Top Resorts for Indian Destination Wedding in Mexico
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Top three selected Resorts for Indian Destination Wedding in Mexico

Indian Destination wedding at Moon Palace Cancun VS Hard Rock Riviera Maya VS Royalton Riviera Cancun

Moon Palace

Most of our Indian wedding clients planning a destination Indian wedding are indecisive between three resorts. Should we consider Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Moon Palace Cancun or The Royalton Riviera Cancun? Many clients ponder between these resorts to host their destination Indian wedding in Mexico. 

Today, we have one of the most experienced Destination wedding planning companies, Hype Travel, with us on this blog helping clients finalize their resort decision. We have no biases towards either of these resorts in Mexico. We will be talking from our Indian wedding photography and Indian wedding guest experience perspectives.

Hype Travel has over 10 years of experience organising and hosting Indian Destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbeans. They are definitely a top resource to help you finalize your dream resort Indian Destination wedding. 

When planning your Indian destination wedding, there are many things couples need to consider. We hope that this blog helps you make your decision and you can always contact any destination wedding planners, like Hype Travel and IrockWeddings for all your wedding planning needs. 

Venue Options for your Indian Destination Wedding Ceremony

Indian Destination Weddings at Moon Palace Cancun, Mexico 

Most Sikh and Hindu weddings happen in the glass covered Tucan or Bugambilias Gazebos. You can also plan your Hindu ceremony at the beach at Moon Palace. Keep in mind that the Mexican sun in Cancun can be scorching at times especially for long Sikh or Hindu wedding ceremonies. It is always a good idea to be inside the air conditioned glass structure instead of sitting in bare sun. You still get the views of the beach and pine trees but you are in a glass structure to protect yourselves and your guests from the heat. 

Toucan and Bugambilias Gazebos can both host around 120 guests for Sikh weddings (seated on ground) and around 100 for Hindu weddings (seated on chairs).

Moon Palace has a beautiful gazebo perfect for your wedding

Indian Destination Weddings at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Mexico

At Hard Rock Riviera Maya most of the Indian weddings take place at Arpa Gazebo or Chichen Gazebo. Both gazebos are identical and next to each other. The tiki roofs are made with natural materials which give the gazebos a tropical look. The gazebo sides are open-air at Hard Rock and are not covered with glass or anything. It does sometimes get very windy after noon so we recommend planning the ceremonies before noon. Important to note that these gazebos are not very bright and airy as you may expect on a Destination wedding. 


Hard Rock Riviera Maya gazebos can host about 100 guests for Sikh or Hindu weddings. 

They also have a Ipanema Solarium which is located on the rooftop of their Brazilian restaurant with full ocean views.  This venue does not have any shading but would be a great option for afternoon/evening Hindu wedding ceremonies.  

Canadian Wedding IN cancun

Indian Destination Weddings at Royalton Riviera Cancun, Mexico

Sikh or Hindu weddings mainly happen in the Ocean View Gazebo where you can host about 80-90 guests. It is a wooden structure facing the ocean and protects guests from direct sunlight while giving a very bright and airy feel to the images. It is not fully glass covered so there is no air conditioning in the structure. However, the fresh ocean breeze is always helpful. There is a rooftop deck called Sky Terrace where you can host  up to 90 guests.  Something we feel is not ideal as they only have one elevator which makes it hard for the baraat.  


Comparing Moon Palace Cancun, Hard Rock Riviera Maya & Royalton Riviera Maya wedding venues.

Each venue at these three Indian wedding resorts has their own advantages and disadvantages. However if you look from a photography perspective we will say Moon Palace and Royalton Riviera Cancun have an advantage over the Hard Rock Riviera Maya gazebos. Especially since the roof of the Hard rock gazebos do not have any natural light. If you are looking for the very bright and airy Indian wedding images it is not going to be the case Hard Rock Riviera Maya as much as it would in Moon Palace and Riviera Cancun

Food Options for your Indian Destination Wedding

Moon Palace Sikh Hindu Indian Wedding in Cancun Mexico Holding Hands

Indian food options at Moon Palace Cancun

Moon Palace Cancun has a fine dining Indian restaurant on site called Agra which is available for dinner. During lunch, the buffet restaurants also offer 2-3 indian dishes. This makes it very convenient for Indian wedding guests especially for parents and grandparents that prefer indian food. Moon Palace Cancun provides Indian menu options for all the wedding events.  

