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Engagement Shoot | Tips and tricks for getting ready

An engagement shoot is the prefect way to break the ice with your photographer before the big day. Wardrobe is one of the key variables for photo shoots and there maybe times where you don’t have perfect weather or lighting, a skilled creative photographer but if the wardrobe is perfect it will reflect in the pictures.

Here are a few tips and tricks for getting ready for your engagement shoot

1)Dress in accordance of your theme.

Every little details counts.Engagement shoots should be planned with a theme to add the element of consistency and your wardrobe should complement the theme of the shoot.  The outfit you choose will set the mood and it also triggers the imagination of the photographer. At Alfaaz Photography, we sit with you to plan these shoots and suggest you appropriate wardrobe as well as a theme.


Colours are very important depending on the theme as well as what suits you. Everyone has a preference of colour and we tend to be more confident in our favourite colours. Also keep in mind if you are going for a very dark castle type of look, a black outfit might standout or if you are going to be in green parks a green outfit might not separate you from the background as well.
Colours engagement shoot

3) Comfort

At times, we will have to place the couple on a boat or climb a bigger rock, piggy back their loved one or walk a lot to reach our location. Your wardrobe should be comfortable for basic lifting and carrying.  In some cases keep an extra pair of runners before you reach out your location.

Comfort engagement shoot

4) Fabric and fit

Depending on the time of year or season you are reflecting your shoot – fit is a very important factor, you don’t want to be reveal too much and you don’t want to be in oversize clothing. There is nothing more attractive than well fitted outfits.

Fabric and Fit engagement shoot photography

5) Shoe magic

Especially if you are using the neutral background, a nice pop of colour from the shoe can really help your personality stand out more.


6) Accessorize

A great pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace could add new perspective to the image itself. In cases when you have lower cut dress it helps balance out the neckline.

7) Whites

Whites are always good when it comes to engagement shoots, they give you that pure clean and soft look and its bit bridal as well so  the engagement could be a trailer of the movie yet to come.

White outfit for engagement shoot

8)  Match but don’t match

Match with your partner in terms of colours and patterns but try not match that much that makes you looks like twins. Its easier as a photographer to balance same family of colours.


9) It’s about the flow

Flowy floaty dresses can add another dimension to the shoot. If you want want to add a lot of drama to the final image then add extra fabric or look for long gowns.

Flowing outfit for engagement shoot

10) Contrast

Be bold.. It is always good add a bit of contrast like red and white, deep blue with pink etc.

Tips for engagement shoot outfit

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