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Indian Bride and Groom share a moment at their outdoor Indian wedding at the Royal Ambassador, Toronto.

5 Reasons Why to Plan Thursday-Friday Indian Weddings

Finding a date where both your favorite venue and gurdwara are available can be a difficult task. Indian community is so big here in Canada, especially Toronto. Thus, venues that can actually host Indian weddings will be unable to provide summer weekend dates to everyone. 

Indian families are big so what to do if you really want that summer outdoor Hindu wedding and that venue of your dreams is not available at all for summer?

Is it worth waiting another year to get married? That is where brides and grooms planning their lavish Indian summer weddings became creative. 

A Thursday-Friday Indian weddings mean having your wedding ceremony on Thursday and your reception on Friday evening. This was a growing trend before COVID-19. After the pandemic, it became even more difficult to get those prime summer venue dates. 


About 65% of the clients prefer Sikh weddings split between two days so it’s not as hectic. Whereas Hindu ceremonies can be managed into one day.

Transitional Hindu ceremonies is another way of planning. Usually, in this case, we have an afternoon Hindu ceremony and 2 hours of break for guests before their reception starts.

If you are planning a Friday-Saturday Sikh or Hindu wedding in Toronto, you are looking at guests having to take Friday off to be part of your wedding. Also, keep in mind Saturday night is expensive and difficult to find. 

5 Reasons for Thursday-Friday Indian Weddings

  1. Venue’s Availability – It will be so much easier for you to find venues available for Thursday morning ceremonies and Friday night for receptions. This is a growing trend to make the wedding planning process much easier. This opens so many new venue options which were booked before. If you really have your heart set to an venue ask them about Thursday-friday wedding, see yourself the possibility.
  2. Vendors’ Availability – You will have more vendor options to work with as good photographers, makeup artists get booked way in advance. Trust us we know how many brides reach out to us asking if we can do anything for the month of July or August which are booked way in advance.
  3. Better Pricing – Indian wedding tend to get super expensive. Some of the vendors and venues will even give better pricing for Thursday-Friday Indian weddings in the GTA. It is a great way to save some extra on your wedding budget.
  4. Guests’ Convenience – Guests still have to take one day off only for your wedding. It’s almost the same as getting married on the Friday-Saturday.
  5. Weekend to Hangout with Family After – Guests and family coming especially for the wedding will have additional time with you after the wedding. Don’t you remember being at so many weddings and it being so hectic.How about hosting a Sunday brunch or Saturday backyard bbq with family after the wedding so everyone gets to enjoy a bit more time together. 

Bonus – 2021 is going to be a busy wedding season and chances are that your extended family can’t make it because they are invited to another family wedding for Saturday and Sunday.

This way you are getting the best of everyone and at a cheaper price.

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