Schedule an Engagement Shoot with Photographers and Videographers

4 Reasons Why not to Schedule an E-Shoot at the same time with Videographers.

Schedule an Engagement Shoot with Photographers and Videographers ? In the last 5 years, a lot of Indian wedding videographers started offering pre-wedding shoots or concept shoots. While planning a pre-wedding engagement shoot, brides will often ask if it is ok to plan for the photoshoot and video shoot at the same time.

Here is our take on engagement shoots planned with photographers and videographers at the same time. Reasons why we do not recommend planning engagement shoots together. 

4 Reasons Why not to Schedule Photographers and Videographers Together on an Engagement Shoot 

Schedule an Engagement Shoot with Photographers and Videographers
  1. Photography and Videography are different artwork – Photography is all about still imagery whereas video is all about creating movement. Since these two are very different art forms, it requires different directions from each of these artists. Photographers will want to pose the couple in a particular way whereas videographers will like to have the couple walk into a pose. 
  1. Splitting time – Usually, engagement shoots are 2 hours of service. If we are splitting 2 hours with a photographer and videographer, it does reduce the number of images or videography content you may get as a final result
  1. Conflicts of interest – Photographers may like to light the couple with flash but videographers usually do not like flash. Another example is photographers can photograph in a park where they may be other people at the park. Photographers can edit additional subjects out of the frame whereas for videographers it is very difficult to edit.
  1. How about getting versatility and variety – You can schedule your wedding photographer to photograph you on a different location with different outfits and plan videography to plan their concept shoot in another look or location. This way you can incorporate two different concepts like one casual and one formal and get a variety of images and videos. 

For the above four reasons, we do not recommend scheduling your photographer and videographer together for an engagement shoot.

2 Reasons to Schedule Photographers and Videographer Together on an Engagement Shoot

Photo by Alfaaz
  1. Location permit is expensive – Many locations in Toronto require a permit. In the case which location permit is restrictive and expensive, then it definitely make sense to schedule a photographer and videographer together. 
  1. Cost – It will be cheaper to schedule hair and makeup once and find only one outfit. Professional hair and makeup for engagement sessions could cost up to $200-300. The latter will be cheaper if you schedule an engagement shoot with photographers and videographers together.

One hybrid way which works for a lot of clients as well as gives photographers and videographers freedom of creativity and keeping the cost low:

Best of both worlds


We sometimes recommend our clients to have the videographer start 1 hour earlier before the photographer. That way videographer will finish 1 hour after the photographers start and photographers will have one hour alone time with the couple. Check our our friends Shutter films, Lucid films and Infinite films who helped us prepare this blog

This way, both photographer and videographer get 1 hour of shared time with the couple and one hour of alone time each with the couple to create their respective creative artwork. Again we love working with videographers we have worked in the past and new talents as well. Some brides are worried if their photographer or videographer will get along but from our experience of 8 years, we have had never an issue working with any videographer. We are looking forward to working with team of your vendors that you pick.

Hope this blog gives you more knowledge to plan ahead. For more engagement planning tips, see What to Wear on an Engagement Shoot or best Toronto photoshoot locations.