6 Expert Tips for Planning your Indian Wedding Décor
Indian Wedding Décor

6 Expert Tips for Planning your Indian Wedding Décor

Decoration plays a big role in Indian weddings. Whether it is an outdoor or a grand ballroom Indian wedding, you should speak to today’s guest blogger Piyush Rawal of Karma Design Studio Inc. on your Indian Wedding Décor.

Piyush is a creative and passionate designer with 16 years of design experience.  He can help you understand basic to complex décor possibilities. He is great at bringing your Indian wedding décor vision to reality. 

You will be in safe hands when you are working with one of the most esteemed vendors like Karma Design Studio

Here, you have Piyush from Karma Design Studio:

6 Expert Tips for Planning your Indian Wedding Décor

1 – The Right Venue

You should think about the overall feel or style you like for your Indian wedding décor before even going to visit venues, especially if you have a certain theme in mind.  If you haven’t particularly thought about the theme, then try to book a venue which is simple and classic with its interior design. This way, you can later develop your style of décor and not worry about fitting perfectly in your venue.

Indian Wedding Décor

2 – Décor Company Research

It’s a good idea to check out some companies who have experience in various ranges (1-2 years, 3-4 years, 10+ years) to see the work they have produced.   Narrow your appointments down to approximately 3 – 6 rather than approaching 15 as this might get too complicated and time-consuming.

Gatsby-theme Indian Wedding Décor

3 – Your Inspirations

You may hear most companies requesting you to bring some inspirational pictures.  Good ways to find these are on social media like Instagram and Pinterest, internet searches on Google and various trade magazines.  I personally have always suggested to focus on the design in the pictures and not to get distracted by the colours. I recommend thinking broadly first – establish what your overall feel is going to be like modern, minimal, traditional, etc. and then refine further from there.  Don’t focus on finding the perfect picture but rather focus on finding a picture with key elements that you like.

Indian Wedding Décor - Starry Night in Paris

4 – Your Budget

You could be wasting a lot of time if you don’t have a firm budget in mind with some flexibility.  Your budget will dictate the quality and quantity of elements that will be used to create your Indian wedding décor dreams come true.  It is very important to communicate this information as clearly as possible. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

Indian Wedding Décor

5 – Floral or Not

These days, there is not much visual difference left between fresh and silk floral décor. Everyone knows that fresh flowers are more expensive but don’t assume silk is cheap.  The labour on both is the same but silk florals are easier to play with than fresh. They can easily be suspended or used to create significant volume because you don’t need water based foam.

Also, if you look closely into pictures and when you visit décor company showrooms, you can experience the quality and styling of silk florals.  You would be surprised with how real silk florals look these days. Arranging silk requires the same skills as fresh or it could look fake very easily.

Floral Indian Wedding Décor

6 – Confidence in your Indian Wedding Designer

The most important detail is to find a Designer who can understand you, your vision and has the ability to take your budget and design on.  Décor is an art and there is a lot of emotion involved in weddings – your Designer should understand what’s important and make you feel as though they heard you.  Look for testimonials and ask for references if you feel like you need to. Trusting them makes the experience stress free and enjoyable.  


Thank you again to Piyush from Karma Design Studio Inc. for sharing his wealth of knowledge and incomparable experience on Toronto Indian Wedding Décor. Contact Karma Design Studio Inc. for your Wedding Décor needs!

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