ability to capture a moment naturally which will not happen ever before or ever after.”

Look around there is a lot happening in an Indian Wedding

With experience, you learn to layer stories. At the beginning of our career, we were stuck at photographing what was happening. Now, we always look for what is happening in the background. Layering is where you can tell multiple stories in one single image; when garlands are being exchanged you can also find father looking at daughter or nieces of the bride crying tell a deeper story. Check out Jide Alakija, our mentor who has mastered this skill.

The bride's nieces are being consoled with the mother and aunts around

Remember there is always something happening on a wedding day. You have to look around!

Blessed by the Rain Gods at Eagles Nest

Soon after the ceremony was concluded the Rain Gods blessed this wedding. Eagles nest has a beautiful indoor hall with glass walls overlooking the beautiful lakes of the property. Whenever you are looking for an outdoor venue, always remember to look for a venue that has a backup indoor location for the worst weather.

Family photos are probably the most important thing for parents so we did all of those inside the venue. 

Indian Bride and Groom smile are they are just married

It’s all about cohesiveness

Shali had printed a canvas castle wall for her getting ready images. We were not able to get the same look for the groom. So, we brought the canvas wall with us from the bride’s Airbnb to the venue so we could create similar groom portraits for cohesiveness.

Indian bride and groom pose in their Sabyasachi outfits in front of a Rajashtani backdrop

When designing albums, we want to bride and groom photos to look as cohesive as possible.

Sabyasachi Style Indian Wedding Images

At Eagles Nest, we were able to get a couple of bridal party pictures. As soon as the rain stopped, we left the golf course with the bridal party.

Groom shares laughter with his groomsmen and best friend
Bride and bridesmaids twirl in their lehengas
Indian bridal party portrait

Sabyasachi Mukherji has placed himself as one of the top regal Indian designers on the world map. Tarun Khewal, the official photographer of Sabysachi, has also inspired many photographers with images and posing styles they have created for catalogs. The olden day royals posed a certain way and Tarun has brought back that style to Indian wedding portraits. It’s now called the “ Sabyasachi Style Image”. Since this couple had invested in the whole look with their bridal outfits we created that very look.

Real Sabyasachi couple pose in front of BAPS mandir Toronto Canada

This look has a feel to it, it has the elegance and feeling of royalty. Although, on the flip side, we wanted to also photograph the fun sides of their personalities as well.

Indian Bride and Groom share intimate laughter throughout the ceremony

The Happy Send-Off at Eagles Nest

The doli ceremony was a joyful one for this wedding. I guess the family was really really happy letting Shali off to Shiv’s hands. Come on, he is one awesome guy, he will take good care of her. You can see everyone waving and cheering for this newly married couple.

Going the Extra Mile for your Wedding Photographs

We could have done all the images at this beautiful venue – the Eagles Nest. However, to keep the royal Indian wedding feel, we had decided in our pre-planning meeting to travel to BAPS Temple in Toronto. BAPS temple is known for its architecture around the world. White marbles and limestone structures showcase a royal era of art. Shali and Shiv were down for almost everything we did for our Sabyasachi duo portraits at the BAPS temple.

Real Sabyasachi Indian couple pose in front of BAPS mandir Toronto Canada

Final icing on the cake, they had to have those sunglasses to highlight this badass couple.

Real Sabyasachi Indian couple pose in front of BAPS mandir Toronto Canada with their shades on
Real Sabyasachi Indian couple pose in front of BAPS mandir Toronto Canada with their shades on

Check out our slideshow for Shiv & Shali’s wedding.