Indian Wedding Makeup and Hair Artists In Toronto
best Indian makeup artist in brampton

Toronto Indian Wedding Makeup Artists

First and foremost, we are writing this blog based on our experience working with some of these makeup and hair artists in Toronto and as photographers, we are basing this article on the following things:

  1. How makeup and hair done by these artists look in images
  2. How they handle Dupatta for Indian weddings
  3. How great they are with their service (communication, follow-ups, and educating clients)

Disclaimer : Also there are some more amazing talents in Toronto’s Wedding industry which we were not able to list in this  blog because we have not worked with all of them yet. This blog only lists the people we have worked with in the past, although we highly recommend checking other vendors out as well. We hope to grow this blog every year with some new artists every year as we get to work with them. 

After photographing over 170 Indian weddings across different parts of the world, we know the immense role makeup artists play in Indian weddings. Getting an Indian bride ready requires knowledge not only on makeup but on dupatta setting and a lot of different variables.

Here is Some Knowledge on Makeup and Hair for Indian Wedding Brides

Picture vs Reality

There are a couple of things to be mindful of before making your final vendor selection. Makeup and hair can really look different in pictures than in reality. Some brides prefer that makeup looks good in pictures though it may look a little cakey in reality. Other brides may prefer that their makeup looks very neat but it may come off very subtle in images.

Keep in mind both these options are a personal choice; when you see magazine images they are highly retouched. Magazines are dealing with a select few images so it possible to retouch one image for 4 hours before it’s printed. On the contrary, we are working with more than 1400 images so in weddings, photographers do not retouch every image to that detail. We, at our studio, take about 5-10 portraits per bride and retouch them to large canvas details. Therefore it’s your choice as the bride to see what works the best for you. You may want to discuss this with your makeup artist.

Brampton & Mississauga Indian Wedding Venues Guide

Dupatta Setting  

One big part of Indian bridal needs is the dupatta setting also known as the Indian veil; trust us, this really can make or break the look sometimes. We always recommend Sikh and Hindu brides to always have dupatta border thinner for their wedding ceremony so that it sits well on the head. We suggest that you discuss the different placements you can do or prefer for your dupatta with your makeup and hair team once you have the outfits and jewellery.


How Much Time Do Makeup Artists Need

Keep in mind that an Indian bridal look can take upto 3 hours depending on the hair and makeup style you have selected and can also vary depending by artists. Also note that time may not include the dupatta setting time. Therefore, always have this conversation with the makeup artist before and be sure to coordinate timings with your photographer.

To ensure, we as photographers, get enough time for bridal portraits, family pictures and dupatta photos for a Sikh or Hindu Indian Wedding, we need about 90 minutes with the bride before she has to step out of her house.

For example, if you are planning to leave a 8:15 am for your Sikh ceremony, get your makeup artist to have you fully ready by 6:30 am.

How to find a makeup artist for Indian Weddings

Ask a Past Bride About her Experience

Although, this may not be the most accurate way it’s always a good idea to connect with one or two previous brides or ask other vendors like photographers their experience of working with different makeup artists.

Finally here are some of the best Indian makeup artist that we have worked in the past. Keep in mind all these makeup artists are great and you will be in great hands working with all these companies.

Please note that artists are placed in alphabetical order and information website, studio location and price range when available on the artist’s webpage are accurate at the time the blog was written.

Toronto-Sikh-Wedding-Photographers makeup artist in toronto

Beauteeinc Makeup

We have worked with Tina numerous times for Sikh and Hindu weddings here in Toronto and she has always delivered a great service and shown some great work on brides.


Studio Location: Brampton

Here are some of the images working with Tina from Beauteeinc.




Bushra is another great artist to work with for Indian weddings. Our past brides have been very pleased working with her. Sundeep and Mehek were two brides who were so happy working with Bushra and we can see why, Bushra has very charming personality and you will for sure have a lot of laughs throughout the process.


