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Top Toronto Indian Wedding Entertainers

Today, we have one of the most experienced Indian Wedding Planner’s Richa Arora from Arora Events. Her experience of wedding planning different high-end Hindu weddings downtown Toronto or Lavish outdoor Gujarati weddings speaks for itself. Richa is going to be our guest blogger today sharing her experience on making your wedding more entertaining. We have tried to list all the top Toronto Indian wedding entertainers in the Indian wedding industry here in Toronto and GTA you can consider.

Richa from Arora Events shares her knowledge on Indian Wedding Entertainers:

Entertainment at weddings, helps bring to life a theme, set the tone or create a particular ambiance.  There are a variety of options for couples to do so and the below list is just a few of the options you can explore! Don’t forget to be creative and allow your personalities and likes as a couple help to personalize your Indian wedding entertainers.

Musical Performances as your Indian Wedding Entertainers

Recommendations below could work well from everything to cocktail hour, a ceremony or perhaps even some ambient dinner music for those having a sit down meal. 

Sahil Khan from Flute Hypnosia – If you are looking for an Indian flute or shennai to set the tone for cocktails or your ceremony Sahil Khan of Flute Hypnosia is your guy! He is able to fuse everything from Bollywood hits, bhangra tunes and western top 40 covers into his repertoire.

Sahil-Khan-Toronto-Indian-Flute as your Indian Wedding Entertainers
Sahil Khan from Flute Hypnosia

Tino the Pop Violinist – If you prefer a violinist, Tino the pop violinist can add a classic yet edgy tone to your event. A performer you have to listen once and you will fall in love with his talents.

Tino the Pop Violinist as your Indian Wedding Entertainers
Tino the Pop Violinist

Tej Hunjan of Matra Entertainment – Perhaps a percussionist (think drums, tabla, bongos) is more your vibe, Tej Hunjan of Matra Entertainment has a wide variety of artists that can provide duos and trios of fusion bands!  

Featured Performances as your Indian Wedding Entertainers

Recommendations below could work well for those looking to add some pizazz to their program or a way to kick off the party! 

Folkn Guys – For those looking for a high impact musical performance, the Folkn Guys have just what you need.  A mix of instrumentation with audience interactivity and also performing hits all your guests will know his is a great way to kick off the dance floor and get the party started.

Folkn Guys as your Indian Wedding Entertainers
Folkn Guys

Shadow Entertainment – Maybe you would like to have a traditional Indian bhangra or Bollywood dance performance – who doesn’t love to dance? You can consider a professional dance troupe such as Shadow Entertainment

Shadow-entertainment-toronto as your Indian Wedding Entertainers
Shadow Entertainment

Tropicana Queens– If you’re looking for an upbeat dance performance that perhaps isn’t South Asian you can consider samba dancers from Tropican queens that will add a colorful and loud impact to kick-start your party.

Burlesque dance performance at this floral Indian wedding reception at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto. Check out Tropicana Queens for samba performances as your Indian wedding entertainers.
Tropicana Queens

SGPD and Nachdi Jawani – are two to pioneer bhangra groups in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto. There is way too much energy they bring to wedding as vibrant Indian wedding entertainers.

Bhangra-Performance-Toronto. SGPD and Nachdi Jawani bhangra dance performance as your Indian wedding entertainers.
Bhangra Groups as your Indian Wedding Entertainers

A2D2 – Finally, if you’re looking to add something with drama to you program you may want to consider artists such as fire dancers, aerialists or other cirque based acts you can connect with A2D2 to help customize what that performance could look like for your theme and colour scheme

BIX Blog – To create that magical night, Bix Blog is a unique set of performers who commingle a harmonic fusion of Bollywood and ballet. It is a very classy piece to glam up your reception event.

BIX Blog create magical ballet performances for your Indian wedding entertainers.
BIX Blog

Experimental Performances as your Indian Wedding Entertainers

Experience-based entertainment is memorable and can be included in all aspects of your event, especially later on in the night to keep those guests who aren’t big dancers taken care of as well!

Portraits On White or Snaptique – We love a good photo booth – always a hit and they provide a physical token for your guests to take home with them.  Why not up the ante on your booth with some of the following options. Go black and white with Portraits On White or if your venue and vibe permits have a mobile VW Bus, which guests can climb into for their photo experience with Snaptique.

GIF Booth – Check out also the if you are looking for something new in the photobooth category as well. Very minimal and shareable online right away. Perfect capture all the dancefloor craziness as it sits in the party.

Gif-Photobooth-Toronto as your Indian wedding entertainers
GIF Booth

Magic MC Durgy Spade – Strolling magicians are always a huge hit, especially during cocktail hour.  They provide guests with a topic of conversation and add an element of fun. Our favorite who can also act as an MC for later on is Magic MC Durgy Spade

Stir N Flair – Do you love a good cocktail? You can create a custom mixology custom bar with molecular cocktails or can take your signature drinks up a level by using smoke, liquid nitrogen, and bubbles with Stir N Flair.

Succulent Chocolates – Maybe you’re a foodie? Think about what you love as a couple and look to your favorite suppliers to make that come to life at your event.  For example, if you love chocolate why not have a live chocolate artist with Succulent Chocolates at your event. Guests can help paint and also eat chocolate too – yum!

Hope this helps you find the perfect Indian wedding entertainers for your wedding! Contact Richa from Arora Events for more details and options for planning your Indian wedding entertainers.

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