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Indian Wedding Videographers

10 Toronto Indian Wedding Videographers

Here we go this blog has few Toronto Indian Wedding Videographers we have worked with and trust us Toronto has one of the best pool of talents for videographers you should check out 

Although it will be hard to mention them all in one go, here are some great wedding videography vendors ordered alphabetically we have worked with only. Please note that the website, studio location, or any price ranges listed are accurate at the time that blog was written. There are some great videographers who specialize in video and we have not worked with them and would love to work with them in the future as well. This blog will grow as we get to work with more artists from the industry.

Why videography and photography are important?

After your wedding is long gone there is nothing but stories left from your special day. We firmly believe for Indian weddings or in general photos and videos are the best investments in your wedding budget; they are the best way to preserve your memories. Down the line when you sit with your kids 20 years from now and talk about your wedding day, it won’t be about which salad was served or which colour the flowers; you will be showing them your images which will tell your story. Keep this in mind when you are finalizing your wedding vendors for photography and videography.


Should we hire photography and videographer from the same company?

Photography and videography are two different skills and most of Canadian wedding photography and videography artists focus on one or the other. We firmly believe it is going to be difficult for any team to deliver the same quality of videography and photography work at the same time. That is why all the great artists in North America are either good photographers or videographers.

Having said that, there are options if you are considering one vendor for both photography and videography together for Indian weddings. However, their work usually suffers in one or the other as they focus on both areas. We are saying this because all the great videographers in Toronto or photographers in the Toronto industry are not doing both.

If you may save about $1000 working with one company catering to your needs of photography and videography although ask yourself is it worth compensating for the quality when compared to hiring expert photographers and videographers separately. Recognizing that weddings have no retakes, you really don’t want to have your team riding two boats at once and missing certain key moments.

Here we go this blog has Toronto’s best Indian Wedding Videographers Trust us Toronto has one of the best pools of talent for videographers and we have been fortunate to work with all of them. One piece of advice that we can share with you is to make sure you check a full film rather than just highlights as it gives you a better idea of how well the family, memories and moments were captured.

Toronto Indian Wedding Videographers


One of the best in the industry right now and Cadillacs of all products. Cineverse has refined its product over the years with its experience. If you look at the number of awards this team had received you will understand the level of their skill. Working with them over a couple of projects, we see great synchronization between Sunny and Gursimran and their team. Their product and service speak for themselves.

Website: http://cineverse.ca/

Studio Location: Woodbridge, Ontario

Price range: $12,000 to $15,000

Infinite Films

Great service and a well-balanced full product, Rajveer has inherited experience from his father’s 30 years in business and established his own style. We have always had a great time working with them and they have been successfully delivering their clients. 

Website: http://www.infinitefilms.ca/

Studio Location: Mississauga

Price range: $9000 to $11,000

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Lucid films

One of my favourite vendors to work with. The lead shooter has over 15 years of experience in the industry and their product meets the needs of parents as well as couples. Very refined product and great to work with on the wedding day. Lucid films have one of the best all-around products in the industry. They really work hard on the wedding day and we highly recommend working with them. 

Website: http://lucidfilms.ca/

Studio Location: Mississauga

Price range: $9,000 to $12,000

Majestic Films 

We have worked with Aman and his team over and over again and we are so delighted to see them coming with great final products consistently. Great service, good product and very client-driven approach. Majestic films is great to work with always and we have built a great synchronization working with them.

Website: http://majesticfilms.ca/

Studio Location:

Price range: $12,000 to $15,000

Toronto Indian Wedding Photographers

Prism Media Lab 

With great positive energy and a very different fast-paced style, Prism Media Lab has won hearts at a very young age. Bakshish and Harman have a great portfolio and they documented weddings in numerous places around the world and someone you can definitely consider for your wedding. The prism Media lab is also a very well-spoken, organized team which makes it even easier for clients to work with them.

Website: http://prismmedialab.com/

Studio Location: Mississauga

Price start at $10,000 to $14,000

Anu Sandhu Films

Anu and Anu’s team is another talented option in GTA for Indian weddings. Anu has a great personality and is easy to work with an attitude that helps create some exceptional work. We have done more than 6 weddings together in the last year and a half and Anu has been very professional towards vendors and clients while capturing great visuals for our clients.

Studio Location: Brampton

Price range $8,000 to $12,000

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Jyoti has worked in the music video industry and brings that style and understanding of editing experience. If we had to describe their style it will be more organic with more muted tones . That is one of the reasons for their mastery over editing, for very smooth transitions and great quality of the final product.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/forever.pure

Studio Location: Brampton

Price range $8000 to $10,000

Lavish Indian wedding reception couple

 Pixel Eye Films

Pixel Eye is a great videography team with loads of experience working in the Indian wedding videography scene. We can assure you that when you work with this team, you will have a great time. Their personalities are so much fun and easy to work with alongside some really artistic visuals. One of the most important things, when you are working with a videography team, is good synchronization and with this team nothing for you to worry about.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/pixeleyefilms

Studio Location: Brampton and Manteca (California )

The price range at $9,000 to $11,000

Outdoor Indian Weddings
Photo by Alfaaz Photography (www.alfaazphotography.com)

Evince Films

Arsh from Evince Films has been working for over 3 years with some big names in the industry and now working under their own brand Evince Films. From our understanding their style of more organic with a lot of natural audio from the couples and their families. Even though Arsh is young and has less experience managing projects under his own brand, his style is unique and the price point is affordable.

Price Range – $6500 to $8500

Here is a link to their projects – Click here

It’s AP production

Ap is not a new name to the wedding videography industry in Toronto. AP has been part of a big wedding videography firm and now for the last couple of years, he has been filming under his own company. A very boutique experience and a very genuine personality. Their style to our understanding is very effortless films. Check them out

Here is link to their work – https://www.youtube.com/itsaptv

Price Range – $ 7000 to $8500

We apologize as we were unable to cover all the great artists in the industry in this blog. Make sure you do your research and see who you connect with most. Don’t forget to check a full wedding video product and read Google reviews before making a decision unless you already have a personal testimonial or referral. We have worked with all of these artists in the past and they have been very hard-working and fun to work with you.

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