Studio Location: Brampton

Canvas Beauty Co.

If you are looking for a flawless look for your Sikh or Hindu Indian wedding, Canvas is another great team to work with and their work is absolutely phenomenal. Past experiences of working with brides have been great and we highly recommend working with Navneet and Harseerat. They regularly host their master class and we firmly believe if you can teach something you got to be good at it.


Studio Location: Brampton

Here are some of the images working with them.

Toronto Indian Wedding makeup and hair canvas
Canvas Makeup artists Toronto Indian Weddings

Iris Artistry

Iris has been great to work with for Sikh and Hindu weddings. Our brides have been very happy with their makeup and hair on the wedding day as well with the service they received from Iris Artistry throughout the planning.


Studio Location: Brampton

Here are few images from Jaas and Shiv’s wedding which we worked with Iris and they really helped to create this look.

Iris Makeup artists Indian Sikh Weddings toronto
best Indian makeup artist in brampton

Nim and Elegance

Based in Brampton, another great hair and makeup artist studio for Indian Sikh brides is Nim and her team. We have worked with them on a couple of projects and Mandeep our recent bride loved the experience altogether.


Studio Location: Brampton

Here are some of the images.


Lesonne Bridals

Ruchika and her team has worked with us on numerous events in Toronto Indian Wedding Industry and yes they are great at what they do. Not only their hair and makeup are flawless, but they also provide superior service. Studio management software and the dedicated person assigned to reply back inquiries makes their service side very strong. Ruchika herself has been teaching hair and makeup classes; therefore, you are surely working with a top professional. The lesonne team takes time to send you skin care tips before the wedding, these small things really make a difference in clients’ eyes.


Studio Location: Brampton

Here are some images produced with Ruchika and her team at Lesonne Bridals.

Lesonne Bridals Makeup artists Toronto Indian weddings
Best Indian Makeup artists Toronto Lesonne Bridals
best Indian makeup artist in brampton

The Beauty Concept by Shirley Wu

Another very talented makeup artist, long time in the GTA Indian wedding makeup industry, that we have worked in past is Shirley Wu’s team.


Studio Location: Mississauga

Here are some of the images from work done with them in the past.

Indian Makeup artists Toronto sherly wuu

Xpressions Studios

Over 19 years of experience in the Toronto Indian wedding makeup industry, Xpressions team is very good and you can surely trust giving your wedding day look to them. Ruby has trained various artists in this Indian wedding industry and today Amber and her are one strong team with a lot of experience. They also own Xpressions Jewelry, one of the most extensive jewellery collection in Toronto, which a lot of our brides have used in the past and they have been super happy. We have worked with Ruby on various stylized shoots and she has a great sense of style when it comes to dupattas or jewellery.


Studio Location: Brampton

Here are some of the images taken while working with them.

Indian Makeup artists Toronto
xpressions Makeup and hair Indian Makeup artists Toronto

There are some amazing artists in this industry here in Toronto for the Indian wedding market. We can assure you some of these makeup artists will definately be give you, your desired wedding look.

Sabrina Makeup

We had a chance to work with Sabrina’s team multiple times and although we never met their team in person they have always did a great job with up on the brides here in Toronto.

Website –

Studio Location : Burlington

Here are some images

Shimmer Studio

We have worked with Shimmer team and KJ. They made sure bride was comfortable and helped us throughout the shoot. We enjoyed every bit working with Shimmer team.

Website :

Studio Location : Brampton

Here are some images

Meenu Bridal

We always had great time working with Meenu Bridals. Very personable service and they always give space for photographers to create good images for their brides. Meenu Bridal team can also do very good henna on brides and their families so clients love them for that

Website :

Studio Location : Brampton

Verdaan Beauty Studios

Website –

Studio Location – Brampton

Here are some of the images.

best Indian makeup artist in brampton
best Indian makeup artist in brampton

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Please get in touch with the artist for more information and customized package details.