Do I need a Professional Toronto Indian Wedding Turban Tying?

Do I need a Professional Toronto Indian Wedding Turban Tying?

Toronto has a very large Indian community. Indian wedding turban tying is getting more and more detailed as second generation Canadians get married. The Indian wedding fashion has changed from the last 5 years for Sikh and Hindu weddings. One thing that is the new normal is getting custom turban tied for the Groom and the families. We highly recommend hiring a professional to pagg you up on your wedding day. 

Turbans are a big part of Indian weddings and that not only for Sikh weddings. Considering it is one of the most important parts of your look on the wedding day, please trust a professional. Luckily in Toronto, we have professional companies who can service you – the Groom, your groomsmen and family members with unlimited styles of turban finishes. 

Indian Wedding Turban Tying

We highly recommend getting a custom turban tied for your Indian wedding here in Toronto and if possible around North America. This small investment will really make a day and night difference in your wedding esthetics.

Here are the Reasons Why you Need a Custom Indian Wedding Turban Tying 

  1. The pre-made turbans are outdated – Hindu wedding trends call for the nice braided turban and the pre-tied turbans are usually outdated. If you can find a pre-tied turban style for the groom that is great but it’s usually hard to match to your modern sherwani. 
  1. The pre-made turbans do not fit well – We have seen it so many times, pre-tied turbans don’t fit the same way custom tied turbans do. It makes a huge difference when the professional ties the turban as per your face size. 
Indian Wedding Turban Tying
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Why Not Trust a Someone you Know in the Family to Tie the Turban

If you know someone who knows how to tie a turban and you can trust them on the wedding day, sure no problem go ahead. Although, keep in mind this person has to be at your house at 6:00am to get you ready. Make sure you have tried the same turban before the actual wedding day and also it’s done well. If you are planning to have this one person tie a turban for all your groomsmen and family members that may be too much to ask for one person as well. 

What time should I schedule the professional Indian wedding turban tying company on the wedding day?

Roughly Indian wedding turban tying takes about 15-25 mins on the wedding day from our experience. Please make sure you schedule them 2 to 2.5 hours before you are supposed to leave your house on the wedding day.

Keep in mind if the turban tying is delayed on the Sikh or Hindu wedding day, everything will be delayed after that. 

Indian Wedding Turban Tying
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What if in my local city there is no professional Indian wedding Turban Tying company?

In Toronto and Vancouver or other major cities in North America, it is easy to find vendors for Indian wedding turban tying. It may be difficult to find someone in cities where there is a smaller Indian population. You can either consider asking your photographer if they know someone or ask a dhol player if they know someone or maybe someone in the family can help you out in those situations. If you can find a pre-tied turban which is more modern and fits well to your face, you can do that as well for Hindu weddings.

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Here are some companies that provide Toronto Turban Tying Services for your Hindu and Sikh weddings. 

  1. Pagg and Fifty (Instagram)
  2. Pagh It Up (Instagram;  
  3. Pagg Tying (Instagram;
  4. Singh Me Up (Instagram;
  5. Tie My Turban (Instagram
  6. Turban Up (Instagram)
  7. Turban_Service (Instragram
  8. Safa Turban by Karan (Instagram;

Happy planning and if you need other tips and vendor recommendations, please check out our vendors guides!