Indian food options at Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Unfortunately, today, there is no Indian restaurant on site for the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. However, they do have an Indian chef onsite. The chef services all the Indian wedding needs at pre-events and weddings. However, Indian food options may not be available at all times at the resort for elderly. Hardrock has some really good fine dining restaurants which provide great options for different international cuisines for dinner.

Indian food options at Royalton Riviera Cancun

Yes, there is a very elite fine dining restaurant named Taj at the property. The chef comes directly from Delhi and is able to cater to Indian wedding needs on every event if needed. Although, the restaurant is only open for dinner time service. We have seen post-wedding lunch being served at the restaurant as well on request. Otherwise, the Royalton has some good fine dining options for other cuisines. 

Food comparison at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Moon Palace Cancun and Royalton Riviera Cancun.

If we consider food as a major element for you to decide where you should plan your next Indian destination wedding in Mexico. Royalton and Moon Palace Cancun do have the upper hand for Indian wedding clients. Hard Rock has some great restaurants on site and chefs. However, oftentimes the deciding factor for many couples and families can be having an onsite Indian restaurant.

Resort Experience at your Indian Destination Wedding

Indian wedding at Moon Palace Cancun

Moon Palace Cancun is a huge property to the point that going from Nuzic to Sunrise for dinner will require you to access a shuttle bus or golf cart. If you are staying at Nizuc you can access Sunrise and vice versa. The Grand is about $300-$400/person more expensive which is the newest resort with waterslides and more high-end restaurants. Since the resort is big, it is a lot of walking and that means you can expect someone to get lost or elderly getting tired of walking. Also, note that the Moon Palace is the older resort out of the three. Please keep in since Grande is not in the same comparable price point, we are not including it for comparison purposes.  

Indian weddings at Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Hard Rock Riviera Maya landscape is very intimate. The Heaven section is reserved for adults only. It is to note that the resort does not require much walking to go from one section to another place compared to Moon Palace Cancun. The facility is full of some really amazing areas to hangout for all different age groups. It is also equipped with a wicked pool club for party lovers. The spa at the Hard Rock is worth mentioning, it is something you can compare to a very upscale experience.


Indian weddings at Royalton Riviera Cancun

For Indian weddings, the Royalton has the most modern feel and is the newest resort out of the three. You can feel the difference from the resort design and architecture. There are some cool coffee hangouts and sports bars. There are a lot of pool bars in each area. Overall the resort has a very easy access map for guests of all ages. Since everything is not stretched wide apart like Moon Palace Cancun, it is much easier for wedding parties to hang out together providing for a more intimate wedding party ambiance.

Indian Sikh Wedding Cancun Royalton

Comparison between three most popular Indian destination wedding resorts

We definitely give Royalton the edge over the other two for the newer restaurants and modern architecture. Hard rock will be very close to Royalton Riviera Cancun as it still has a very friendly vibe and both resorts are easier to move around. Moon Palace Cancun is a bit dated. Which makes architecture and design of space and  restaurants feel older. One of the key factors for Indian weddings include parents and elderly therefore we recommend finding a space where guests do not have to walk a lot.

Beach Options for Indian destination wedding resorts in Mexico 

Moon Palace Cancun Beach for Indian weddings

The beach at Moon Palace is not the best. It is on the opposite side of the hotel zone. If you want your Indian wedding to be taking place on the edge of sparkling blue cancun waters, you are going to be disappointed. Since the resort covers a wide area that means Moon Palace has a narrower beach front. The beach sometimes does have a lot of sea-weed on the beach which the resort cleans from time to time.

Indian Beach wedding Moon Palace
Photo by Alfaaz Photography (

Hard Rock Riviera Maya Beach for Indian weddings

Hard Rock Riviera Maya has a man-made beach which ends up being a deal breaker for some couples. It does have white sand and calm water but because of the size you won’t get much privacy.  Which means you can have some spectators in their swimwear.   

Riviera Maya Reception Party

Royalton Riviera Cancun Beach for Indian weddings

Royalton has a nice stretch of beach. The oceanfront property has some beach canopies you can use to sit or access some fresh mojitos. Some shaded areas of the beach can be a great space for planning a beach Indian wedding as well. The sand is nice and clean. The water may not be as blue or clean as the Cancun hotel zone however it is a very nice beach. You have the option of doing a beach Sikh or Hindu wedding if you wish at Royalton Riviera Cancun.  You will just have to factor the extra cost for shading.

Comparing beaches for Moon Palace Cancun, Hard rock Riviera Maya and Royalton Riviera Cancun. 

Out of all of these properties, if you are looking for the beach property then Royalton is your best option. It has one of the best beach options in comparison to Moon Palace Cancun and Hard Rock Riviera Maya. 

Location of Indian destination wedding resorts 

Hard rock cafe cancun mexico (12)

Moon Palace Cancun

This resort is about 15 mins away from the Cancun Airport. If you are planning to access the hotel strip, the resort is about 30 mins from the Hotel zone party scene. There is a club on site at Moon palace in the Sunrise building.

Moon Palace Cancun Indian Wedding

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

The resort is about 75 mins away from the Cancun Airport. If you are planning to go outside the clubbing scene, you will have to go to Playa Del Carmen downtown instead of Cancun downtown which is about 30 mins drive. This resort is towards Tulum so you can access Tulum Mayan locations from here easily. Hard Rock has an upbeat club which is a great place to hangout for sure.

Royalton Riviera Cancun

This resort is about 18 minutes from the Cancun Airport. Downtown hotel zone is easily accessible, the property does not have a club on site for now.

Sangeet at Royalton Cancun

Comparison for locations between three major resorts for Indian destination weddings. 

Moon Palace Cancun and Royalton Riviera Cancun are easily accessible from the airport in comparison to Hard Rock Hotel. Keep in mind your wedding guests will spend about 3 hours getting in and out of the resort for Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Mexico. 

Cost of Indian destination wedding at Moon Palace Cancun, Hard Rock and Royalton Cancun. 

For Guests:

Cost wise, Moon Palace Cancun (excluding The Grand) and Hard Rock Riviera Maya will be almost similar. Royalton Riviera Cancun has the lowest prices. 

Moon Palace Indian Weddings
Baraat at Moon Palace

For Wedding Couple:

Moon Palace Cancun & Hard Rock Riviera Maya Wedding Cost – Both resorts offer great group benefits.  Based on your group size you earn hours towards free wedding events.  Events will include free tables (white covers), white folding chairs, open bar and meals.  Extra cost would be for décor, sound, light and entertainment. Overall wedding cost varies depending on the couples needs and wants, but on average couples spend about $30,000 – $35,000 USD at Moon Palace Cancun and Hard Rock Riviera Maya.

Royalton Riviera Cancun offers dedicated Indian Wedding packages called Kohinoor weddings.  Noor package is $9,900 USD for a total of 12 event hours and up to 50 guests.  Heera package is $14,900 USD for a total of 14 event hours and up to 100 guests.  Details on the Kohinoor package can be found on the resorts website.   

Hard Rock Hotel Sangeet
Hard Rock Hotel Sangeet

Happy Planning! We hope this information was helpful in planning your Indian destination wedding. We always suggest couples to visit the resorts for a site inspection if they are able to before finalizing a resort.  This will give you the opportunity to see all the venues and taste the food. We tried to give Hype Travel’s honest opinion and our unbiased experience of photographing Indian destination weddings at these resorts. Please check Hype Travel for all your destination wedding needs and check out our blog where we list some other destination wedding resorts in the Cancun area.